XFX r9 fury is still a beast!!!7/7/2017 11:51:05 AM

Pros: The r9 fury delivers great performance, especially with the driver enhancements. Pair with an ultrawide 2560x1080 144hz freesync monitor this card delivers exactly what I was looking for. Maintain 60+ fps running games such as (Mass Effect Andomeda, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Battlefield 1, Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3) on high to ultra settings with no problem. Even under constant 100% usage the card never went above 60c, while the pump and fan stayed very quiet.

Cons: I don't really have any because I knew exactly what I was buying.

Overall Review: The Radeon logo is backlit red, there is a thick 120mm radiator attached and the fan isn't really swappable, although the included fan isn't a very high quality fan and should get the job done! Just know what you are buying.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX Neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
Best CPU for the price!!!4/4/2017 1:42:06 AM

Pros: Seriously, 8 cores and 16 threads for $300 and change, what is not to like. Now that updates and drivers are coming down the pipeline, I am really starting to see performance gains on what was already an amazing processor. Using this for 3-D rendering, compiling code, and gaming this processor has been amazing. Overclocked like a champ to 4.0 Ghz using a noctua NH-D15 cooler.

Cons: None!!!

Overall Review: If your looking for a processor that can game and be strong in content creation that doesn't require a small fortune, then this processor is absolutely the right choice.

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Asrock got this motherboard right!!!4/4/2017 1:36:19 AM

Pros: The installation, setup, and bios flashing have been a breeze on this board. Asrock has done an amazing job at keeping the bios updates coming and steadily improving the performance of Ryzen processors. Lots of USB connections both internally and externally. RGB LED fan headers (3 of them) are a really nice touch and Asrock's RGB software is easy to use and very non clunky (unlike NZXT's CAM software). The board looks amazing especially if you are going for a white and black theme. I have had zero issues overclocking my processor and my ram's amp profile loaded without any problems. The UEFI bios is easy to use and navigate, and I am a huge fan of the way the board handles fan speed control.

Cons: Haven't come across one yet!!!

Overall Review: The only nitpick I have is that one fan header sits directly where the GPU overhangs off the PCI-E lane. While you can still have a fan plugged into, you would have to remove the GPU to unplug the fan from that header.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great fans at a decent price!!!4/4/2017 1:27:44 AM

Pros: I have ordered 6 of these to use throughout my case and have yet to come across a bad one. Even at max speed these fans are relatively quiet. Setting them to run at 50 - 70% and they move a good bit of air and stay quiet. I tend to prefer PWM fans for the ability to set custom fan curves through the motherboard refi bios.

Cons: Wish these fans came with a few accessories such as a splitter or extension, but thats is seriously more of a nit-pick.

Overall Review: Great fan choice for under $15.

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Solid Graphics Card but there are better versions!!!4/4/2017 1:23:08 AM

Pros: It's one of the better RX 480's on the market and the XFX shroud and cooler look amazing. Solid 1080p performance if you want run modern games at high to ultra at 1080p. AMD seems to have the drivers dialed in pretty well for this card.

Cons: The fan curve that is preset on this card does stay quiet as long as card doesn't go above 50c, but lets be realistic, it's not hard to push this card past that temperature. At higher temps the fans ramp up and sound quite loud. Even setting up a custom fan curve through MSI afterburner (NOTE: XFX does not offer any software for this card) this card struggles to stay quiet and below 75c under load, which is disappointing.

Overall Review: If you are buying this with a plan of crossfire, which I did keep in mind that quite a few games out there will not run particularly well, despite what benchmarks say. Framerate drops and two loud cards in your system will become quite annoying. I did run these with a free sync monitor which helped a little, but overall not a great experience. If your looking for a single card that can run modern games at 1080p then this card is a good bet, but if your planning on a higher resolution, then I would advise to wait until AMD releases a better single GPU.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX Neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
Cool, quiet, and fast!!!2/8/2017 12:44:18 AM

Pros: So we all know the GTX 1070 is a beast of a card, so I wont go into all FPS I'm getting using this monitor in various games, seriously Youtube has enough videos demonstrating that. The card itself is very well built and feels extremely sturdy, as does the corsair cooling. I was torn between this one and the EVGA Hybrid, but I am so glad I went with this one. For me the selling point was corsair (which I have used their coolers for years and have yet to have a single problem). This card never gets above 50C under full load and stays unbelievably quiet. The fan included with the radiator isn't that bad, it's not PWM so whatever noise that fan is going to make it will make all the time, which mine is pretty quiet (enough so I don't hear it unless I stick my ear right next to the exhaust of my case). Really easy to install, easier than I thought and looks absolutely amazing.

