It is more then enough power for everything 4.8Ghz.7/6/2016 8:17:32 PM

Pros: It is time to upgrade everyone ! This i5 6600K is faster at stock speeds, than a 3770K i7 previous generation that has 8 logical cores, And I'm talking about in multi-threaded applications! Not just single threaded. The IPC performance increase is huge! If you are running a 2500K, etc.etc. It's time to move on. Why? Because Skylake overclocks just as good as Sandy bridge does! My 6600K is steaming along at 4.80Ghz! And it runs cool at the same time.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought from Silicone Lottery, because I was able to buy a i5 6600K that was guaranteed to run at 4.8Ghz for only $249.00. i5 6600K 4.85Ghz Gigabyte Z-170 mini itx, gaming 5 AMD RX480 8GB 16GB DDR4 3000 cas 14 IT FLIES!

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Great buy, when you consider it.5/30/2014 8:03:56 PM

Pros: 6GB of 7Ghz, Hynix memory chips. All installed on a water cooled GTX Titan PCB W/ a backplate!

Cons: Two of these will crush down any game in 4K goodness! Two of these are a better value, if your considering the Titan Z. Good luck! A friend has these in his rig. And it is one heck of a gaming experience. Crysis 3 at 4K is simply beautiful and butter smooth. You require to though, for that kind of performance at 4K.

Overall Review: When you consider the cost of a Titan Z at $3,000 bucks! Two of these can be had for only $2,800. And you will outperform a GTX Titan Z by a good amount! Not to mention, your watercooled. A GTX Titan cost $1,100.00 So, this has a $150 dollar water block, and a $30 dollar back plate, and $40 dollars worth of compressions included, and a t-shirt!

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GTX 780 6GB is required5/27/2014 5:18:51 PM

Pros: The video card is GREAT! And, 6Gb is needed! It always has been. Watchdogs PC game at only 1080P uses over 3GB of Vram memory. So, you can imagine what 4K would use!

Cons: Watchdogs is a amazing PC game! And some one has finally out done GTA style gaming. Unfortunately, a GTX 780 Ti 3Gb will memory lag with "Ultra" settings enabled. So, I WOULD highly recommend this 6GB GTX 780, or a GTX Titan.

Overall Review: Memory lag is horrible to experience, and this card will crush through anything. I do not own it, but a friend does. I own a GTX 780 ti 3gb. And I just got slapped in the face. Because I cannot play Watch dogs maxed out. What a shame..

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great Deal!5/3/2014 9:46:16 PM

Pros: This is a great TV, it has UHD 4k support. The one problem, with this monitor, there is not input lag. Its just that, it only supports 4K resolution at 30HZ refresh rate. So, when you are in windows, or on your desktop, VSYNC is on. Meaning your frames per second are limited or capped to 30 frame per second. So, it make the mouse feel delayed, and laggy. But really it is just receiving a low fps response because the OS forces the VSYNC. Vsync is when the frames per second are capped to not go higher than the screens refresh rate, to prevent horizontal tearing In games, you can turn Vsync off and you will not have this issue, although you will get really horizontal tearing if your system is bad to the bone enough to render over 30 FPS in 4k games lol.

Cons: HDMI 3.0 supports 4K @60hz And display port 1.2 as well. Although, I am not sure if this TV supports it when those "items/cables" become available.

Overall Review: Regardless. This is a great deal, you can run three of these for the cost of a higher end 4K monitor. I would suggest a GTX Titan Black, or a regular Titan will do just fine. GTX 780 3gb cards, are starting to run flat out of memory. And they are even going to release a NEW 6 GB GTX780 because of this issue. R9 290 cards are fine with 4gb. BEST BANG FOR BUCK 4K setup, Xfire pr Tri-fire R9 290's right around eight hundred bucks. And you get 30-80fps on 4k games

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Runs anything maxed out!5/3/2014 12:55:26 PM

Pros: I did not finish my last review, so I wanted to write a NEW one! 1st of all, you do not really save money by building a computer, this is a steal for this system! This computer will run everything u want! I have been building computers for over 12 years. So I know just about everything there is to know. And I never believed in buying a pre built system before. Although, I got a sweet deal on this Erazer X700, and I could not pass it up. If you are reading this, Go and build this same PC with all of the exact same components in to neweggs shopping cart. The cheapest u can get it, but build it as close as you can get it! And see how much it comes out to! Don't forget the water cooler, wifi card, mouse and keyboard, and windows to.

