Great Monitor. TERRIBLE menu buttons.9/8/2021 4:16:40 PM

Pros: This Monitor is fantastic in terms of the panel quality. The image is crisp and it feels like a high quality monitor that's truly worth the price.

Cons: Switching inputs on this thing is so spotty and hard to do that I honestly thought about returning the monitor. The main problem is that say you shut down your computer and are switching to another input (as I do frequently when working and I take a gaming break), if you don't change to the other input before the signal stops from the machine you just turned off, you end up having to mess with the little menu button 15 different ways to get the menu to come up on screen. Unfortunately, even at this price point, the input detection is so bad that it doesn't just automatically switch to the other active input like it should. It literally turns off the monitor, then you have to press the button just right for it to register as the power button, then you can get to the input menu. This is not an issue with the button, I've tested this, and it isn't an issue for my other samsung panel from the last generation which you can switch the input by pulling the multi-directional button toward you. It's just bad engineering. Plain and simple.

Overall Review: The panel on this monitor is great, and if you never need to switch inputs, you may not have any issues, but if you're like me and you switch between inputs frequently, this is a HUGE PAIN. I never thought I would be so annoyed with this utter lack of foresight to write a second review just because of this issue, but here we are.

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Great card!5/12/2021 11:32:59 AM

Pros: - 30-40+ FPS better than 3060Ti - 12GB VRAM - An almost excessive amount of cooling - Phenomenal Radeon drivers/software - far superior to Nvidia

Cons: - Price - was RGB really necessary? (does add flare.. I guess?)

Overall Review: I got lucky and won the shuffle, otherwise I was happy with my 3060Ti, but I have to say the performance of this card in comparison is substantial. Having watched many comparisons between the two cards before I bought this card, I expected to see similar performance, but I was blown away by how much smoother everything is running on this card. I think it's safe to say overall performance has increased by about 25% with my AMD spec machine (3700x processor) and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Absolutely worth the price of you can find one.

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Great Case - Great Value!9/26/2014 7:40:08 PM

Pros: I absolutely love this case. I've had it for almost a year and a half now and I couldn't be happier. It comes with a 500w power supply, has an extra parts container in the bottom, and 4 stock fans. I have been so pleased with the design of the case and how easy it is to open the case and lay the motherboard down flat for easy installation/troubleshooting. I have always kept the case with the fan side to the wall of my desk (and relatively close to give me more leg room) and it has kept my rig cool, even through the heat of the summer months.

Cons: The only problem I have had with this case is the power cord which just decided to not work one day, but I had another lying around and was able to easily replace it. I believe the power cord may be slightly too thin to carry the necessary amperage to run the PSU, but this is just a guess. Also, the magnet in the front which holds the door (the front panel covering the power button, disk drives, etc) must have lost a poorly attached magnet because it does not stay shut when I need to physically pick up my case and move it. However, this is really only a minor issue and could easily be fixed with a new magnet and some glue, but it just doesn't bother me enough to bother with it (I keep the front door slightly open at all times to access the power button). The 500W PSU is at the low end of many minimum video card requirements.

Overall Review: This is seriously one of the best cases you can buy for the money, especially considering (nearly) anything comparable comes without a PSU, and is ~50% more expensive. This is a solid case, and if you're looking for great functionality and super easy access to the motherboard, this is the case for you. Other reviewers mentioned how the cables get caught on things (corners in particular) when opening the case, and this is true, but this is a direct result of how the cabling is laid out during the initial build, and not a result of poor case design. I too have had some cables snag on corners when opening my case, but if you're careful (as you should be with sensitive electrical components anyway..) you will be just fine. Although I had an issue with the power cord, it's really not something the OEM is at fault for, nor could it really be controlled for. The PSU is 500W which is the minimum for the new GTX970 series so this case can save you ~$100 on a new PSU. Seriously, pick up this case, you won't regret it!

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good stuff2/24/2009 10:36:25 PM

Pros: I like it a lot. It comes with a lanyard and a protective rubber case. It loads data super fast compared to my old 1 GB jump drive and has a nifty blue light when files are in transfer

Cons: The rubber cap that covers the USB tip is really easy to loose. I've olny had this for about a day now and I have misplaced the cover momentarily a couple time now.

Overall Review: Worth the price. Preforms well. Buy one unless you need something larger, though I believe they make a higher capacity model as well.

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VERY NICE, YES!9/18/2007 12:21:01 PM

Pros: These speakers have a clean crisp sound to them that I have not heard with many other speakers from the same price range. The volume control has an input which is nice for dorm life because people like to bring an ipod along, the input makes it easy to just plug in and play. The bass is very satisfactory and does not over power the speakers if you set it right. Worth the money in my opinion.

Cons: Bass can get to be over powering if someone messes with the dial on the volume control.. Drunk people like to stick their fingers in the speakers but this can be cured with a p!mp slap or two = )

Overall Review: Speakers were small in comparison to how they are shown on the box and in the pictures but despite their small size they do pack quite a punch.

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Couldn't be Happier5/26/2006 11:32:37 PM

Pros: The left and right click buttons have a sort of snap to them that I have never felt before, and each button has a indented place that doesn't sound comfortable, but I was pleasantly supprised. The majority of the perimeter of the mouse is colored (including the scroll wheel). The Teflon skates on the bottom make it slippery to the touch, but the mouse itself has enough weight feel substantial and not like you will break it.

Cons: The buttons on the side are a bit difficult to get used to, but it doesn't take long.

Overall Review: I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about buying another mouse when I have an MX518, MX510, MX310, MX700, and MX 900 laying around, but in the end, I'm glad I did. I really couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I can already tell the difference from my old 518. I was suprised how well my hand fit this mouse being that it is rather large, but it fits like a glove, and is super comfortable. I play Reg. old 1.6, and between the added accuracy and comfort this mouse adds, my game shot has improved to where I don't miss some shots I used to.

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Wow...3/13/2006 6:57:58 PM

Pros: Nice bright white light

Cons: Stopped working after about 2-3 HOURS OF USE!

Overall Review: I've had a light like this before (it was blue) and it's still working right now after more than a year of use... but something brand new out of the box should work a while longer. If it wasn't $x, I would have returned it.. =(

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5/20/2004 5:46:39 PM

Comments: if anyone reads this just beware that i can't say anything negatory bout the product just a heads up :)

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5/20/2004 5:45:34 PM

Comments: The mouse is great and very comfterable on the palm and the wireless makes the mouse much more convienient that the Mx500 series. I would personally totally recomand this mouse to anyone who is an avid gamer or just likes a nice mouse and the best part, it came a day early WoOt THANX NEWEGG!

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