Cons: Absolutely None!!!

Overall Review: If your looking for a quality GTX 1070 that runs cool and quiet, while giving you plenty of overclocking room, get this card!!! I seriously doubt you will ever regret that decision.

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Great Monitor!!!2/8/2017 12:35:39 AM

Pros: I would put this panel closer to an IPS than a TN in color and quality. I know previous reviews have stated they are getting ghosting in game, but I have yet to see any of this. I have this monitor hooked up via Displayport 1.2, to a GTX 1070 and everything looks amazing. The ultra-wide display makes multi-tasking very nice and games looks amazing. I only had to make a few tweaks in the menu (which is very easy to navigate) to get the picture I wanted. Setup was ridiculously easy and Windows 10 detected the monitor and installed the drivers immediately. While I am not using an AMD graphics, so I can't utilize the freesync, I have yet to run into any problem with screen tearing or flickering. Acer's packaging allowed the monitor to arrive with absolutely zero damage from shipping. I have yet to notice any real back-light bleeding or dead-pixels, so quality control seems to be on point.

Cons: Absolutely None!!!

Overall Review: Until AMD comes out with vega I can't utilize freesync, but when they do I will gladly post an updated review. This monitor is heavy and big (seriously, keep this in mind). Use a displayport cable to connect this monitor, you will be thankful you did, and be aware that there are two displayport connections on the back and one of them is for outgoing signals.

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Definitely a Noctua Product!!!9/13/2016 12:56:24 AM

Pros: It's big, quiet, and does the job of a 280MM AIO with far less noise. Running an i5 6600k at 4.4ghz: Idle 25c Load 54c Performed better than the Corsair h110 it replaced and runs dead silent. The mounting system is by far the system I have ever used, with clear instructions and an almost fool-proof setup, I sincerely wished that every cpu cooler made would just license this mounting system from Noctua. Not to mention you also get two noctua NF-A15 PWm fans with this (about $50 if bought seperately) and a warranty backed by Noctua (which if you've ever had the pleasure of dealing with their customer service, you understand why this is a pro). So to recap: Ridiculous performance, dead silent operation, best mounting hardware ever made, 2 of the best fans on the market, and one of the best warranties and customer support you will find.

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: This cooler from Noctua shoudld be the standard by which every cooler is compared too... Oh Wait, It is!!!

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Possibly the Best for the Buck Case!!!9/13/2016 12:43:36 AM

Pros: The Define R5 is an absolutely amazing case. The window shows only the hardware you want showing and nothing you don't. The noise reducing foam makes this the quietest case I have ever used. The modular hard drive cages and ample fan placements makes this case a dream to setup for almost any use. You could load this case up with hard drives, water cool the entire thing, or make a ridiculous air cooled setup, the choice is yours with this case. Personally went with a silent air-cooled rig because this system is my daily driver for just about everything. I installed 2 Fractal Design Venturi HP 140mm fans in the front, a Venturi HP 120MM in the bottom, and a Venturi HF 140MM fan in the exhaust, providing amazing airflow in a positive pressure configuration. I am also using the Noctua NH-D15 Air Cooler (with the Industrial NF-A14 fans to keep with the black aesthetic and a Zotac Amp! 1070. With everything I mentioned I don't hear anything coming from this case, not one fan, and my temperatures are great! CPU under load 50c, GPU under load 60c, so absolutely zero performance hit due to thermals. Cable management is an absolute breeze, with ample room behind the motherboard tray, and a ridiculous amount of tie down points, keeping you cable management looking clean should be no problem. I love the fact that Fractal decided to go with metal hard drive sleds and the rubber vibration dampeners and a nice touch for mechanical hard drives. You can also switch what side the door swings open from, by simply moving 2 screwdowns to the other side, it took about a minute. The screws came in a wonderfully labeled box that made selecting the right screw about as easy as it could be.

Cons: Absolutely none!

Overall Review: If you looking for case around $100, give or take about $15, this case is a no-brainer. Enough modularity to support just about any build and elegant looks to make your system stand out, but not be overly flashy. Optimized for silent performance and a cable routing system that anyone could use without much thought makes this case GREAT!!! Seriously, this case is amazing !!!

