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On my third one9/4/2020 3:52:32 PM

Pros: Just bought my third one. Not because they break but because I've used them since they were released many years ago. Over time (lots of time) they just get gummed up and too dirty for me, but only due to my job and 17hr days at the computer some days. Super thin and professional looking with a touch of elegance with the clear plastic around the edges. I'm a serious business person but can be a die hard gamer so this to me is the best of both worlds. Gaming keyboards are way over the top for my tastes and too many colors. This is perfect and dimmable if you want to turn them down or off completely. Very quiet and super responsive. Minimal key press needed, in fact a full key press is only about 1/4". I have carpal (or had) but ergonomic for me didn't do anything because the key press was still up to 5/8". Less finger movement in raising and lowering the fingers on this board for at least 6 years now and no pain whatsoever. I'm always glad to see this still for sale because I'm sure I'll be back to buy another in a couple of years or sooner since I always get this when I do custom builds for fam and friends. Everyone has always been very impressed with my tastes for them in choosing this keyboard and the people range quite greatly in computer use and genre. My gram loves it as does my friends daughter (15) who I helped pick out a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Cons: Nothing at all. I will say that there has been occasions to where a key has seem to come unattached. At first I'd notice that character not typing all the times I keyed it. When it has happened all I needed to do was press firmly and it seated back in place. The keybed is similar to a laptop. This isn't a complaint and would say it's both due to being as thin as it is and my occasional rougher use (as mentioned, I'm also a gamer). I'll happily accept such a simple issue with an even easier fix (never had a key unseat that didn't reseat) for how incredibly thin this is.

Overall Review: The best I've ever used and have used more than most.

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My Precious9/1/2020 6:06:54 PM

Pros: So shiny! Looks absolutely gorgeous. Very elegant and luxurious. I'm glad I went with the Gold. Many videos I've seen people said it didn't matter and that they couldn't tell that they were even shiny, let alone color. I can easily see the top edges gold color as do others who have viewed my build. I guess it's not as much as one would hope to see but until we're stacking our ram on risers then,,, wait, there's an idea! :) Got ram running at 3600 but not via XMP. See overall review below and pictures. Runs great and system sees all 256gb. My system: i9 10920 MSI Creator x299 Case - Thermaltake View 71 ARGB (clear glass model, smoked glass I could not see all the perrty stuff). This G.Skill Trident Z Royal 256gb EVGA 1600w EVGA 2080ti 2 Samsung M.2 5 Samsung SSD (pro and evo mix)

Cons: Would not work on XMP. Easy self clock due to easy Motherboard, see below. See pictures as well where I show both not working and then working. You'll see that with XMP on I no longer show 256gb in the bios but rather, 196,608gb. Two 32 sticks obviously didn't either like where I had them in order (see below for more on this) or didn't like the xmp.

Overall Review: I reached out to tech support after not getting it to work with XMP. Unfortunately for me it was late Friday night when I installed them and had to wait until Monday for a response, but I did get a response. One thing they asked me is if I had them in the correct order. I explained that I got it working but to please explain what "order" they were referring to. I was shocked to see a further reply after saying it was fixed but I got one. I rate all purchases mostly on customer support quite often and my last build had 128gb ram that I paid twenty four hundred for. Due to horrible support I will never buy from that unnamed vendor again. Glad to give 5 stars. Anywho, the tech explained that the ram is tested and each stick is given a serial number in order of dimms that they're installed in during testing (I never heard this). By the time I got the reply I had it working so just know that it is lowest number in 1st slot and so on, though the tech said it shouldn't matter but worth trying since it was that order it passed their testing. I got mine working on my MSI Creator x299 by simply going into overclocking and choosing 3600 as "Adjusted DRAM Frequency". I didn't have to do anything else and immediately started testing. Be sure your CPU can address this amount of ram. My last processor was the 5960x and still a beast of a cpu. This was only a few years ago yet the only CPU on the market I came to find out was a xeon. Most motherboards will support it but beware of the cpu and check specs for maximum addressable memory. This set is half the cost of half the ram I bought last time and looks and works great. I have an A+ cert, though I never like to immediately overclock. If it's advertised at whatever it is advertised at, then it should hit that. Know that all memory lists it's XMP value, meaning "overclocked at value". If it doesn't hit the XMP it's worth reaching out to support right away to more easily get it returned if this turns out to be an issue. I also don't keep up with things anymore so they should be more aware of improved memory controllers and do's and do not's. This stuff isn't cheap so covering your investment is important. If you have the patience to wait then you should let them tell you the steps to hit the advertised speed. For those wanting to buy a 128gb kit now and another later do know that not all sticks or chips play nice together. So there's a little luck in getting it to work if that's the path you decide on. This ram is at least only double the cost of the 128gb kit, but not that long ago it was 3 or 4 times more expensive for a 128gb kit than the same timings on a 64gb kit. This is due to their own bad luck in finding that perfect set that works together. Learned this the hard way more than once but always just hoped. This memory should work great whether you build the latest thread ripper Amd Ryzen or anything Intel. I do lots of video editing, 3D modeling and Flight Simming is my numero uno. My MB was a gift of sorts which had 3 M.2 slots on the MB with a riser for 3 more so my choice was made for me with no regrets. MSFS-2020 looks and runs incredibly with this ram and my other components and if a flight sim runs great, all other games will too. I've run many newer games and have rendered many things in AE and Blender with this new build and ram. No issues. Last but not least, a quick note on size. I am not the best overclocker, but I also don't know anyone with my computer knowledge (mostly from experience). I'm a forum-a-holic at times and often see people unsure ask if large size will hinder their performance. The facts are this. No. It will not. More memory is a good thing, but more memory modules brings the other fact of increasing possible issues with bad chips. Some of my renders are huge and I'm hitting 90gb+ of memory usage in After Effects at times. Larger kits have slower CAS. The timings are what gaming enthusiasts focus on and even though a benchmark gives something with a CAS 14 a higher score than what is said as "Much slower" CAS 18, it's really not at all noticeable. I notice the 3600 over my now replaced 2800 more than I do this newer memory at 18 vs my 14. Games load fast, renders couldn't be much better. For me I rather lose a few points in a benchmark and have the space for tomorrow. Not sure if they'll post, but I am uploading the maximum of pictures. They are: 1- My bios showing the lost 64gb with XMP on. 2- My bios showing what I changed to fix it. 3- A picture of the memory prior to installation. 4 & 5 - Pictures showing the ram in my case with and without flash. Note that you can see the Gold just fine. Any questions, ask in the QA area. I will keep an eye out. Good luck!

