almost returned it...7/29/2021 8:26:29 AM

Pros: 12 cores 24 threads...a monster of a CPU when working correctly....

Cons: price but i paid MSRP through newegg shuffle...

Overall Review: wasnt really looking to buy since i had recently purchase an 11900k but i got lucky on the newegg shuffle so i bought one the problem started...5min into playing Escape From Tarkov i got the BSOD with error WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR...all hardware was new...asus x570 board...850w M.2 drives and G-skill trident z neo...the error is why i didnt buy AMD sooner since i read so many issues with AMD CPU's...a bit of research and i updated windows...Tarkov would now BSOD after video card drivers and that lasted 2 days then every game would BSOD the system...BIOS and all drivers were current so i figured it was a hardware issue...i grabbed some older G-skill trident memory which was 3200mhz and took out the G-skill trident neo 3600mhz memory...booted into BIOS to set the memory using DOCP...a week later and no issues at all...i dont know if the G-skill trident neo was faulty or not i just know it wasnt compatible with my set up...hope this helps someone

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very decent5/9/2021 7:24:24 AM

Cons: none

Overall Review: this is a very decent air cooler at this price range...if you see it on sale even better...glad it finally comes in black...

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damaged goods2/25/2021 4:33:54 AM

Pros: brand name and price...

Cons: never installed due to bent fins and fluid leaking...

Overall Review: within an hour of receiving this cooler i had sent it back....i opened the unit only to find bent fins and fluid everywhere...the box itself was undamaged...this is the first time i have ever had a product delivered and never installed due to damage...not sure how the damage happened but i wasnt going to chance it...i sent it back for a refund and will go with a different brand cooler

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings, This is highly unusual. In the future, if you choose again and something like this happens, contact us directly at We would appreciate the opportunity to make the order right, and it also helps us with quality control. Sorry for your poor experience.
great card if you can get it....2/20/2021 7:29:58 AM

Pros: it runs fast as heck...specs list boost clock at 2310 but according to AMD software i have seen mine reach 2455....2K gaming is great as well....temps only reached 65c after 3 hours gaming with fans at coil whine and no games crashing using latest driver

Cons: price and availability....

Overall Review: i spent more than i wanted but i didnt want to wait any longer...also wish powercolor warranty was 3 years like the other brands...happy with what i got

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Asrock makes good stuff....1/4/2021 7:42:41 AM

Pros: most everything you want or need...

Cons: none so far...

Overall Review: paired with a 10700k and works great so far...this is my second Asrock board and i like both of them..i also like the Asrock update program...for some they may need to read the manual before installing and using...the extra 4pin CPU plug is not needed...also if your installing an M.2 drive at the bottom slot(or top slot) make sure you remove the plastic film from the heatsink before install...if you install a drive in bottom M.2 slot make sure you remove the ''yellow'' plastic cover over the screw hole...just peel it off...solid board and i love the i have used....the RGB software is great too just make sure to keep it updated...

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
WARNING... buy at own risk...8/30/2016 9:59:58 PM

Pros: low to plug 10 fans into hub..

Cons: im very upset today with the NZXT grid fan hub..just received it today along with some new fans..i should have listened to the reviews of it..they said unplugging a fan from the hub was almost impossible..well i found out the hard way..after a dry fit of my parts into a new case i went to unplug the fan from the hub and now the new fan is ruined(see pic) how can one of the best makers of hardware fail at the smallest of things.I WILL NO LONGER RECOMMEND OR BUY NZXT PRODUCTS...THANKS..

Overall Review: i just got this part along with some coolermaster fans today...unplugging the fan from hub stripped all wires from new fan...once you plug fans in dont plan on removing them... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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thought i made a good choice...4/17/2016 12:18:14 AM

Pros: hopefully it will work as advertised...have yet to use it...