Cons: This is a very fast computer! at 4.3 Ghz I get 9.2 in cinebench, Quad Core i7 3820 with 8 Logical cores!! This computer is so fast, its just ridiculous! I love it. Also, it is a X79 chipset, and two PCI-E slots! I can throw in another GTX 660, or upgrade both cards, PLUS! Ive got quad channel memory, and I can upgrade to a 6 core 12 thread cpu in the future. This makes for a excellent work station that has room for growth, 10 second boot times from the Samsung SSD. And just straight up performance, at 1080P I run any and all games fully maxed. I love this box!

Overall Review: I have my i7 3820 overclocked to 4.3Ghz, and the GTX 660 screaming at 1200mhz core/ 7000mhz memory. Also, one thing to consider.. A regular retail GTX 660 only has 960 cores, and 80 pipe lines, . This OEM GTX 660 has 1,152 cuda Cores, and 96 pipe lines. So, once overclocked it is right on the GTX 760's tail, and a way past a retail GTX 660. All OEM GTX 660 cards have 1152 Cuda cores, and 96 Texture units. It is deffinetly a great performance boost! If your only playing at 1920/1080

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Galaxy Note 31/11/2014 2:36:13 PM

Pros: I have had this phone for 2 days, it is awesome. I did not buy it from Newegg. It is faster than anything on the market! I scored 20,000 on 3dmark unlimited. When I tried to run 3dmark extreme, it said this benchmark is to light for my phone, and the score posted as "MAXED" frames were capped at 60.2 fps lol, accept for unlimited. This is a very fast phone. Really overkill!! The last Samsung Galaxy device I had was a S3, I had a couple issues with it. Nothing to serious. This Note 3 is fabulous!!! No problems at all so far. Beautiful screen, I have never had any kind of slow downs whatsoever! feels like tearing through silk, when you are flipping through it. The back is a really soft plastic that feels like a leather or, vinyl. It is not squishy, or padded feeling.

Cons: I had it out for a Note 3 or a nexus 5. I got the Note 3. I would still love to have a Nexus 5 to though. This Note 3 is just a killer though.

Overall Review: Great phone, really fast, fastest mobile phone on the market today! Galaxy usually puts a lot of time and money, into developing there devices. So, chances are it will be great! I am happy with it. And I just need to get use to the new OS, android 4.3 it is much different then a GS3.

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Nice motherboard! Great features! better price!11/15/2013 4:31:47 PM

Pros: This is a great buy for this motherboard. $189 is a steal! Im building a new system using a Ivy E cpu, and I am highly considering this motherboard. NEW BIOS RELEASED! Supports 4820K, 4930K, and 4960X Not to mention, this motherboard has 6X usb 3.0 ports, and 4X sata 6Gbps ports. 3x PCI-E, 3.0 X16 slots, supports 3 way @ x16/x16/x8

Cons: Uses analog VRM control. And not digital, like most motherboards. Does not affect performance though.

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Good memory11/15/2013 3:29:56 PM

Pros: I bought this memory for 40 bucks on newegg January 12th 2013. The beginning of this year. It has doubled in price, since i bought it 10 months ago. It has been running very strong at 2,300mhz Cas 10 timmings. Very impressed so far. Even though it has gone up in price, it is great ram! and overclocks good.

Cons: Doubled in price

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Fast CPU!11/15/2013 3:05:40 PM

Pros: Fast! Overclocks great, stays pretty cool.

Cons: No cons here, Great CPU, 3570k is a real beast for $200.00!

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11/12/2013 11:47:14 AM

Pros: overclocks to 4.8ghz, and beats everything in single threaded apps. 35% cpu utilized playing crysis 3, while installing BF4 in the background , flipping from game to desktop like its tearing through silk. stupid fasstttt! Bought it else where due to some store credit i had. This cpu is a monster. I was torn between this and the 4930k. Glad i got this instead!!! I would buy again anyday.

Cons: really?

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Does it include retail accessories??11/10/2013 9:56:56 AM

Pros: I need help before buying! verified owner help me!! Or manufacture help me!! thanks! Im looking to buy this barebone, everything looks great!!! I love the case and simplicity of it! And this is one of the best x79 motherboards available. I plan to run this with a, i7 4820K ivy E , 16gb ddr3, GTX 780. I know I need a cpu, ssd, gpu, and memory, and a cooler. I have been building pc for years, but.. Does this barebone include all the retsil motherboards accessories? and all the PSU accessories?? Its just this is a $379.99 motherboard, and a $319.99 powersupply. And they each include tons of accessories. sata cables, sli bridge quad sli bridge etc etc.. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Cons: None! This barebone is simply amazing!! Quad sli ready, with a 1350 watt psu, with 8 pci-e connectors.. You can go Xeon or you can go i7 This is a true X79 beat of a workstation platform. I intend to use for Gaming, encoding, and some 3d graphic design, and testing.

