Bad Experience8/19/2016 4:31:09 PM

Pros: - Nice quality and colorful image. - No dead pixels. - Settings easy to navigate.

Cons: - It has a power problem. It would intermittently power on and off on it's own. At first, I thought it was the Air Purifier I had plugged in, but would continue doing that weird power flicker on its own. I confirmed it's not the Air Purifier draining the monitor by buying another 2K ASUS monitor after getting the refund for this one.

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Nice Glowing Ring?8/16/2016 3:47:47 PM

Pros: - It has a nifty glowing ring - Cools as intended

Cons: - Don't get this expecting it to light up the inside of your case. It's not bright enough. The light is only bright enough to show the ring inside the fan.

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Would not buy again.12/15/2015 3:27:53 PM

Pros: It kinda works?

Cons: It works when you're using it, but if you leave it plugged in, it will suddenly go into some kind of weird Standby mod. When you try to access the device, you will get a "Not Responding" message before the computer will disconnect it and give you a message saying there was some kind of malfunction. I tried two different storage mediums. An SSD and a SSHD, and still got the same result. I would not buy this case again.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Louis, Thank you so much for choosing ORICO. So sorry to the issue that had happen to you. My email address is, please feel free to contact me. It will be highly appreciated if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. We are looking forward to hearing from you, thanks. Best Regards Maite
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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Pretty Good OS11/7/2015 5:53:38 PM

Pros: - Smooth Install - A big improvement compared to Windows 8.1 - Return of a proper start menu - Pretty good improvement on the start menu - Features I never used removed - I can actually remove the OneDrive icon from the taskbar - Haven't ran into software or hardware compatibility issues It's generally a solid OS.

Cons: - Ran into a glitch where the taskbar wouldn't function. Never saw it again after rebooting the PC - I do consider the privacy thing to be a slight annoyance, but I can just turn those off. - I miss Windows 7's Aero

Overall Review: If you're using Window 8/8.1 and hate it, I recommend switching to this OS. If you're using Windows 7, feel free to do so as well. Make sure your PC has compatible drivers, though. If your PC build is too old, it might not handle it very well. Overall, I like this OS. Could use a a few patches here and there. Haven't ran into many bugs that'll make me hate it. I've been using the OS since the day of release.

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Works when it works.2/1/2014 3:14:23 PM

Pros: It works well when it works. Even connects well with other devices through the wireless connection.

Cons: I've been using this device since Dec 2013 and seemed to work well, but it's now Feb 2014. Never had a device fail on my so fast. Through the months, I would notice it blocking websites for a few minutes before allowing me to see them again, but this time, the router just totally died. Totally lost connection to the internet. I even made sure the firmware was updated, and I reset it a few times. This thing is going in the garbage. Stay away from this product. I had it connected physically to my computer, by the way.

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Works when it works.1/27/2014 6:57:42 AM

Pros: From what I've noticed, the sound quality does improve, and I do like the software that comes with it that would allow me to adjust the sound to what I prefer. I especially noticed a different after months of using it and then switching back to the built in sound card on the motherboard.

Cons: The sound card seemed to have failed after 9 months of using it. I'm not sure if it's because something on the sound card died or if Windows 7 is just being goofy, but it just started trying to install the wrong drivers meant for a different sound card made by Creative. For whatever reason, it would keep trying to install the drivers for Blaster Recon3D PCIe instead of the Sound Blaster Z driver. Because the wrong drivers would keep getting installed, the sound would completely turn off and I would have to go back to the sound card built into the motherboard. I would uninstall that wrong driver and reinstall the correct one several times, but I would only get the same results. When I performed a System Restore, it would install the wrong drivers again a few minutes later even with the correct drivers already installed. I might not buy another Creative Sound Card again.

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Very Nice Case11/7/2013 10:37:38 AM

Pros: I really like the design of the case. You don't have to remove the front panel to put in DVD drives, but you still do if you want to replace the front fan. The case is designed with cable management and liquid cooling in mind. I really like how the top fan is out of the way. The built in HDD docking station is pretty cool, but you need to make sure to mess with the settings in BIOs and select AHCI. Then you will have to select Hot Swap (Or something like that) on that SATA port you want to connect to the docking station. With the 220mm fans, it's so much more quieter.

Cons: The only issue I have with the case is that the Reset button is broken. Not really a big deal to me, because I rarely even use the button. I'm not going to bother getting an RMA for something like that, but I am taking an Egg off for it.

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It started out working fine7/4/2013 7:32:05 AM

Pros: Keeps the HDD cool in the 5.25 bay.

Cons: After a week or two of using the device, it began to make a loud buzzing sound. If you plan on getting this, plan on buying quieter fans for it. I first thought it wouldn't bother me, but this bothers me.

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It's okay, but not sure if worth it the price.4/27/2013 7:43:02 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. It keeps my computer mostly 20 degrees cooler. Brought it from 70 degrees full load to around 45 to 50.

Cons: Installing it came be very complicated. I ended up hurting my had trying to put in screws that don't exactly fit into their designated holes. The palm of my had blistered up. Because the holes aren't made for the threads of the screws, you have to make them fit by screwing them in and screwing them out, and repeating that over and over until they go in all the way down. For something that costs 160 bucks, they'd make the holes for the screws to make installation easier. Aligning holes with screws and with spacers at the same time can be very frustrating as well. The "CORSAIR Hydro series H50" for the CPU was easier to install than this.

Overall Review: Is this worth the full $169.99? I don't believe so. If we're lucky, they'll release a model that's easier to install than this. I bought this for $109.99 on sale, but even then, I'm not sure if that's work the pain in my right hand. Once you get it on, it works well. It's just the process to getting it on that's the pain. Buyer beware.

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Broken USB ports12/13/2010 2:52:26 PM

Pros: Simple design.

Cons: Left USB port non-functioning and possible headphone port.

Overall Review: Will not buy from this company again.

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Balls Blink12/7/2010 9:07:10 AM

Pros: Pretty cool latex mask. The balls at the ends of the hat blink red.

Cons: Description doesn't mention that the balls blink. It requires 3 AAA batteries.

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Strong, Heavy, and Sturdy.12/7/2010 9:04:30 AM

Pros: Love the ability to have two 120mm fans on top. It's a strong and sturdy case, but not easy to move around, because of the weight. Feels like it can take a beating. The price is great.

Cons: I don't really like the green bars in the front. They don't do anything.

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One DOA12/7/2010 5:44:49 AM

Pros: The Second one works just fine.

Cons: First one came DOA.

Overall Review: I think I'll avoid this company from now on.

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Stan Helsing Sucks11/16/2010 6:43:40 AM

Pros: None that I can think of.

Cons: One of the worst Parody movies I have ever seen. Leslie Niesen hit an all time low doing this movie.

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