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Zotac got it absolutely right!7/29/2016 4:55:55 PM

Pros: Lets start with the aesthetics, this card looks amazing, the pictures do not do it justice. Zotac opted for a carbon fiber shroud and backplate which feels extremely solid. The led lighting has been done very tastefully, which without the zotac software illuminates white. While the lighting is not RGB they do offer 7 different colors to chose from, so I'm one of those will match most every system. The performance of this card exceeded my expectations. While running unigines heaven and valley benchmarks on ultra this card never creeped over 68c and posted extremely strong scores. The core clock ramped up 2012mhz on its own without any overclocking done on my part. Considering how the cool the card stayed and the performance it showed, I never once heard the fans or any type of coil whine on this card. In actual gameplay this card has easily maintained a 60+ fps at 1440p with games such as Dragon Age Inquisition, Battlefield 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Titanfall, GTA V, Fallout 4, and Witcher 3 with ultra settings or very near.

Cons: None- Seriously could not find one thing to knock about this card.

Overall Review: I understand that Zotac may not have the same following as EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte, or ASUS, but they are making a strong showing with this card that is in many ways is better than their aforementioned counterparts. If you're considering a GTX 1070, give this card a go and you might pleasantly surprised.

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It does exactly what it is suppose to!!!7/21/2016 11:17:55 PM

Pros: First things first, this card looks amazing! The cooler on it does an amazing job of keeping this power hungry card cool and the backplate just keeps the look clean. Powers through everything in 1080p and does a solid job at 1440p. Considering you can get this card for less than $300 most of the time, this card is an amazing deal. The card stays cool and quiet, and has had zero issues.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Sometimes I've been caught up in the hype train when it comes to graphics cards and the ridiculous suite of extras they come with. This card just simply works! Installed card, installed drivers, and play games, no extra stuff needed.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX Neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
The best price to performance chip Intel offers!!!6/28/2016 2:00:45 AM

Pros: This chip runs cool, fast, and can handle everything thrown at it like a beast. Easily overclocked to 4.6 ghz and could probably go higher, but I don't want to risk messing up the chip. The Corsair H110i GTX I installed with it might be overkill for this chip as even overclocked and running at 100% the temps on the hottest core barely creep up to 60C. It was easy to install and there is not a better option within $50 either way. I absolutely do not have any remorse for going for the i7 as there are only 1 or 2 programs I might run that could leverage the extra threads and the performance gains there are no where near enough to justify an extra $100. If in the future more games and software leverage hyper-threading I may upgrade but as for the foreseeable future I am 100% happy with this processor.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Be careful when overclocking this chip if you have a beastly cooling solution attached to it. I almost made the mistake of setting a temp target to judge my overclocks and that would simply not work here, as I feel I could try to push the 5 ghz mark and potentially ruin the processor without ever coming close to thermal throttling.

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Best Case I Have Ever Owned5/17/2016 9:47:10 PM

Pros: Like the title says, this is hands down the best case I've ever owned. The solid aluminum construction and clean aesthetics make this case worth every cent. Super easy to build in and cable manage, and hides all of the cables completely keeping your build looking nice and clean. Despite it's size there are plenty of fan and radiator mounting options. Personally I installed 3 120mm in the front (intake), the corsair H110i GTX in the top (exhaust), and a 140mm fan in the rear (exhaust). Going for an equal to positive pressure scenario. Someone might complain about heavy this case is, and it is (especially after you put all your hardware in there), but the superb build quality definitely tells the tale of why. Personally adding a couple of extra pounds for solid aluminum construction that feels ridiculously sturdy. The lack of 5.25" bays may turn some off, but I haven't used an internal optical drive for a couple of years now, and it helps maintain the very clean look on the front. The airflow through this case is amazing, without a hard drive cage interfering with airflow, and air flowing directly towards the GPU and across the motherboard everything stays cool.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you are considering buying this case please do your research before buying. This case is meant to provide builders with a very clean and unobtrusive look to their systems. There aren't alot of hard drive mounting options under the shroud (only 2 drives will fit), however there also two more on the back of the motherboard tray for SSD mounting. Something to keep in mind and plan for when planning your system. You can install additional hard drive mounts inside the case that could ruin the look your going for and obstruct airflow to the rest of your components. For me it was perfect, I run 2 SSD's and 2 Hard Drives, so the mounting options were a perfect fit and all you see through the window are the components I want to be seen.