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Great power suppy!!!11/8/2013 5:33:47 PM

Pros: Quality rosewill psu. Read below. A computer I built in 2008, a AMD AM2 FX 3800 Dual core overclcked to 2.8ghz from 2.0ghz, 8gb memory ddr2, biostar motherboard, and 4 hard drives, dvd burner, and a power hungry Nvidia GTX 295 core edition, overclocked like crazy. Also the rosewill 430 watt power supply. I sold this system to a friend way back. And the same rosewill powersupply is still running very strong!!!! Rosewill makes great products!! The psu in it, is a Rosewill 430watt. The computer pulls a steady 489watts under full gaming load. This powersupply is more than capable of the 500watts all day long. It has been running like this for almost 6 years!! pulling 60 more watts then what it is rated for. NO NOISE, no buzzing!! no nothing!! JUST A VERY SOLID CHEAP, but quality made psu!!! I would trust it anyday for even the most expensive hardware

Cons: no sleeving. But the wires have black connectors it least.

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10/27/2013 7:36:32 AM

Pros: I have had this mouse since 2005 when it released. I paid $44 dollars for it on newegg. It still clicks, still works, the slippery feet on the bottom are missing from so much use. the cracks are packed with dead skin, and dirt, debre etc etc. The usb wire has been spliced and re wired more than 3 times, from being chewed in half. After all of this.. It still works perfect! It has been through these video cards in multiple builds, in the same case. 9600XT Ati, 9500 Pro Ati, Nvidia 6600 GT 128mb, Nvidia 6800 Ultra 256mb, Ati X850XT, Ati X1800 256mb, Ati 4850 512mb, Nvidia 9600GT 512mb Nvidia GTX 260 896mb, gtx 460 nvidia, AMD 7770 ghz model. It is being used with a GTX 780 right now in my, 4820k build, X60 water cooled NZXT 530. This mouse will last forever, and it still works like new.

Cons: It is a wired ole timer gaming mouse

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Beautiful n black10/26/2013 11:42:24 AM

Pros: This case looks just like a futuristic, NZXT Nemesis Elite I had one of the Nemesis Elite cases back in 2006 when NZXT had only 3 cases available. This Phantom 530 looks great with the high gloss black. It uses alot of plastic, but, if high quality materials are used, then it should be a durable case. I do not own this case. But, I am seriously considering buying one for my new 4820k build.

Cons: .

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.10/19/2013 6:57:44 AM

Pros: No, what newgg was saying is.. You do not know how to install a CPU correctly..

Cons: .

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Excellent Motherboard!10/7/2013 2:45:26 PM

Pros: Supports IVY-E, no bios update needed. Has the same bios features as NEWER haswell asus z87 boards, Which the other x79 boards lack, they are using older asus bios features. including 4 way optimization, and plenty more new UEFI features. 8 usb 3.0 ports, and a ton of SATA 6 GBPS PORTS!

Cons: It cost $350, And everyone says x79 cost more to build than haswell. But, last time i checked.. The Haswell Z87 Asus deluxe costed $350 to.. And, there 4770k cost more than the 4820k. Either way, Haswell or Ivy E.. Both are fast and great choices!! In this case, I needed more PCI-E lanes as x8 will bottleneck with haswell boards, I plan to SLI my gtx 760 So, 4820k and x79 deluxe is similiar enough to haswell. And really stupid fast sittng at 4.8ghz and 62c load temps. its cooler, and faster than haswell.

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10/2/2013 5:29:08 PM

Pros: I was debating for hours on getting a dang Titan........ but, i couldnt do it... It is faster than a GTX Titan. It is cheaper than a GTX Titan. It runs cooler than a GTX Titan. It uses less power than a GTX Titan. It overclocks better than a GTX Titan. Fasssssst card here guys! I was able to get this GTX 780 classified, throw in a Samsung EVO 500 GB SSD.. All combined... for the same price as a GTX Titan. Cooler, faster, 1300mhz core/ 7,000 mhz memory. 10,600 FIRE STRIKE SCORE I love the Titan guys dont get me wrong. It is one of the worlds best single graphics solutions around. And only using 245 watts of power. Outstanding!


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9/30/2013 6:12:45 PM

Pros: This CPU is a beast. Everyone thinks it cannot do anymore than x16 lanes... BUT IT CAN.. This processor paired with the Asus Z87 WS motherboard, is a absolute monster. The Asus Z87 WS is the only board that can run DUAL X16 TO EACH VIDEO CARD. OR 4 vid cards AT X8 EACH! Do not be fooled people. This is a stupid fasst chip.