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Quality product with severly lacking directions.8/25/2020 8:14:51 PM

Pros: High quality parts! Fans are fantastic, cpu black is stunning, radiator is a beast, fittings are top notch! Didn't have to shave or sand any of the tubing due to the simplicity of the connectors (no bevel needed). First CPU block I've had to not have some form of installation issues. Reservoir is nice and tall. 1000 ml bottle was enough to fill the system with 1.5 cups left over (see pics of my system tubing layout for better idea of what that gives). Plenty of tubing for mistakes.

Cons: Instructions lack a LOT. I even bought the Thermaltake case (71 ARGB) thinking it would be a great match but both lack major info. None of my lights work together and seem to be missing cables. I would know if the directions included what's in the box, but like I said, the instructions are horrid. Obviously written by someone that knows the system with zero Q/A at the thermaltake to test just how lacking their manual is. I'm an A+ certified techy with years of experience and still have no synced lights. No way to connect to my motherboard other than the USB2.0 connector that runs to the hub. Nothing for my MSI Creator x299 Rainbow jacks. What's the point of RGB if you can't connect it to your motherboard? I really wish Newegg wouldn't lock in my rating because I gave it two - too many stars! Very frustrating and not at all happy. I think in the future I will first check their manual online and then looks for a "what's included in the box" because I can't even search for the cables I need because they seem unique to their,,, thing... Water bottle leaks!!! Just what you want in your expensive and most likely new system. It's not due to cross thread either. It's just super cheap and you can easily screw it on to where it skips back a few threads. Even at it's tightest point it sprays out of the cap (and yes, I'm holding it right side up, not upside down). Pump takes a 4 pin Molex connector. In this day and age? Oh, and it's WHITE! Haha, the only cable connector you will most likely have in your build that's white unless you're going for white. The hub power is floppy connectors! I had to buy adapters since I no longer have my extra modular cables for my 1600 watt PSU. White molex and floppy connectors? Really thermaltake?

Overall Review: Happy with the quality but whoever wrote and approved the literature needs to be held accountable for smearing what otherwise would have been an easy 5 stars. Just pitiful. Been over it several times and no cable remains that would get me synced RGB. There is one cable that is labeled with connectors on it of various motherboards, but it's super small in length. Most people with these builds are going to have their cabling in the back so to use that cable I would have to stick the hubs on the front of my motherboard. There was no mention of open box and looked all new but without any mention of what is what in the manual and what to connect to what better explained be ready for lots of guess work. I can't understand how big companies like this can not see how they can make something so great so horrible so easily. Save your sanity and at the very least download their manual first and see if you can make sense of the last page. Then cross your fingers in hope that you get the needed cables.

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Not an easy EATX board8/25/2020 7:42:46 PM

Pros: I can't believe with the quality of this case and being so inexpensive. The glass is gorgeous and style is great but still not too "artsy fartsy". Filters are a great looking mesh which through the glass adds to the style.

