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Works with Windows 7 64 Bit

ASUS Xonar DS 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Audio Card
ASUS Xonar DS 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Audio Card

Pros: I thought that the onboard Realtek audio chip sounded good, until I installed the Xonar a couple of hours ago. I no longer like the Realtek because this thing sounds amazing. The sound quality is crystal clear and sounds natural, going through a Pioneer receiver and Klipsch speakers. I am hearing things in the music that I had never heard before, too. Works with Windows 7 64 bit, but not without some degree of difficulty on the install. (See cons)

Cons: Like other people have already mentioned, installing the 64 bit Windows 7 drivers obtained from ASUS's website is a pain. The only thing that worked for me was to boot into safe mode and then install them. They installed in mere seconds and after rebooting, the Xonar card works perfectly. I have not and doubt that I will install any of the software from the CD that came with the card. It works fine as it is.

Overall Review: I find it odd that the "official" Windows 7 64 bit drivers that come from ASUS don't install using the installer, except in Safe Mode. They should mention that on their site. All in all, I am very pleased with the hardware. I gave it five eggs because of the hardware, in spite of the weird drivers.



Mini Digital Portable Music MP3/4 Player Micro SD/TF USB Disk Speaker FM Radio Blue
Mini Digital Portable Music MP3/4 Player Micro SD/TF USB Disk Speaker FM Radio Blue

Pros: I am 50 years old and have heard my fair share of electronics containing tiny speakers and they all sounded awful... until now. The sound coming out of this little thing is simply amazing. I just listened to a song that has a Spanish guitar and it sounded very realistic when the volume was cranked-up. This thing does produce a lot of volume with no audible distortion, at least with my ears. Of course, it completely lacks wall-shaking bass, but it does produce bass tones that one would not expect from such a tiny speaker. Does it sound as good at my Klipsch floor standing speakers? Um, no, but it's still pretty amazing as far as I'm concerned. :)

Cons: Being sold in the U.S., one would think that the gadget's menu would be in English; it's not. In fact, it's in Chinese and it took me about 15 minutes of fiddling with it until I had accidentally changed the language to German, which did help me since I understand a little bit of it and was then able to change it to English. It has LEDs that flash rapidly and, according to the instructions, are supposed to be able to stop by pressing the menu button, but that doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm missing something. None of these cons are enough for me to knock an egg off of the rating since they are so minor and it sounds so darn good. While it does have an FM tuner, its antenna is much too short to grab the entire wavelength, making its reception very poor. Holding onto the antenna with some fingers helped, but anyone who wants to listen to FM would be best off attaching a wire to it.

Overall Review: I found it to be capable of playing MP3, WAV and WMA formats. It did not play the FLAC or OGG Vorbis files that were also on the USB flash drive I used. It does have a headphone jack and plays in stereo when listening through headphones. It also disconnects the built-in speaker while headphones are connected. Overall, an amazing little gadget!

Incredible Sound Quality

TekNmotion PulseWave • V2 3.5mm/ USB Connector Circumaural Nex-Gen Premium PC Gaming Headset
TekNmotion PulseWave • V2 3.5mm/ USB Connector Circumaural Nex-Gen Premium PC Gaming Headset

Pros: I bought these headphones because I wanted circumaural phones which sounded good and had a microphone. I made my decision to buy these particular headphones based on their high reviews and price and I am not in the least bit disappointed. Other reviewers are not exaggerating when they say things like they sound amazing and are the best headphones that they have ever had. I, too, share this very same sentiment. While the highs are very good, the incredible bass response is simply amazing. It is not in the least bit muddy sounding. I have never heard any other headphones do this before, so I find it incredible, especially for the price. I can't comment on how well the vibration or surround features work because I have not used them, yet. I mainly use these things to listen to music and occasionally for voice in Second Life. The microphone does sound nice and clear. I also like how the microphone can be swiveled and also moved around in just about any direction, with the gooseneck arm.

Cons: They won't wash my laundry, change the oil in my car or train my dogs to roll over. Seriously, though, the wires for the speakers and mic are awfully thin, although they have not caused any problems. If they break, I'll just fix them.

Overall Review: It's not very often that a product wows me but these headphones are an exception. I like them so much that I am going to buy another pair, just in case one of the dogs decides to munch on the pair I already have. I guess I could say that these things are like wearing a dance club on your head, although a lot lighter. ;-)

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Overall Good Experience

I ordered a Noctua fan from AmaMax and it arrived in perfect condition, eventually. It took several days before they actually got the package sent out, but I wasn't really in a hurry anyway. Considering that the fan I bought from AmaMax was the lowest price I could find, I think that it was worth the wait. YMMV

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