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Spend the money!4/4/2015 6:02:45 PM

Pros: Sturdy! I can't say enough about this. The screw holes are solid plastic tubes NOT just a hole cut in the frame! This is a must for me. Some of the other "brand name" companies only drill a hole in the frame. Doing so causes flexing which in turn causes the fan blades to rub against the frame. Green LEDs are perfect. A true green not some off color and they all match! If you're unfamiliar with LEDs... it's not uncommon to have serious variations in color. There are many factors which may contribute to this but BitFenix avoids them. Enough said. Connectors - the LEDs are piggy backed to the main power supply. You can unplug the LEDs if you want a dedicated controller but for those that don't... it saves you a ton of connections! Liquid Cooling - as stated in other reviews, the CFM is a bit lower than others, however, my 4790K sits at 53C (4.5 Ghz) while running Final Fantasy 14 over a triple monitor setup @ maximum settings. The cooler is a Corsair H50. Two fans in push/pull configuration. I have 8 of the 120mm fans in my case! They give it a nice solid glow without the blinding overkill of superbright LEDs.

Cons: Absolutely none!

Overall Review: You can stop your search now. Add to cart and enjoy your purchase!

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Great (w/software adjustments)3/12/2015 10:21:54 PM

Pros: This card is phenomenal w/software adjustments (see cons below). Switched from an Nvidia based card (good card) to the R9 290. I play a lot of Final Fantasy 14; if you spend time in the city states, specifically Mor Dhona, often times you'll hear people complain of FPS issues. Usually they hover somewhere around 30-40 FPS. This card coupled with an Intel 4790K running at stock speeds places my FPS at 85+. A very very nice improvement. I really like the white glow effect however it's hard to enjoy it while the card is upside down in the case :/ You will need a nearly fullsize case or a larger than average midtower in order to fit this card. It's massive. Also, your PSU will need to have the 6+2 and a 6 pin VGA connector. DO NOT use an older PSU and attempt to configure a cable to run this card. First, you WILL experience freezing and second you will likely burn up the PSU. I recommend a PSU Bronze certified rated at minimum 650 ideally 700 watts. If you truly want the best performance then pair this with a newer chip such as the 4790K or 8350 from AMD.

Cons: Here is, in my opinion, worth dropping an egg. The software. AMD what are you doing? The idea of a lower power state is great for eco reasons but come on! This feature causes the card to constantly throttle and therefore freeze before crashing FFXIV. The fix for this was to use the newest, non beta driver and uninstalling Catalyst Control Center. You'll need to find a specific program by MSI which will allow you to adjust 2 specific features. I can't/won't link anything here but this has been a good fix for a number of R9 owners 280/290 alike.

Overall Review: This card continues to drop in price. I love XFX products and customer service. I would wait for this card to be on discount and/or rebate but you can't go wrong with XFX. Hopefully, they can work with AMD on these freezing issues. I'm tired of hearing that it could be the mobo or PSU etc. Guys, it's not. We all build computers and there are a lot of us telling you there is a software issue. Please fix it.....

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review, We appreciate the positive feedback. If you are still having issues, i would try a clean install of the drivers without any 3rd party software... this really shouldn't be happening. If you have any questions, please let me know. Mark @ XFX Support
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MMO Kind of, Typing NO!9/16/2014 7:20:27 AM

Pros: Lighting seems fine for my tastes. If it were any brighter it may be an issue for me as I don't like playing in a brightly lit room anyways. Honestly, there's not a ton I love about this keyboard.

Cons: Keys feel spaced extra far apart compared to other keyboards. You fingers will adjust but that doesn't fix the next issue. I play FFXIV and constantly need to type a quick blurb in the chat window. Unfortunately, I look like a 5 yr old typing as the keyboard consistently misses keystrokes. Not only is typing an issue but during fights like Titan Extreme I've had issues where I attempt to strafe and nothing happens which in turn guarantees my death. Purchased from a military store and plan on returning keyboard as soon as replacement arrives.

Overall Review: I expected a phenomenal keyboard considering I absolutely love the wireless Naga mouse. Much is to be desired and I think this keyboard needs a complete redesign....

