SO HAPPY WITH THIS7/22/2015 2:20:56 PM

Pros: I have upgraded from a Amd 4100fx. The I7 is so much better and now it can finally put my gpu to the test. I have gained about 50-70 fps on Battlefield 4 and I am so happy.


Overall Review: My computer is so much faster and better now. 10/10

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AMAZING1/18/2014 4:08:06 AM

Pros: EVERYTHING. This card works more than perfect. It's over clocked right out the box. It's very quiet and I can't hear it and in surprised cause the thing has 3 fans. Runs very cool. Mine usually runs at 86 F average. My other one ran at 132F so yeah very good. The shipping came quick. Newegg always impresses me.

Cons: The mouse pad that it came with is too big but I don't care about that. ITS ABOUT THE CARD!

Overall Review: It's better than I thought.

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GREAT MEMORY1/10/2014 12:57:14 PM

Pros: WOW! Fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Came perfectly and nice. Loveeeee the red. I'm glad to have buy this. I highly recommend. It's also very fast. I'm proud.

Cons: NONE!

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