Interesting cable6/2/2021 4:39:01 PM

Pros: I picked these cables for their physical attributes being small in diameter. They are to be used in connecting a wall-mounted TV to both satellite dish and blueray player.

Cons: Two were ordered and one failed after a few hours of use. These cables have a rather peculiar characteristic, as in they apparently are one-way in directivity. They are marked TV on one end and source on the other. The cable which failed started blinking on then off at 3-5 second intervals, finally quitting altogether. I bought a third cable and it seemed okay but it also started doing the blinking dance. Then I changed the source, it became normal. So I'm holding my breath to see if it stays working.

Overall Review: At this time, I don't feel that I can recommend these cables. I like their size and other characteristics, but having one fail and another re-doing the blinking dance, gives me concern, even though they are warranted for a year. If the second one fails, I'll edit this review.

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Short extension5/19/2021 3:11:24 PM

Pros: Seems alright - no problems, so far.

Cons: None --- yet!

Overall Review: Yes, I'd recommend this cable.

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Flip-flop1/20/2021 11:21:47 AM

Pros: Good contrast but it' not adjustable. Screen is quite sharp. The ability to operate in either "landscape" or "portrait" modes is a big PLUS. Delivery was on time, as usual with Newegg.

Cons: I've never had the option of portrait mode display and so I called for help from Samsung. I got NO assistance from them, in fact, the person I spoke to was very curt and arrogant. It was a useless exercise. So don't bother to speak to Samsung customer service.

Overall Review: After doing my own research on how to use or setup the two modes of display, the product has performed very well. My main reason for buying this monitor is to be able to show much more lines of code when doing programming. For this purpose it is great. I'm very happy. You just spin the monitor 90 degrees and viola, you're in portrait. Then do the same in opposite direction and you're back in the normal landscape display. Excellent. I must mention that I have two other computers in use while using this new unit, which are in supplementary service.

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Blink of an eye4/17/2020 2:07:50 PM

Pros: After fighting the software for several days, I finally got it working. The drive is blazing fast to boot or load a program. It's like having a new computer. This was a good selection and I'd recommend it to all.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Not much to add other than I'm very satisfied.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
A practical carrying case3/18/2020 7:47:30 PM

Pros: This case fits my needs perfectly, being compact yet has adequate protection and convenience. Also has a nice pocket for mouse, earphone and cables.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I summed it up in the "Pro" section.

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A major pain3/10/2020 2:08:23 PM

Pros: If I ever get this SSD to boot, it will probably be great. May then I can give it more stars. Previous upgrades have been easy - but not this one!?

Cons: For several days I've been going through the steps to upgrade this drive. However, it has fought me every step of the way. I'm still trying to get help from the latest vender to make it bootable (this is the 3rd company's software I've used - none work!?}.

Overall Review: Bah! Humbug...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ROBERT D., Thank you for showing your interest in the WD Blue SSD drive, and appreciate your time providing this review and bringing this matter to our attention. Please let us confirm that there can be multiple factors that may work with or against the drive and we would like to have the opportunity to address your concerns directly as we think there were greater underlying causes that needed to be investigated with care resulting to a positive outcome. We would like to follow up with you to help discover the root of your drive’s abnormal behavior. We suggest you contact our Support team by phone or email from the link given below regarding the Newegg review for resolution of this concern. We'd be happy to help. Phone: Email:
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One fast SSD3/10/2020 2:00:06 PM

Pros: I don't know what else I can say other than this is one fast drive!

Cons: None - so far.

Overall Review: Unlike another SSD, this one setup quickly with no problems.

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Amazing `lil bugger2/29/2020 2:21:20 PM

Pros: I can't get over how they can stuff so much data in such a little flat chip - - and this is not the most dense one available. I also have a 256GB SD memory which is twice this one, and I believe there is a 512GB too! Anyway, this works fine, no complaints.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: These small SD & thumb drive chips are replacing much of the need for real large HDs (or SSDs). I find keeping most of my data there is especially convenient since I use multiple computers and its easy to simply pop-in an SD where it's needed. I intend to acquire more of these units.

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High Performance, small package1/21/2020 3:12:43 AM

Pros: This small computer, a HP820-G1, packs a wallop in terms of power and portability. I love the backlit keyboard which comes on when you punch keys but then turns off a few seconds later after you stop. Totally automatic! Very nice and a great feature especially for a portable, laptop computer, which is often used in poor lighting conditions.

Cons: I had a problem with the WIFI function which turned out to be related Win10. The company, Odyssey, quickly responded with help which solved the problem.

Overall Review: Based on my experience, I would recommend Odyssey Computers as a good vendor to do business with.

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Mr. Multi-Mouse12/17/2019 8:58:19 AM

Pros: I've owned numerous mice over the years but this one deserves special comment. So far (I've only had it two days) it has amazed me in it's smoothness and it's ability to go between computers without a lot of bother. Just move it to the appropriate edge and keep going and viola - it is now on a different computer! Then copying and pasting, another great feature, works like a charm.

Cons: Logitech's written material is the only negative. They have created numerous excellent products but their literature is curt or parsimonious. They really need better writers to match their fine products.

Overall Review: I definitely would recommend this mouse for any multi-computer application. And I often use two computers because I do writing (technical manuals, etc.). (Isaac Asimov was definitely correct when he said, "I do not fear computers. I fear a lack of them." Smile.)

