Absolutely amazing card when the market is at normal prices.3/2/2018 12:13:21 AM

Pros: -I personally got a pretty solid overclocking card, and haven't run into a game that it can't just bend to it's will. It will run 1440p games at fps close to, or even above my monitors refresh ratio (165hz). Jumping to this card from a 1070 (which was a great card itself) was one of the most satisfying upgrades I've done. Disclaimer: I purchased my card around Thanksgiving, when the price was at $800, thus my personal price to performance value was very worth it to me.

Cons: It's a beefy card, be prepared to deal with GPU sag out of it. I have a fairly solid high end Asus motherboard, so it's manageable for me, but if you're running a more "normal" mobo, I'd recommend looking into a brace, or other options to combat GPU sag.

Overall Review: -Unfortunately I would have a hard time recommending the purchase of a high end graphics card to anyone in the current GPU market. I would stress waiting for the market to normalize again, or potentially see what the rumors of the next gen cards have. But, honestly, I feel your pain if all you're waiting on is a GPU for your build to be complete.

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