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BenQ 27 inch 1440p3/15/2016 10:35:36 PM

Pros: 1. With this being an IPS display the colors on this monitor are amazing. 2. Absolutely zero backlight bleed or dead pixels. 3. The included stand is easy to install, sturdy, and extremely ergonomic. 4. Menu is a little daunting at first glance, but play around with it for a minute and becomes pretty simple. 5. Was able to overclock this monitor to 75hz for gaming which makes game extremely smooth.

Cons: 1. Not a big fan of the button layout, but I have seen far worse. 2. Included cables are relatively short (especially the displayport). Note: These are mere nitpicks and do not even come close to warrant an egg being dropped.

Overall Review: Fantastic for gaming or productivity and the low blue light keeps my eyes feeling fresh. If you can pick this monitor up for under $400, it is a worthy purchase that you wont be disappointed with.

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GTX 980 SC3/15/2016 10:25:49 PM

Pros: 1. This card is very quiet, maybe the quietest card I have ever owned and I love the fact that the fans wont kick on until the card hits 60 - 65c. 2. This card stays cool, running the valley benchmark this card never reached above 68c and managed to boost clock itself to over 1500mhz. 3. The white leds on the side of the card look sharp inside my case and fit very well with the theme of my build. 4. Has absolutely demolished everything I've thrown at it in 1440p including: Dragon Age Inquisition, GTA V, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Battlefield 4, Heavily Modded Skyrim.

Cons: 1. Not really a con, more of a nitpick. This should've come with a backplate, but EVGA aren't the only manufacturers who didn't include a backplate for the 980. With that said the black PCB does look sharp and really doesn't affect the aesthetics.

Overall Review: This is the highest and most reviewed 980 on newegg for a reason. The card runs exceptionally well and is backed by EVGA's legendary customer service (some of the best I've ever dealt with). If you can get this card on sale (I picked it up for $470) it is an absolute deal.

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Comparable to Noctua2/16/2016 10:26:49 PM

Pros: First thing is that these fans from Fractal are extremely well built (the pictures don't show the build quality). Secondly the anti-vibration mounting is very nice if not somewhat difficult to thread, but it really only took an extra minute or so to mount these. Third is the PWM control, I love being able to control how fast my fans spin and at which temps to speed up at. Fourth is that they are quiet, I mean really quiet. Comparing them to the Noctua NF-F12 and Be Quiet! PureWings they are every bit as quiet as either and their airflow is just somewhat short of Noctua and outright wins against Be Quiet!. If you're looking for a great fan that is black, silent, static-pressure optimized, and is very affordable compared to Noctua then this is the fan for you.

Cons: The only thing I can even point to is the anti-vibration mounting on the fan. It is kind of difficult to thread, but really doesn't make a difference in the long run.

Overall Review: With these being part of series that includes 120mm and 140mm in both static pressure and airflow models you should have no trouble finding a fan to fit your needs. For reference I use two 140mm HP series for front intake, two 120mm HP series to radiator cooling, and one 140mm AF series for exhaust and they keep my system cool and quiet.

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Great Fan10/31/2015 8:53:00 PM

Pros: If your looking for something comparable to Noctua, but not as pricey, you found it. PWM control and you don't have to run these at full power to get great performance. I set a fan curve for these and they are silent and move a great amount of air. Sleeving on the power cables looks great and the included fan splitter is a nice touch. The rubber corners are a some of the better anti-vibration mounts I've seen, especially when compared to corsair fans. Bottom line, the only fans I've seen perform better are Noctua and unless you have a khaki and brown themed build or want to spend $30 a fan, get these!

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: Used the 2 140hp and 2 120hp for intake and a 1 140f for exhaust in a positive pressure configuration. I tend to prefer static pressure fans in general just because of their versatility.

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Great PSU8/17/2015 11:04:38 PM

Pros: I have owned this power supple for over 6 months now and I am very happy I went with the corsair RM750. It is ridiculously quiet and efficient. at idle the fan doesn't even spin and when it does I can't hear even with my ear right next to the fan intake. The modular flat cables make cable management a breeze and they look really nice in the case. You can purchase after market, individually sleeved cables for this psu if that is your thing. Plenty of cables included and the cable length was perfect for my corsair 750D case. Add in the 5 year warranty from corsair and that makes this a perfect psu for my system.

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: The cables can be a little stiff to bend, but once you get use to working with them it gets easy.

