Loud4/21/2021 12:25:21 PM

Pros: - the price is solid for a 650w power supply

Cons: - my mistake for not realizing this was a small form factor psu, and that smaller fan puts some more stress on the psu itself - other reviews accurately called out that this thing whines, a lot.

Overall Review: i ended up returning this PSU, but if you do need something for small factor cases and don't mind extra noise from this, go for it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Robert, Thank you for your feedback. Our CV PSUs are not small form factor, they are still ATX - they are just shorter than typical ATX PSUs. In relation to any noisy issue, we'd be happy to look into them: support.corsair.com -Albert
I didn't know what I was missing until I got this4/21/2021 12:23:17 PM

Pros: - upgrading from 1080p 60hz to this monitor turned my life upside down - now when people tell me that tHe HumAn eYE CanT seE 144hz i punch them in the face

Cons: - if you do punch someone in the face for telling you you wasted your money on this monitor, there might be some legal repercussions

Overall Review: - the upgrade to a 1440hz 144p monitor is not something you can just explain to someone. you have to be there, you have to try it, and when you do I promise you that you won't regret it.

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Great for gaming, not great for marriage4/21/2021 12:20:23 PM

Pros: - the customization of the screen is incredible - temps are great - 1440p 144hz monitor pairs really well with this card. conveniently you can find those monitors on newegg

Cons: - since I can game so much better now, my wife is threatening to leave me, but after investing in this card why wouldn't I ride this investment out?

Overall Review: - buy it if you can, but if you can't, still try to buy it. just don't tell your wife how much you spent

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Steve from Gamers Nexus was right4/21/2021 12:17:07 PM

Pros: - this was rated the best overall case of 2020 by Gamers Nexus, and a Q1 review of 2021 cases released still had this case at the top. - great airflow - plenty of top room if you want a top mounted rad - easy to cable manage - big rgb fans on the front with an LED button in the front IO - the PSU basement gives you an easy way to macguyver a graphics card sag preventer(legos)

Cons: - if you want a front mounted rad which is supposed to give better CPU temps, you realistically need to switch out the big front fans that come with the case for smaller fans, or do a bulky push/pull config on your rad. fortunately there's enough room for this even if you have a 3000 series graphics card

Overall Review: - excellent price - great quality - no need to go crazy spending 200 on a case that won't be as good as this one

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