Cons: False advertising pictures. Show newer style fans but you don't get them. They shouldn't be allowed by law to show them, and if so there should be a large disclaimer saying "This is not what we'll be sending you when you buy this!". The manual to this may as well not exist. It's useless. There is an amendment for this ARGB case that shows you the PSU cover, but nothing addresses the connections on the side. I have the MSI Creator, which has tons of connectors for it's Rainbow RGB. So far it doesn't work and I don't see where I would connect the controller for it to work. Who knows, maybe it does work but again there is zero mention of this in the manual. How can you leave such an important thing out, thermaltake? This still bothers me because it shouldn't be a 5 star review. Such nonsense. I don't like to take off 4 stars for that since I imagine most people will be able to figure it out but for me my lighting still doesn't work. As mentioned, I have the huge MSI Creator x299 MB. Typical size EATX board. This board is 12.0" x 10.7" (W x L). It completely covers the rubber cutouts meant for cables. You can still find ways to hide them and if they moved them over to accommodate EATX owners then normal ATX users would have too much space from the holes. I can however see many ways they could have made this much more EATX friendly than it is. That said, there was still plenty of room for my water cooling pump and reservoir and still able to get my fingers where needed.

Overall Review: Love it. Very annoying with the lack of information and may never get my lights working since they were so inadequate as to provide any information for it. They're lucky that newegg locks in the review and won't let me change it from 5 stars because the more that I think about it the more I want to deduct stars! Haha ;) This ships as 52lbs, though I never weighed it I can say from shipping for decades that large boxes are written up as heavier than they really are due to the awkwardness of handling.

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TLDR included!!!1/21/2016 12:39:43 PM

Pros: I did test it all, but it had to be 64gb at a time (See below). It all worked and held the advertised 2800 xmp (but only 64gb installed at a time).

Cons: Research the below facts if this review is old since I'm hoping this will soon change. As of the time I'm writing this review there is no CPU on the market that support this amount of ram. Only the xeon processors could use 128gb of memory, however it would be much slower and registered/buffered ram.

Overall Review: I took off the 1 egg because of Corsair's reply to me (unable to answer anything - just said "Good questions"). People see memory as many things and all are important. When it comes to memory there are factors such as operating system maximum addressable, motherboard maximum and cpu maximum. People will often state that it's what the motherboard states but that's not true. Look at through a manufacturer point of view. If a motherboard is released and no cpu can support 128gb, do they not make their board able to support 128gb? Of course they should since that could soon change. A motherboard stating it supports 128gb is always later disclaimed as in if the cpu supports it in the fine print. Next is the fact that the memory controller is in fact on the CPU. Now a quick point of legality and common sense. If I have a CPU company and at the time of testing and release the maximum memory available during testing is 64gb then I will only state that my cpu will support 64gb. Before I proceed, my memory important specs; MSI G0dlike motherboard (which supports 128gb of ram). i7-5960x CPU (supports 64gb of ram). Win 10 pro 64bit (supports 512gb of ram but keep in mind that Win 10 pro 32bit only supports 4gb). What I see: Bios sees all 128gb of ram Win 10 shows all 128gb of ram XMP will fail due to what MSI says as the 5960x only supporting 64gb. I tested each 64gb individually and xmp worked only then. It is very likely that you will not see major issues with this ram due to the fact that very little applications exist that would necessitate such a massive quantity of ram. If you have applications that have preferences which you are able to regulate memory amount per cpu core, such as After Effects and you allocate more than 64gb of ram, then you will see major issues. I rendered several videos without issue. Then I had a larger project that exceeded the 64gb threshold and AE would freeze and crash every time. I then tested 64gb and then the other 64gb and had no issue. After many inquiries and some weeks later I learned everything I needed to post this review. I hope that the i7-6950 (10 core, 20 thread cpu not yet released) has a memory controller that will support 128gb of unbuffered ram because the only current cpu that does support 128gb is the xeon cpu which usually uses registered/buffered ram and at slower speeds. Final thought - Newegg should post the CPU's they sell full specs to include maximum addressable memory since it's your cpu's memory controller that you also need to investigate prior to buying memory. I'm aware Newegg copies specs from the manufacturer's site so it's unlikely we'll see it unless manufacturers start supplying that information to Newegg, or Newegg could always enforce such information be made readily available to them. TLDR: Your comp will still boot and be usable but once you use a program that uses more than 64gb of ram it will most likely have issues.

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Research is key1/14/2016 9:40:42 PM

Pros: 8 Cores, 16 threads Loved all my i7's Very stable Rendering video has a major noticeable difference, despite the con.

Cons: Only supports 64gb of Ram

Overall Review: Major con of my own fault in most ways for not taking the time to learn this, but being that this processor is the current absolute best out at the time the motherboards which pairs with it support 128gb of ram (Mine does anyway, x99 msi g0dlike) and the cpu does not. Yes, I have lots to learn still and the main thing is to do more research no matter how much everything around it tells you "it should" do something, take the 30 seconds to be sure. For me this was one lesson I paid dearly for since I bought a high end 128gb kit, merely tried to set the xmp and had my memory fail only for my motherboard manufacturer point out to me that it's the fact that this great cpu only supports 64gb. My one egg deduction isn't for that. I deducted the egg for the fact that maximum addressable memory isn't mentioned in the specs which I think it certainly should be. I hope this saves others from buying a 128gb kit expecting it work. The memory still works as in my computer boots and runs fine, but it will not use more than 64. Expensive but important lesson learned. Research what you think you know. Great processor and don't like it when people deduct eggs because a product just isn't what was in their expectations/hopes but I feel the lack of information does deserve it.