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MSI r9 29011/4/2014 11:19:04 PM

Pros: The MSI r9-290 gaming card is a beast and the Twin Frozer cooler MSI slapped on it does a great job of cooling and remaining quiet. I ran this card through unigine heaven benchmark and msi kombuster, and it didn't go above 77C and stayed surprisingly quiet. I threw some skyrim (with the texture mods) at it and it didn't even break sweat running well above 60 fps on ultra. Titanfall, Tomb Raider, SWTOR, and Assassin's Creed 4 all ran flawlessly on ultra settings maintaining 60+ fps. The backplate looks amazing in the case and if you decide to do a custom liquid cooling loop EK makes a block for this card. So far this card is exceeding expectations and I am very happy I bought it. I am not a fanboy so if deciding between cards have no worries about this card it performs great and has zero heat or noise issues.

Cons: Absolutely none!

Overall Review: I did switch the bios switch to legacy, just because I don't want any compatibility issues. The card is massive so make sure you have enough room, although I believe most decent mid and full-towers will have no trouble. Card is heavy but the backplate adds some rigidity to the card so no visible sagging. For Reference I'm running: i5-4670k (overclocked 4.2 ghz) Be Quiet Dark Rock3 cpu cooler 8 gb ram (1600 MHz xmp profile) 128 gb ssd 1 tb hdd EVGA Supernova 750 watt semi-modular Corsair 750D (4 fans intake, 2 fans exhaust)

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Great Case!!!9/23/2014 6:09:56 PM

Pros: This case has support for everything without being ridiculously over the top. Extreme functionality without a lot of frills that add to cost. Plenty of room to route cables and more than enough room for any graphics card setup or cpu heatsink. The case come with 8 spaces for fans, which also translates into multiple ways to custom water cool. Solid construction, smart design for SSD's and modular hard drive cages. If your looking for a full-tower with plenty of room for expansion and future upgrades, this case will get the job done.

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: I decided to go with this case because it has all the expansion room I will ever need for whatever I decide to do in the future. I know the case comes with a $140 to $160 price tag, but the reality is a case is the only future-proof computer part you can buy.

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Solid Performer8/28/2014 12:34:09 PM

Pros: I used this motherboard in a build for someone else and thus far they have been extremely happy. The board doesn't come with a lot of frills, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The sata, fan, I/o, and usb connections are in smart locations so it was easy to route cables. The board itself looks great and works without a problem.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Perfect for a budget build or a small form factor build. Has everything you need to run a great system. Overclocking will require experience, but most overclockers prefer it that way.

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Great case to build in.8/28/2014 12:29:10 PM

Pros: I have built two systems for people using this case, and it is a great case for the money. It has decent room for cable management and looks really clean sitting on a desk. It also has plenty of spaces for fans, although I would recommend using better fans than the one it comes with.

Cons: The only con I have is that one of the cases I bought didn't come with the proper hardware for motherboard and hard drive installation. I didn't dock an egg for this because I have a ton of screws and hardware so it really wasn't an issue.

Overall Review: This case is a great value for under $50. I've seen cases $30 to $40 more that were not as good as this case. Great for a budget build.

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Great for the Money8/28/2014 12:22:57 PM

Pros: This is an affordable card, that performs and has great overclocking potential. It runs quiet and cool and runs every game I've thrown at it in 1080p with a respectable fps. If your looking for something under $200 that will perform this is a great option.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This card can handle quite a bit, and you can always buy a second one and run in SLI and get even better performance. I only bring this up because if your building on a budget, but you can spend more later this is a great option.

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Worth It!!2/15/2014 12:22:22 AM

Pros: This processor is so much more than just great for gaming. This thing is powering through everything I throw at it with no problems. I don't do any video editing, but I run a lot of programming software and development kits. This CPU handles compiling with no problems, even large amounts of code. As far as 3-d work goes, this thing burns through it without any delays.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If your thinking about saving money over an i7 but are worried about what you will miss, don't. This processor is extremely fast and unless you do a ton of video editing or compile programs the size of Microsoft Office you will be very happy with this CPU.

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Great PSU!!!2/15/2014 12:15:15 AM

Pros: It's quiet, modular, 80+ Bronze certified, and it comes with a great warranty. The red sleeved cables went great with the red and black theme of my motherboard and video card. Plenty of power to run a SLI or Crossfire setup and it's Haswell Certified.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I got this on sale and with a ridiculous rebate, so I couldn't beat the deal. I know some people will look for 80+ Gold or Silver, but the difference in price outweighs the gains. If your looking for a great PSU this one will get it done.

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