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A very large little container5/25/2019 11:00:39 AM

Pros: I haven't had it very long but it seems to work fine.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Rather soon for recommendation for critical storage but for non- important things I think it's okay.

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Neat & useful2/19/2019 5:33:29 PM

Pros: Works like a charm. Easily setup, at least on Win10. I use it often and have not had any problems. I recommend this product.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: The magnetic storing holder(s) mechanism is very cleaver and is most convenient.

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Works like a charm12/17/2018 6:33:09 PM

Pros: It was plug and play from the get-go. I used the device for displaying my computer screen data on to the TV, sound included. No problems. Very happy.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Would recommend.

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Reasonably nice but...9/9/2018 7:41:54 AM

Pros: Unit came with very few blemishes, Ran well except...

Cons: Sound did not operate. No mater what I tried, I could not get the sound to work. Even had external help fro a company who claimed they could solve my problem. After 45 minutes, they gave up (and refunded my money).

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Can't believe it works!7/12/2018 10:06:58 AM

Pros: I have fought the wars over Bluetooth for years with very limited success, but this device really works. Not occasionally but so far, every time I've fired it up. No argument, it just comes on and does it's thing. Talk about plug-n-play, this is it! Maybe MS finally got it's drivers right or whatever, but this has been a joy to use - so far! I'm using it on a HP Elite, about 7-8 years old, but running Win10 Pro with all updates. I'm using it with JBL ext spkr or Atom BT head phones, which ever. Just turn the item on and bam - it works. Amazing.

Cons: Not a cotton-picking one!

Overall Review: I think I'll get another one for my other computers...

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Neat item2/21/2017 1:23:11 PM

Pros: I have an older notebook with a display port and wanted to make it work with a large external monitor. This adapter allowed me to go with a HDMI cable which matched my monitor. It worked perfectly. Plug and play!

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: The adapter does stick out a little far but hasn't been a problem. The latching to the notebook hole is firm and secure. I'd recommend this to whomever needs to solve a problem like mine.

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An expensive disappointment from the Best mouse maker12/17/2016 10:15:25 AM

Pros: It works smoothly. Seems well built - typical Logitech quality

Cons: This is the first Logitech mouse I've purchased that is a disappointment. It does NOT do what is implied in the literature. It does not easily switch from one computer to another. Switching to a computer with the "unifying" adapter works well. But then trying to switch to a Bluetooth computer requires going through a partial re-pairing each time you switch computers. It is not quick and easy as implied. The second complaint is the documentation is incomplete. There is a button on top of the mouse which is not even mentioned! I can find no information for what it does!? Further, the "Options" software leaves a lot to be desired. The ad speaks of button assignment change but it is NOT offered in the program. (I would like to disable one of the buttons as it impairs using the mouse on certain other software.) All in all, the documentation is very poor.

Overall Review: Perhaps Logitech will eventually make this mouse right. The documentation speaks of using "unifying" adapters but does not list or show where or how to acquire them. It appears that the company rushed this mouse to market before getting the documentation finished - or the associated "option" software complete also.

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A good addition10/12/2016 2:22:31 PM

Pros: This "little" adapter works very well and has a superior interfacing software program, better than what Microsoft offers with Windows 10. So far, every Bluetooth item I've tried setting up, does so quick and easy.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: My only negative comment is; it took forever to get here from China, which has not been my prior experience. Usually, shipping from China occurs relatively fast - but not this time.

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Stiff10/12/2016 2:11:20 PM

Pros: Works as expected allowing the monitor to do it's thing - a fine sharp picture.

Cons: It is quite stiff. Some improvement in flexibility would be a boon. I use it with a 27" monitor which I like to swivel 180 degrees, on a ball-bearing base. The cable wants to make it return to where it began - like a recoil spring.

Overall Review: The change to a more flexible covering of the cable material would be a great step up.

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Stiff10/1/2016 4:40:07 PM

Pros: Well made, firm mating with computer (latching lugs). Signal delivery and/or performance is very good.

Cons: Cable is quite inflexible (stiff) is my only complaint.

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Snappy HD10/1/2016 4:30:33 PM

Pros: Bought for an image backup on a new computer and it's faster than the original. So I swapped.

Cons: None

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Big reader9/10/2016 3:43:35 PM

Pros: Compact size, reads almost everything - at least everything I've got.

Cons: I have had the unit over two years now and it has finally failed. Won't read a thing. Something this simple should last a lifetime for most people but sadly not this one. Don't think I used it more than 2-3 dozen times. Anyway, it is ka-poot.

Overall Review: Has very interesting finish - sort of a soft textured covering. Very unusual but I like it.

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My Backup Computer8/22/2016 5:38:08 PM

Pros: This computer actually had more features than mentioned in the listing - which made for a very pleasant surprise. It will more than be my backup unit. Additionally, its physical appearance is better than expected - almost like new.

Cons: The one "feature" that I didn't want was Windows 10. I would have preferred to have, and I'm in the process of setting up is, Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I have need of running certain legacy software which will not run on the newer OSes.

Overall Review: I definitely would recommend Arrow's refurbishing.

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Nice wires !2/7/2016 5:04:53 PM

Pros: Just what can I say about a cable? It works fine. And it's pretty - `nuf said.

Cons: None

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Connection12/13/2015 6:37:32 PM

Pros: I wanted some cables that did not have the magnetic de-coupler for a special project. It seems as though those inconvenient "lumps" are not always necessary for these work fine.

Cons: None yet.

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