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Great for the price!9/3/2012 12:27:20 PM

Pros: My comp sits next to my entertainment center out in the open and I have 5 of these in the case. 2 are push pull for Corsair H80 liquid cooling (overclocked 4.1Ghz) temps stay at 38C on Prime95 stability test. I can keep my TV at a normal volume without the fans compromising my relaxation

Cons: None, the people who are complaining about their functionality can either RMA the fans or spend more money. There are no cons! The fans are quiet, cheap and of course their flimsy when you crank down on the screws

Overall Review: Sometimes I wonder why people bother to post considering the problem is probably rooted in their lack of knowledge or experience

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Awesome Case, Great Airflow!8/18/2012 9:36:51 PM

Pros: Great layout, plenty of drive bays, lots of fan mounts, interior is black. I have a 1 x GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard, AMD BE 1100T 6 core processor, Corsair H80 cooler, 1 x COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M700 RS-700-AMBA-D3 700W ATX12V power supply, 2 SSD drives, 1-1.5 TB traditional HDD, 2 Blu-ray burners, 1 HD-DVD/Blu-ray drive, 1 IDE PCI-E card, 2x4Gb G Skill Sniper series 1866Mhz ram sticks, media card reader in front 5.25" bay and a 1 x SAPPHIRE 100283-3L Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card loaded in this case. The case still has plenty of room!!! I love that the LEDs are not overkill. I have my processor overclocked to 4.4Ghz which runs at 22c idle and 38c full prime95 load. This proves that the airflow is phenomenal!

Cons: The two fan mounts on the side panel are great but attaching the power connectors to the Mobo before closing is a pain the rear

Overall Review: I modified my case by removing the plastic target looking bezzel behind the front bottom fan. This helped increase air flow; further my top to drive slots are being used for a fan slot. I took the mesh covers and placed a 120 mm fan behind them using zip ties to suspend the fan. Both front fans are setup as intake fans. The top fan is exhaust as is the rear (the hydro h80 is setup as push from the fan inside and pull from the fan against the case chasis) the two side fans on the side of the case are pulling air into the case. This setup has optimized the air flow inside the case and along with my H80 creates a very cool/stable overclock. I would buy this case over any other case on the market at the moment. I'm not a big fan of grey metal looking interiors. Those types of case scream store bought (BB, Tarjay, Wally World etc) to me and are ugly.

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Fantastic for my first build8/18/2012 9:32:47 PM

Pros: I've always been computer savvy but had never built a complete rig until now. Video Cards were always evolving so I chose one that matched the specs of my board and was at a price point I could afford. This card has been able to run Skyrim at full resolution on my Samsung 46" LED TV (it's my monitor) I also watch using my computer which plays flawlessly without skipping frames. At the time of purchase it was one of the only cards with an HDMI output that wasn't above $300. I see a ton of complaints about heat... for this you probably need to increase the airflow within your case. I haven't had any issues with the drivers or Catalyst control center either. I think too many people jump to the conclusion the card is faulty when realistically it's their lack of knowledge... just saying. This card is currently/permanently out of stock but I would recommend a similar version if you were on a budget. If money isn't an issue or you can spare some cash buy an EVEGA card.

Cons: Out of stock and doesn't make sandwiches

Overall Review: Covered all of them in the pros section.

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Does the job, minor issues8/18/2012 9:29:29 PM

Pros: I'm using a 1 x GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with the AMD 1100T Black Edition 6 Core processor and G Skill Ripjaws 1866 ram. This cooler is perfect for minor overclocking from stock 3.3 to 3.8Ghz Prime 95 stable.

Cons: The biggest problem I have is that this unit is so large it covers one of my ram slots and I had to either A) trim the heatsink on the ram stick, which I did and it fried the stick (lesson learned) or B) buy different low profile/no heatsink for ram sticks. Minor issue because my board is dual channel and I figured out (first PC build) that running two sticks of 8gb ram was better than 4x4gb sticks. Temperatures didn't hold up well on a stable overclock of 4.4Ghz. I'm using Arctic Silver thermal paste applied as directed but the temps run at 64 celcius at full load. Not terrible but for about $50 more the corsair H80 self contained simple water cooler has my temps at full load down to 38 celcius...