Cons: this is the second phanteks product i have bought and i am having issues with this product as well...i bought this to use in a ''you guessed it'' phanteks enthoo pro m it should work with no problem...right...WRONG!!! i used the screws that came with the hub but was only able to get 1 screw in...the other screw just kept spinning...the hub is secure but i hate that only one screw went in...i feel cheated somehow...between this hub and the enthoo pro m case(see my review) i will NOT buy another phanteks product again..seems this company cant get the smallest issues right...screw holes that line up and fit properly...

Overall Review: no more phanteks products for me...good thing i didnt spend more money on this or the enthoo case...first time and last time me...

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im shocked!!!4/16/2016 1:31:36 PM

Pros: dont get me wrong this is a very nice case with a good amount of room inside...

Cons: what shocked me was how flimsy the side panels were,i watched some reviews about this case and they said the same thing. but i was thinking ''no way'' its a phanteks case..the reviews were right! the panels are so flimsy and hard as heck to slide back on,the thumb screws dont even line up with the holes to replace the panel and forget about using a thumb to screw them back in..yes you will need an actual screw driver..makes no sense...i have used over 50+ cases in my time and these remind me of a cheap $20 case side panel...this is my first phantek case and might just be my last...i have a Zalman Z9 U3 case that was $39 and the side panels are stiff and well made and easy to replace by sliding back very disappointed in phanteks...maybe ad an "S" to the model # when you fix this issue...

Overall Review: nice case CHEAP side panels!!!

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poor software11/20/2015 12:17:36 AM

Pros: overall size and feel of mouse was perfect for me.

Cons: the software was buggy beyond belief and after some searching i found out i wasnt the only one..have since returned the mouse.really wanted to like it but couldnt due to the software issue.i will still buy coolermaster products,just not their mice.

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better looking than performing3/10/2015 11:36:47 PM

Pros: when it ran it was fine,blue LED's and the price was right

Cons: one stick is bad,ran memtest86 and as soon as test started it spit out over 5,000 errors. should have gone with a more trusted memory maker BUT i wanted the blue LED's

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OC'ing Beast12/16/2014 1:00:22 AM

Pros: ability to OC

Cons: none at all,buy it

Overall Review: i bought this locally on sale for $47 and paired it with the Asrock z97 board i purchased here for $79,also found an Antec kuhler 620 for $20 on sale. i have this chip OC'ed to 4.7 with 1.4v. system temps are 20c idle and 58c using Prime 95. also using a sapphire 7870xt,SSD and a corsair 500w PSU, and 8gigs of Team memory.plays games very well. not bad for a budget build using parts i had laying around

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not bad at all10/16/2014 12:57:33 PM

Pros: for the price these are great,cant see paying more since these are an on the ear headset. i thought the headset would cover the ears fully BUT they rest on the ears like a lot of other headsets do.i grabbed this pair for my son so he could use them on his phone and tablet. the sound is good and the product seems to be well constructed,cord length isnt an issue when used for a phone or tablet. as far as gaming i wouldnt know since my son uses his A40's for that.

Cons: none,as long as you know they rest on the ear

Overall Review: steelseries should label these as having an ''on the ear'' cup style or mini cup style. would reccomend

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great card great price4/12/2014 5:36:13 PM

Pros: free shipping,rebate and promo code= $279 i paid for this card. did i mention a free copy of BF4 even though the promo was over,thanks XFX. i have a sapphire 280x that i paid $319 for BUT the overall price and warranty is why i grabbed this one. it is a long card but i still have 2 inches left in my case after installing this card. no heat issues or anything else and i dont O/C so i could care or less about the speed since the rest of my system will pick up the slack. to the others complaining about no freebies,WOW! just be happy you didnt pay $499 for this card.

Cons: N/A

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello and thank you for the great review. If you have any quesitons, please contact us at Play Hard!
worth it1/23/2014 8:57:50 PM

Pros: very nice screen and battery life,heck all the features are a pro in my book.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: saw this on sale at a local store and after reading the specs i went for it. i ended up paying 58$ for this beauty and glad i did. the LT version which i bought also wasnt as good,the screen was sub par next to this one. i also had a week to mess with an Asus nexus 7 and i think this was a better deal, both money wise and feature wise. buy it if you can find it!!