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False Advertising!12/2/2015 10:42:27 PM

Pros: Works

Cons: False advertising. Not what I ordered. Ordered the Blue keyboard as shown in the pictures, with the name DAAAN on it. What I got is a keyboard and mouse that is Red and has the name Flagk on it... Item=9SIA9FD3FB4261 My setup is for blue. The item being sold shows blue. The description says blue, yet I got red. I also ordered it because the name being DAAAN and mine being Dan. I didn't order a FLAGK. Order took exactly three weeks to get to me from the time of ordering.

Overall Review: Has an odd coating that scratches very easily and is permanent.

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Back to liquid I must go11/14/2015 6:04:17 PM

Pros: Nice unit that's already fully filled. Having spent many years doing liquid builds I must say that for me is a major plus. The radiator has incredibly this fins and makes me wonder how little liquid is actually in this, both pro and con I guess.

Cons: Only comes with 8 long screws to mount your fans. Many people will want to do a push/pull configuration and if so you'll have to order another 8 screws and washers from Corsair directly. I just ordered them since with only 2 screws per fan gives me vibration and noise. I'm glad you can at least order them since one reviewer said you cannot. I imagine they changed it but it would be even better to include extras. Also no mention of how long the coolant will last before one should expect evaporation and thus increased temps. Should I get a new part and it's around that same time this happens it could cause proper troubleshooting to be difficult.

Overall Review: I was hoping I was done with liquid cooling since the upkeep can become bothersome after a while. The room on my motherboard around my CPU just isn't there for the air cooler I need for my 5960x so I am doing this for now. Some people do liquid cooling because they think it's quieter but of course that's very wrong since you'll have anywhere from 1-4 fans on a radiator which are much bigger than a CPU ever will be. I've been building rigs for ages and if you keep a clean case with good fans and configuration then the only ones who need liquid are overclockers reaching for higher clock speeds. I OC on air all the time but again, the room isn't there for my 5960x for an adequate air cooler to hit a fair OC. I only dropped one egg which is rare for me to drop any, but having to order more screws and the fact that my expedited order took over a week to get to me (also rare) thought it was needed. One last thing for people thinking of push/pull or which of the one is better. Pull I think is the best. Not temps wise since push or pull seem to do the same in all my tests. Pull is best since you won't have to remove your fans or radiator to clean the dust that you should clean at least bi-monthly (more if you have pets). That of course also depends on how your case allows for the installation. Happy trails.

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3 Pin11/14/2015 5:42:50 PM

Pros: Average enthusiast fan. Color bezels for those looking to deck out their rigs. Quiet.

Cons: No where in the specifications does it say these are 4 pin or 3 pin. From another reviewer I read they were 4 which they are not. They are indeed 3. I bought several cables and splitters the time I bought this so basically most of them are wrong. I take full blame for not further researching but must take off one egg for lack of important information.

Overall Review: I got 4 of these for a push pull configuration for my Corsair 110GT. A waste in my opinion. Will leave it for now but space isn't the biggest factor, it's really just better to have a pull configuration for ease of cleaning (depending how your case allows for mounting). I like pull since temps are the same between push / pull but with pull you don't have to take your fans off to clean where the dust and hair will gather on your grill. Just an FYI from what I've learned over time. With the push/pull config I did get 2 to 3 degrees cooler, but also double the noise. Again, to me? Not worth it.

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Now you're playing with Power!11/14/2015 5:22:30 PM

Pros: Got this PSU to replace my still great Corsair HX1000W. I'm building a friend a comp which has turned to upgrading my existing beast. I didn't want to get him a sub par PSU so figured I'd give me my great HX1000w and claim this baby for myself. It's much quieter than I expected and for now I am not at all running it on it's own circuit. Runs without issues and have grown to love EVGA for their great customer support and great products. 10 year warranty is second to none. Every cable modular including the motherboard cable is a plus since my last PSU was partial modular with MB and VGA cables hard wired. Comes with an insane amount of cables, now to find somewhere to store all the extras since I always seem to misplace them.

Cons: Holes didn't line up that good with my case. Listing this as a con for this product only because my last 2 PSU's didn't have this issue.

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Faster than Newegg11/3/2015 10:37:31 PM

Pros: Ordered on a Sunday, in hand that coming Tuesday. Impressive. The cable is very thick and very solid. I'm a studio/music lover and have more money in cables in my possession than I'd care to mention. I'm very particular and maybe more like "OCD" in what I use. I ordered two separate orders. This came first even though it was ordered after one that was shipped from newegg. I rarely order items that aren't newegg and have ordered hundreds of orders. I was pleasently surprised to see the quality of this cable as well as the expedited shipping!!!

