So far so good!2/19/2020 7:20:47 AM

Pros: Works great with ICUE software. Setting D.O.C.P Profile from BIOS worked right off the bat with no stability issues

Cons: The sticks are a bit taller than a regular 8gig module but its really not a big deal if you have room in your case.

Overall Review: So far ram has worked very efficiently with all my games. I had no stability issues during my gaming session all night. Normally I don't write reviews, but this RAM has made a big difference going from 16g to 32g and I'm very pleased with this purchase. I'm sure I could play around a bit with the timings to optimize it just a bit more but I'm happy with the current settings from the D.O.C.P (XMP version for Ryzen) You can tell Corwair really cares about there products. The sticks felt very beefy when I pulled them out of the box and installation was very easy!

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