Overall Review: I was scared to go water cooling, hence why I haven't dived into a full custom setup. The Corsair H80 comes in two parts, the radiator and the heat sink with two connecting tubes making it a very very easy intro install for beginners/mid level builders. I have a stable 4.4Ghz overclock with 38 c temps compared to the Cooler Master Hyper N 520 at 64 c. The TJ max of my chip is 71 c which is the max temp the chip can handle without causing serious damage. I prefer the breathing room of water cooling. Overall this is a good product but doesn't meet the demands of the newer chips designed to be overclocked. This is a must buy item to replace ALL stock coolers. If you use a stock cooler you're an idiot.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the cpu cooler. How did you set up the cpu cooler? Is the air blowing towards the back of the case where the exhaust fans are? If you have any other questions or in need of recommendation, please contact us on live chat so we can answer any questions you may have. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
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Live Chat
First build; I'm impressed4/10/2012 8:44:04 PM

Pros: I like that the board has 6 slots for sata connections. It supports overclocking in an easy to use bios setup. I am running an AMD 1100T 6 Core processor. Has plenty of USB ports and the 3.0 ports are a plus.

Cons: I would like to see future boards offer 8 sata ports as I bought a pci card to add an additional two slots. The RAM slots need to be moved further away from the processor as my large Coolmaster makes installing GSkill Ripjaws PC3-14900 impossible. I had to trim the heat sink to make it fit. Other than those few downsides the board has performed well and has a nice layout for connecting fans etc.

Overall Review: I had a nice overclock on processor to 4.3 and the FSB at 2400. I would have kept this setup if my processor wasn't maintaining a temp of 70 C Next time I'll go liquid cooling :)

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Perfect keyboard for couch!!!11/17/2011 9:48:45 PM

Pros: Everything about this keyboard is a pro! The thickness is perfect; feels perfect on the lap while using it in the living room. The keys are backlit which is perfect for when you want to sit in the dark and game or chat. The battery life is amazing. I've had the keyboard for 2 months and have only had to charge it twice from completely dead. I'm not on my computer for more than an hour a day though. Further, I have never had a problem with delayed keystrokes or negative connectivity! This is worth all $77

Cons: None! I can honestly say none!

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Excellent for Overclocking9/25/2011 1:50:26 AM

Pros: With a good mobo this processor is easy to overclock. Requires 1.4v 3.6-3.8Ghz and 1.5v 3.9Ghz + which it can easily handle. If you intend to overclock past 3.8Ghz you will need water cooling as it tends to run around 60C. I replaced my stock cooler with a COOLER MASTER Hyper N 520 RR-920-N520-GP. This cooler keeps the chip @ 55C clocked at 3.8Ghz while encoding blu-ray movies. When not in use stays around 31C. Of course my case has 7 fans altogether. Coupled with my northbridge clocked to 2.6Ghz and my 8 gigs of ram I'm scoring around 13000 on futuremarks benchmark software. Prime95 stable too.

Cons: Can't find any yet, price is worth it. If you encode movies or anything that is CPU dependent then shell out the extra cash for this chip.

Overall Review: Works well with my GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard.

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Best Transmitter I've Ever Used11/20/2010 1:39:13 PM

Pros: Device is slim and the app interface is outstanding. The auto tune functionality is superb when compared to manual methods. I live in a major metropolitan area where reception is a pain to overcome; this transmitter does a wonderful job of producing CLEAR & CLEAN music, no static! The ability to charge the ipod while utilizing the transmitter is nice. I used to have a direct input with my old car and my new truck has a Bose system that I didn't want to replace. Not to mention the fact that the direct connect interface for the stock stereo is roughly $150.00. This is the best and last transmitter you will ever need.

Cons: Feels like it would break if dropped. Be careful where you place the ipod while you are driving.

Overall Review: The price is extremely good when compared to other transmitters. Other transmitters have wires and docking stations that tend to break or become flimsy with constant use. This is a nice compact design.

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Madden 089/23/2007 2:52:04 AM

Pros: Fun game, very in depth. Gets you involved with the wii controller.

Cons: Like the other review states, compared to xbox 360 graphics are not too strong, but not bad. Controls aren't horrible, but better on the ps3 than on the wii.

Overall Review: Not worth $xx but maybe $xx

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Harry Potter9/23/2007 2:48:10 AM

Pros: Not overly exciting, but a must have for a true fan! Love the graphics, best yet. Lots of missions to complete.

Cons: Sometimes hard to control harry. Have difficulty getting him to look at or move objects in certain directions

Overall Review: Excellent extras and movie clips!

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