Limited chipset shouldn't exist9/28/2020 7:28:10 AM

Overall Review: Amd dropped cpu support. Complete failure. What's the point of sticking with a socket if you're still going to drop support with budget chipsets. Needs a better warning because this should not be acceptable. Video connectors don't even work with any currently released CPUs. (3200g/3400g is no go despite being 3rd gen). What a joke.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Joshua, Thank you for purchase and review. Unfortunately, the 3200G/3400G CPUs are not supported. Please visit link below for supported CPU list. Link: If you have any technical or warranty inquiry in the future, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
Still shipping the junk modules4/29/2015 3:55:45 PM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Non-functional with broadwell CPU.

Overall Review: Newegg is still shipping the modules ending in C8FND despite Crucial's claims that they are replacing their partner's stock.

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3/1/2013 8:22:30 PM

Pros: Straightforward install, holds drives with good spacing for cooling. Fan is reasonably quiet, has a filter and the price point is spot on. Worked with my antec drive rails.

Cons: Requires disassembly for fan filter cleaning. Metal front-piece is stuck on with 3 small pieces of doublestick. Mine fell off twice in 24 hours since I owned it. Glued it back on.

Overall Review: This gives the bare minimum for a cooled 4-in-3 drive cage. There are more featureful/better built units, but the cost is 3-4x with tiny fans for cooling.

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3/19/2008 6:08:21 PM

Pros: I like that it's pretty much a clone of a psx controller. The buttons have a good feel, not like cheaper knock-offs.

Cons: If you like a single piece dpad this one is just fine. I prefer the seperate buttons though. I have trouble with one of my analog sticks always sending movement signals no matter how I calibrate it, it always seems to drift. I don't use them enough to matter, but it's rather annoying when I do.

Overall Review: Works fine in linux.

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