Cons: Part pro also. I got an email the day after I ordered this cable from Forspark. Polite email but obvious English wasn't the native language. That was both great and bad. Bad because the email name prior to the at symbol was nonsense misc characters. I count 31. This made me feel I was now possibly scammed. An email I understand as auto generated, but to have such a randomly auto-generated email address was unsettling to say the least (having been a victim of scams). Kind words but out of order. All in all, nice touch but please don't do this if you can't formulate a sentence properly in the particular language of whom you're reaching out to. Raise flags and unprofessional to have such a fake email address. Half of the population may never even get such an email because it would most likely get blocked.

Overall Review: Great build, solid. works great, no issues. Glad for that since 15' could easily yeild horrid results.

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EVGA number one6/27/2015 8:34:20 AM

Pros: So happy to see video cards stopped growing 2" per year. I was glad that it was about the same exact length as my GTX 480. It runs much cooler than did the 480. Many cuda cores for rendering in After Effects (However this card is not on the supported list so GPU will not be used without adding this card to the list - See youtube). Runs everything I can throw at it. No need to get another anytime soon. I may down the road but by then I'll probably just get what is king at that time since HDMI 2 and 3 will be out. It's very quiet and cools much more easily than did my 480.

Cons: Price. Old HDMI standard and DisplayPort standard. Only one of each.

Overall Review: Keep up with current standards like HDMI 1, 2, 3, etc. New cards around the corner will have the later standards and having a card 10x's more powerful than this means nothing if your hdmi connection is behind the times. Look at things like maximum refresh at a given resolution. You will not be using todays cards (at the time of this post) to do 4k at 60hz. You don't want your bottleneck to be because your expensive purchase had sub par connections not able to do what you want it to do. I'm a gamer, but mainly got this card for video editing. If I were more of a gamer I would have looked at the Titan X but like I said, so far this does everything I want.

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Nice board!6/27/2015 8:13:27 AM

Pros: Great look with all the surface covers. It really makes the computer look much cleaner and neater. I like the bios unlike some. I've been building computers since the 90's and my first 286. I love the individual post lights and mem test button. Everything loaded 100% first boot. Flashed my bios and did minor tweaking. XMP loaded fine for my memory at 1866. I really love how the bios will give you a list of changes you're about to save upon exit. Having had to walk away many times in bios tweaking, it's nice to be reminded and be able to confirm.

Cons: One of the mini fans for the motherboard couldn't be plugged in. The pins were mashed. A normal sized molex would have been better (well not full molex, but the cpu size). It's just way to small to get it plugged in where you need it.

Overall Review: This is a temporary build since we're so close to the next gen. I wanted to get a boost and I sure did but with newer standards about to be released I skimped on this build but still amazed at what I got for my coin. Bring on the skylake and new chipset though!

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You get what you pay for4/2/2014 2:01:37 PM

Pros: Sleek, works, USB 2.

Cons: The main issues I have with this unit are: 1- AC adapter is huge and will block two or three outlets if plugged into a power strip. Then, the power cord itself comes off the same bulky end. It's cost effective but just horrible to still see that these days. 2- USB cable is only 3'. For a non powered usb hub you typically get a 6 footer and this company gives it's powered hub a whopping 3'. 3- There's a power switch on it. This most certainly is a con because in all my years of computing I have never used or seen a hub like this sit on a desk where it would make some sort of sense to put a switch on it. It sits on the ground and get's tugged, flipped, etc. Having a switch on it makes it easy to have it go off. Keep that in mind when you're trouble shooting future issues. I will however say that the switch isn't incredibly easy to shut off, but it has no purpose being on such a hub. If you don't want a cheap hub powered, you unplug it, as always. So easy to see what companies use the types of products they make and design vs those who don't.

Overall Review: I gave it two eggs because at least it works and is cheap, but not cheap enough to justify all it's short comings. In the picture the AC unit is slightly angled but it just burns me up to see anyone make things these days that take up the space of more outlets than the one it should occupy. Save yourself a headache later when you soon see you have no outlets available and buy a better unit. Powered hubs are the way to go, especially if you're buying it for non powered hardware, like gaming controllers, USB being powered by the system bus is fine for most people that don't use a computer often, but as most of you know, when you have lots of USB devices and start windows, at least one device will need to be unplugged and plugged back in. Controllers with LED's especially.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback we will pass it along to our QA and Design teams. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Video elsewhere3/31/2014 8:23:23 PM

Pros: Great case. Was scared like most gamers out there that the video card wouldn't fit, but it had tons of room left over. Same slight concern was with my particular PSU, the 1000w Corsair, but it fit with the only issue being a hole that I had to squeeze the case to align (most cases have that issue at some point). I never took my dremel out of the case which is also a rarity these days. My video card is a GTX480 and I had 3" to spare and then some (see the video). Solid case all around with holes for mounting a set of sliding rails which is fantastic. So I made an unboxing video and captured all the things I know people would want to know about any case, including footage the during and after of my swap over from Large Tower to it,,, but Newegg still has ancient "guidelines". They have a Size Limit: 10 minutes / 100MB. The video is 7 minutes from start to finish but a 100mb limit? In this day and age from a company that sells computer electronics? Haha. Anywho, search the tube for Ark IPC 4570. There are no other videos of it that I've ever seen so you can't miss it.

