Works quite well at a low price1/29/2018 2:06:39 AM

Pros: Effective, reasonably quiet, and overall just kind of fun to have. Cat is super interested in it, and not *too* scared of it.

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Picked this up for a small apartment with hardwood floors, and a few area rugs. We expected to not like it and have it not work well for our living situation, and end up giving it to the wife's parents, but we ended up keeping it. The first time the little guy got turned on, he had a lot of work ahead of him. He got right to it, and did a really good job actually. Filled up his little bin, and the floor just felt different on the feet. I have read reviews that say he kind of sucks on carpet, but actually he did pretty well on the area rugs too. He tends to make a few passes over each area, so if he misses is the first time, he'll get it eventually. At one point the wife and I were talking, so we pushed his power button so we could hear each other. After a minute or two he powered back up with the vacuum off, and returned right to his base. Poor little guy musta thought we were mad at him. =( Overall great product, especially for the price.

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Absolutely beautiful3/25/2013 2:39:07 PM

Pros: Gorgeous pendant, the pictures do it no justice. It arrived quickly and everything went smoothly.

Cons: It doesn't shoot lasers.

Overall Review: aaaand... now I want a pendant that shoots lasers.

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