Cons: .

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Excellent board!9/28/2013 6:14:08 PM

Pros: Bios, Overclocking.

Cons: No wifi, no BT, no dual x16.

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Awesome Case9/28/2013 1:03:41 PM

Pros: Aluminum front panel, dual 180 mm front intake fans, built like a tank, and very professional looking.

Cons: hdd bays stand out a bit, but are removable. And unfortunately, the psu mounts at the top. but, this is a backwords case. So, I guess there is no other way. It least it is hidden.

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Great Motherboard1/21/2013 11:25:33 PM

Pros: To many features, Looks great! Overclocks nice! This motherboard is awesome! For those having problems, please read my CONS THREAD!!! This is a high quality board. And I love it! I got it for $88.00 Brand new sealed in the BOX. I belive I will stick with intel extreme board from now on, in the future.

Cons: Anyone who is having problems with this MotherBoard! Listen to me, Update your bios to the latest one, I had mine downloaded and saved before I even got the board in the mail. Also! If you change something in your bios, to a extreme setting, and system does not boot or display video signal, move the long yellow jumper to position 2-3 and turn the system on, and then enter bios. After exiting bios, move the jumper back to 1-2 position, and then restart the system!, and you will be fine!

Overall Review: A lot of people are having issues with this board. I was aware of all the mixed reviews when I was buying this. Although, I knew mine would be perfect. I updated the bios, carefully installed my 3570k, and H80 water cooler and put it all in to my case, first boot I updated the bios. Ive been running at 4.6Ghz ever since! This motherboard is excellent. If you have a brain in your head, and you want a good motherboard with every feature. Then, this is it! Do not listen to everybody else. Theres nothing wrong with these boards. They have more diagnostics features you could ever wish for! More overclocking features than most boards out there. Wifi and Bluetooth capable! This is a extreme intel board. You do get what you pay for, and the quality is absolutely amazing! Ive been building computers for 10 years now. And this board is outstanding. Im running Xfire Radeon 7770's with a water cooled i5 3570K at 4.6Ghz. My system is absolutely stupid fast, with 2133mhz 8gb of ram.

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Great Video Card!1/18/2013 2:11:49 PM

Pros: Great Value! Runs all games maxed! Overclocks well! Uses very little power! 2 of these is a monster!

Cons: I got this card the day before yesterday. Before I even ran it. I took the stock cooler off, and removed all the junk thermal paste they put on there for you. And I applied artic silver 5! My card is overclocked to 1150Mhz on the core, and 5000Mhz on the memory, my idle temps are 77F or 26C And my load temps! Are outstanding!!! 100% load for 2 hours, is 98.6F/ OR 37C!!! Yes! That's right 37 Celcius under full load! Overclocked to the MAX!!!!!!! 100% fan speed. Ive been building computers for 10 years. And ive never seen a video card run so cool. I just touched the back of it in my case at idle, and its cold.. lol It has never gone past 37C in games, or benchmarks.

Overall Review: If you own one of these, you need to take the cooler off and apply artic silver 5! You wont regret it. My card has never seen 100F in my case under load. It only goes to 99 or less F. Or 37C Load. Sounds unbelievable. But, its true. Im going to buy another one of these next week or so. 2 7770's are excellent in Xfire! They actually scale double in almost everything! VERY CHEAP! TO. Its cheap, and it performs great for the price it cost. It performs better than I thought it would.

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This is a good lil supply!1/18/2013 2:02:25 PM

Pros: Black, Sleeved cables, Quiet, efficient! Looks nice in my case.

Cons: It only has 1, 6 pin power plug. And my 12V Rail is sitting at 11.89V system idle, my system specs are listed below. I wish it had 2x6pins, because running Crossfire Radeon 7770's is actually very powerful in games! And cuts down on cost. So, I was planning on adding another 7770 in another week or so. xfire 7770's is actually faster than a 7950! Especially when there both overclocked a lot!

Overall Review: This is a good powersupply. You get what you pay for. Its nice, and feels like a great quality unit. Ive only been running it for 3 days now, but I have faith in it! It looks great in person, quiet fan, and sleeved cables. All the connections are long enough, we will see how it does in the future. So, far im happy with it. Thermaltake Armor+MX i5 3570K/W Corsair H60 OC @ 4.6ghz/ push pull fan setup, Intel extreme DZ77 GA-70K motherboard 2x4gb crucial ballistix 1866Mhz cas 9 Dual channel Asus Radeon 7770 Video card 1gb OC 1150/5000 Cooler Master GX-450 Watt PSU

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