Cons: Fans are noisier than I imagine most studio fanatics will like. I'm building a rack for my studio gear but I have much less care with the fans. I'm rarely recording over mic and plugged in via ele piano or synth most of the time. People recording guitars and vocals might find it loud. I will say this though. You don't discard a case over $10 fans you can replace, and you can buy quite a few fans before you find something better. I happen to love these fans because they need to push and pull much more air now that the comp is in a tight quarters case. I'm also a gamer, so cooling is priority to me over noise. See my video but note that the room I recorded it in is nearly empty. Nothing at all on the walls and very little inside so the room dynamics/echo is being heard more than the fans.

Overall Review: Like any case swap over, buy a couple cans of canned air and some heatsink grease when you buy a new case. You seldom have the guts exposed for you to do some good, needed maintenance so do it now. You'll be glad you did.

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Downhill3/20/2013 9:19:20 PM

Pros: Great board for the price and loads of overclocking options. Runs great.

Cons: A heatsink for the memory controller was broken off and missing the stem when I received this. I wasn't about to go through the long dumb process of waiting for another one so fixed it myself. I've ordered mostly ASUS since 1998. Mostly, but was once ONLY. That is because quality control and support. Once #1, now horrible in comparison. Rude on the phone and what I got (the broken stem) should have been caught and never shipped that way. Rebate - What a joke. Don't expect it anytime soon. I chose the online option to expedite it. I ordered this Dec 2012. They said the rebate would ship 1 week after they received my paperwork. Also maile out Dec 2012. I just got my rebate card last week and it is now 3-21-2013. The card is bogus and no you cannot do anything online with it, including tag it to your paypal. It's an American express "Reward" card. Junk.

Overall Review: I'll still buy ASUS, but once again, not nearly as much. I buy about a dozen MB's a year for custom builds for business, and in 1998 it would have been 12\12, now it's more like 3\12. If I can find better or equal to from someone else, I will go that route. Inspect your ASUS boards before wasting the time to install it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Sorry to hear that the damaged heatsink on the motherboard. We recommend returning to the retailer for replacement, or if you are outside of the return window, RMA the motherboard for repair. According to the terms and conditons for Dec. 2012 motherboard rebate (, rebates amounts $5 or more will be presented as a Amercian Express gift card. It can be used at merchants in the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands that accept American Express Cards. The Reward Card is given to you as a reward, refund, rebate or gift and no consideration, value, or money has been paid by you in exchange for the Reward Card. The Reward Card cannot be used at cruise lines, for recurring billing charges, at casinos or ATMs. Paypal unfortunately do not accept pre-paid debit or credit cards ( To help us investigate why your rebate card came in much later than expected, or if there's anything else that you'd like us to assist you with, please feel free to contact me below. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you. For support information, please visit For service, visit For motherboard warranty, visit!Motherboard%20Warranty/c1c20; Refurbished products/accessories:!refurbished-warranty/c16us. For RMA status, visit: Regards, Benson ASUS Customer Loyalty
Resurecting an oldie2/16/2012 3:05:32 PM

Pros: Works great with older rig. Resurecting an oldy but a goodie for my brother. Installed in a A8N32 SLI Deluxe with 2gb of existing ram, CORSAIR XMS 2GB DDR 438 PC 3500. Now have 4gb on that board running at 400mhz but took some minor tweaking (see other thoughts for exact guide).

Cons: Not sure if it's a con since it could easily be due to my existing ram, however others have stated just it didn't come as advertised. If so, that is certainly a con. Mine showed up at 100mhz which really means 200mhz since the dual channel aspect. Anything that doesn't come as stated is a con in my book. Maybe they could state what it will do out of the box, then what it's capable of? That would make it easier for people that aren't tech savvy I would think.