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i like the case..but!12/11/2013 5:10:29 PM

Pros: very roomy and space to hide cables

Cons: i am very displeased with corsair's customer service. after receiving the case i noticed the side 200mm fan LED's were barely visible even in a dark room. i contacted them on 12/4 and have yet to hear back,they say to give them 1 business day to respond. i have been leary to buy anything corsair for years and im starting to see why. corsair needs to be more like EVGA's customer service before i consider buying from them again.

Overall Review: i like the case and for the price i paid its even better(69$ after 30$ mail in rebate). i just hope to hear from corsair customer service before i get the rebate in 6-8 weeks. way to drop the ball corsair,thanks. minus 1 egg thanks to corsair

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this case + h8010/9/2013 6:24:55 PM

Pros: it comes with a nice paint job and removable HD rack. has enough room for a mid-tower

Cons: none

Overall Review: i purchased this today for my son's new build,i didnt go looking for it but when i saw this case i knew i would buy it. white is the new black for cases! i also read here that some people couldn't get the corsair h80 water cooler installed. having bought my second h80 i got worried so i just finished installing that into this case. it DOES fit,although at the top of the side panel where the radiator is it is a snug fit BUT the panel does close. lucky for me,that and it was 20$ cheaper than here! sorry newegg iam a loyal customer for over 10 years but it is what it is.

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not bad at all11/5/2006 11:59:43 PM

Pros: picture was nice and clear as was the sound

Cons: none

Overall Review: this was my first purchase of a unit like this and i was very surprized at the overall quality, so much i ordered a second one. and the price is great

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great CPU2/24/2006 12:16:40 AM

Pros: 2.6 no problem.have not had time to crank it higher yet.powers everything in my rig great AMD OPERTON 165@2.6 ASUS A8N-SLI XP90c /w 92MM TORNADO 510W PCP&COOLING SLI eVGA 7800GTx2 SLI 2 80g WD RAID 0 1Gig PQI Turbo PC4000/W TCCD LITEON DVD burner LITEON DVD SB Audigy2 Logitech 5300e 5.1

Cons: none

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amazing10/30/2005 1:51:30 AM

Comments: the graphics are amazing and game play is as well.played the demo on a 6800 but just got a 7800gt and there was a big difference,everything maxed out was great.this is a must buy AMD64 3200+ 939@2.5 ASUS A8N-SLI XP90c /w 92MM TORNADO 510W PCP&COOLING SLI eVGA 7800GT@470/1100 2 80g WD RAID 0 1Gig PQI Turbo PC4000/W TCCD LITEON DVD burner LITEON dvd SB Audigy2 Creative 5.1

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this is it10/20/2005 8:25:32 PM

Comments: EVGA+the card's high clock speed's=a great card,and cheaper then the higher priced GT'S AMD64 3200+ 939@2.6 ASUS A8N-SLI XP90c /w 92MM TORNADO 510W PCP&COOLING SLI eVGA 7800GT@470/1100 2 80g WD RAID 0 1Gig PQI Turbo PC4000/W TCCD LITEON DVD burner LITEON dvd SB Audigy2 Creative 5.1

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7/31/2004 12:22:33 PM

Comments: nice chip,have had for about 3 month's 200x13=2.6.great o/cer a must buy for anyone.idle@38c with an slk 900a and a 80mm vantec tornado

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3/17/2004 1:44:27 AM

Comments: this was my second lexmark printer and i must say they both were fine for the first 2 months and that was it.they both went downhill very quick.maybe a higher priced lexmark would be better but not this model.i went to a canon printer and am very happy.oh yeah newegg xxxxx

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2/3/2004 11:08:45 PM

Comments: very very pleased with great,buy it!!!

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best1/11/2004 12:23:04 AM

Comments: works great on my asus a7n8x and Abit nf7 with my barton 2500@ 2.4

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no way5/26/2003 12:07:12 AM

Comments: this card is so darn ugly a 2 based on looks

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