Overall Review: So many people write their timings, but there are a lot of people that have no idea what they are, and where to put them. These are my settings from my ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe. (Mind you, I have no other overclock going on here and that may make a slight difference. If you had a CPU oc going though, you would know the differences) In the bios, under "Advanced > CPU Configuration" Set MTRR Mapping to "Discrete" (not sure if this is still needed, but older bios versions for this board it was). Under "Advanced > CPU Configuration > Memory Setting > Memory Configuration" Set "Memclock Mode" to Limit, then set "Memclock Value" to 200MHZ (this is really 400, but 200mhz per channel and where some get confused). Under it, set "MCT Timing Mode" to Manual. Now this is where most get confused since there are many more timings then what you see posted. The ones you need to set for the advertised 3-3-3-8 are: Cas Latency (CL): 3.0 TRAS: 8 CLK TRP: 3 CLK TRCD: 3 CLK That's it. The r

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Nice for 6x2/10/2012 4:23:11 PM

Pros: Great discs for the current 6x choices available. I have the Plextor PX-BL950SA and here are a couple times I noted during testing to give you an idea: BD-R 19.4gb @ 6x = 15:01 BD-R 22.6gb @ 6x = 15:59

Cons: Their support is pretty bad if you're thinking of contacting them, do know that: #1 - Their support phone number is subbed out of country (Not actual Verbatim support). #2 - Don't expect a speedy reply to your inquiries or even have the tech read anything you actually wrote. I got a reply to an older email about a possibly defective BD-RE DL disc and was asked things that I included in my initial email. Support everywhere is awful these days but that really burns me up. I'm an out of work tech and can read emails and answer them just fine. Sad that there are so many blind people with jobs while the capable ones continue to search.

Overall Review: I had a lot of backing up to do since one of my computers hard drives is showing signs of possible failure. I used 13 of these disks the first night I had them. 0 coasters. These have the typical label on them best for making notes on. Enameled white coating with all sorts of writing and lines to comment on. I wouldn't use these at all for discs that you plan on labeling for movies and such. The lettering is beveled so they're not ready for direct printing or the perfect choice for stick on labels. Due to the bumpy lettering your added labels will most likely peel later, or bubble. There are plenty of all white discs for that purpose but for these I just plan on backing up data, as should you. On another note. Here we are quite far in the Blu-Ray series and still only at 6x. No lightscibe media available as of this post and drives have been waiting at double the speed for a while now (12x). I'm hoping that my next purchase will be for faster media but have no regrets about these.

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The second egg is a bonus2/9/2012 4:21:15 PM

Pros: Newegg shipped it fast

Cons: I don't know where to begin with the cons since they each weigh about the same. Verbatim customer support is so far non-existent. I wrote to them over a week before I clicked buy here and should have taken that for what to expect. Still no response, that's just unacceptable. I use the Plextor LB950SA (NEW). No issues with the Verbatim 6x BD-R discs, but this disc isn't at all worth a single cent. I tried several different software programs and even via windows itself haha (don't try that). Each test I did with a fresh erased BD-RE DL (this disc). Here are the results using the currently fastest BD burner on the market. 1- 13.5gb via drag and drop technique in Windows = 5.5 hours. 2- 13.5gb using Plextor's packaged "Power2Go" = 1.2 hours. 3- 13.5gb using Imgburn = 1.3 hours. The 13.5gb I used in each test was earlier burned to a BD-R disc with an additional 9gb (sub folder) in 16 minutes. Being that it was 6x and rewritable discs will always be slow, it's simply not worth th

Overall Review: Forget the whole "Save your money" statement. Save your time! To me, time is money and rather burn my data to BDR for now on. In total fairness to the manufacturer, I am waiting a couple of more days for a reply before requesting an RMA-Refund for this BD-RE DL.

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Simmers Dream2/7/2012 10:02:21 PM

Pros: Great for surround gaming, been using now since January 2010. A simmers Dream! An huge boost in my productivity in graphics design having the 3 monitors as they can be set up with only this (or the newer surround gaming cards). Newer firmware allows for 5760x1080 (3x 1920x1080) but you will need to be able to set your monitors to 50Hz for that, and 59Hz for 5040x1050. Fantastic unit and never regreted buying it. It changed the way I both work, and game tremendously.

Cons: The support is terrible. I've had this unit for over 2 years. In those two years I have written countless emails to support telling them the firmware on their website was trash. It wouldn't install (For anyone). They said "We're aware of this and working on a fix". They said that for over 18 months!!! And who knows how long before I got it. They are simply the worst and good luck waiting on a response also. After Effects and Photoshop users will have great reward using this (and Sounbooth\Audition) being able to move panels over 3 monitors, but beware. There are issues like PS's "Save for Web". If you go into that and cancel, you won't be able to get back to your work. I lost countless hours of work with this and the bottom line is really Adobe's fault 100%. There are other annomalies that are very annoying with Adobe products and this unit but my time runs out in character limit. One more thing, their "Powerdesk" software is terrible!

Overall Review: All in all, I've had more good times with this then bad. I still highly recommend it to people, especially since after 2 years they finally got the firmware that wouldn't work off their site, and uploaded the firmware that works. I recommend it telling people the cons as I did above, but their support is really just the worst. They weren't always so bad. They were Much better back in the 90's (back when they often had the top video cards). 2 years to take down faulty firmware has been the talk of many widescreen gaming forums for years. Their excuses are pathetic at best and no reason for that, it's just pure abandonment. Oh well, like I said it's now fixed but I still don't use their software. Save yourself a major headache also and forget the idea of using 3 different monitors together. It's slightly possible, but rare. Check the monitors on various widescreen gaming forums before you buy and see what others have confirmed to work. I wish I did that. 3, sets of monitors I went thru.

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The Best2/7/2012 9:26:13 PM

Pros: Strong fans in the front + Strong Fan in the top + Bottom PSU position = GREAT airflow. Good areas to snake cables behind also for non-modular PSU's.

Cons: The audio cable doesn't fit my Fatality sound card for the top side jacks. I had to by the face from Creative.

Overall Review: I am very glad to see this still around. I've built at least a dozen computers now with this case and have a couple more coming up in a few weeks. I was happy to see this is still available. Great case all around. I've recommended this case for years now. The fans it comes with are great. The top fan is superb and this case was one of the 1st, if not THE first to finally do this. Having the PSU mounted on top is dumb. The fan just blows warm air on the CPU in those cases. The side fan is great. Set to to blow out so your warm PSU air get's ejected fast. The flow from the front fans will assist in that. Get yourself a good CPU fan that also blows to the rear (NOT just downward). Aim it toward your back fan and have that back fan set to blow out and you'll have one very nice rig with perfect airflow.

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Lightscribe?2/5/2012 12:10:06 AM

Pros: As of this post, nothing beats it. Many of the competitors don't play nice with certain media. This drive has no reported issues. I have 3 forums and know several that have this drive, all are fellow techs. I've read all the reviews and talked to my friends that have this and have replaced others. People waste their money trying to save a buck. Sure you save this minute, but tomorrow when you replace it, now you wasted weeks of your time and other possible costs. Sorry, but you get what you pay for. If something's one sale, you can bet it's soon to be discontinued (not always a bad thing though).

Cons: No blue ray lightscribe media. Not the drive manufacturers fault, but sorry, that's pretty lame this far into these drives. See other thoughts.

Overall Review: I planned on getting this burner and actually was just about to finally buy it. Luckily for me I took a minute to look for blur ray media with "Lightscribe" support. If you don't know. There is "NONE". It doesn't exist as of the time of this posting. Not the drives fault, but honesly, what kind of consumer buys something like this without the media? It may be a year before it comes out and by then I'm sure Plextor will be two or three models ahead of this, leaving it in the dust. I'd like to get it, but guess I'll wait until the media is available. I talked to a few of the more popular and reputable media manufacturers, and they say to contact the reseller. That it's up to them on supply and demand on how fast it will be made available? Seriously? I understand supply and demand but to me that sounds like a pretty pathetic answer.

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Should have known1/7/2012 5:48:38 PM

Pros: Newegg had it to me fast as always. Only reason it gets 1 egg is for that reason.

Cons: Was running a comp with a 500w and only replaced it because I'm giving this comp to my brother. This PSU says 680w but is utter garbage. Yes, it works, my computer boots with it, but the comp either locks up or reboots with any load at all with the GPU. I mean ANY. When I browse the internet you can even hear the power level drop. I ripped everything out and tested every single cable int he comp. Both voltage and continuity. All fine. Hooked up my old 500w, ran "Windows Experience" ran fine. Hooked this "680" back up, crash soon as I hit the GPU test. Tried "WINDOWS Games" crash. It cannot run power to my video and hard drives at the same time. All latest (or best) drivers, bios, firmware to everything I build. This PSU wasted 72hrs straight of my time with rolling back video drivers and trying everything that exists. Been building for 15yrs with well over 1,000+ computer builds under my belt and this PSU has the worst circuitry and\or transformers and\or capacitors I have ever seen.

Overall Review: I've always been a "You get what you pay for", and if money wasn't so tight, I would have gone with something that I knew. You rarely find a good solid PSU for this price if ever so seriously, save yourselves the time and get something better. Read the reviews and don't skimp on the PSU. I guess I needed a reminder of that but this is just garbage, pure and simple.

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OS Bootable4/6/2009 12:10:29 PM

Pros: Works great. Will boot Vista 64 for new system builds. No burn errors to date.

Cons: As most drives, very loud at full spin.

Overall Review: I have bought several drives in the past and the most important thing is never mentioned in the specs. Is it bootable? This one is, the last 2 I have bought were not, and even after firmware updates they were not. This one so far has made me very happy.

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DONT if your 64 Vista3/30/2009 1:22:14 AM

Pros: Works fine if you alread have an Operating system installed.

Cons: Will not boot Vista 64. Will not install from CD... Had to go to a friends house and install his junk drive temporarily to install vista 64. Save your money

Overall Review: I emailed Samsung and still wait a reply. I asked if it was just a combatability issue with the ASUS P6T6 WS motherboard and they have yet to answer me. Reason I asked this was because when I called Asus, they asked what drive I was using and when I told them they said. Drive doesn't work, call manufacturer =_=

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