Very Good Quality and Value3/24/2018 9:10:32 PM

Pros: Honestly it's a decent well made boom arm for the money spent. It's very easy to setup and install on your desk. The icing on the cake is the included pop windscreen. No complaints.

Cons: The only minor complaint I have is when the boom arm is standing straight up, it's not quite tall enough to use from a standing position.

Overall Review: I was very pleased with how well the boom arm and windscreen were packaged for shipment. No damage to the packing box or to the interior contents. In fact the product reached me ahead of schedule. I would recommend this product and seller.

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Quiet and LED are very Blue in Color. Four Pin.2/5/2018 11:20:22 AM

Pros: My PC sits on my desktop. I installed the two fans in the top panel to exhaust heat. Plus the LEDs provide a little light in an otherwise dark corner of the room. The blue is a rich blue and not overly bright. I installed the fans during the day and haven't had an opportunity to see how much the LEDs will illuminate the case interior. I think the blue lighting will be subtle which is my preference. At night I get more glare from my monitor onto the PC viewing window so its difficult to see the case interior anyway.

Cons: Edit: 02/05/2018: Shortly after receiving and installing the fans, I noticed a couple of weeks later, one of the fans was faulty. It would attempt to spin-up but stop then try to spin-up again. I hadn't noticed earlier because the fans are mounted in the top of my case. I reached out to Raijintek for a replacement. I emailed my concern to their support staff per their email instructions on 1/26/2018. Unfortunately support hasn't reached back. Newegg issued an RMA but I have to send both fans, box contents, and the retail box. I'm not going to disassemble my PC for a case fan unless I'm installing its replacement. Pulled down 5 star to 1 star because of lack of response from support.

Overall Review: The fans came with everything needed to install including a four-pin pig-tail that connects each fan and then plugs directly onto the motherboard. So these are true FOUR pin fans without the donkey 3-pin-to-4-pin connector. The wiring and pig-tail are long and shielded. Its easy to hide excess wire. Installation was a breeze as the fan shroud lined up perfectly with the case mounting holes. They came well packaged and without damage to the interior contents. I'd buy these again if they came up on sale.

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Good Color, Looks Good, Very Quiet1/25/2018 1:40:49 PM

Pros: The green is kind of a neon green and very distinct. I like the circular look. I'm using them as intake fans on the front of my PC. My PC sits on my desktop no more than a couple of feet from where I sit. I can barely hear them. The Y splitter is handy to have.

Cons: None actually other than to say, I purchased a set of Raijntek Auras in BLUE a couple of months back, and one of the fans has stopped spinning properly. It tries to spin but stops. I checked connections and for obstructions but there were none.

Overall Review: It would be nice if Raijintek could include the longer screws for front case installation. Items were well packed and no damage to any of the contents. Packaged arrived as scheduled. Thanks.

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Not a Very Good Monitor IMO12/18/2017 5:47:23 PM

Pros: 2 HDMI ports, Speakers, Price. I have two pcs so desktop real estate is at a premium. I needed a monitor with cheap built in speakers for back-up pc. Acer didn't disappoint. They sound cheap alright but I at least have sound. I also wanted a free-sync monitor on the cheap with two HDMI ports and again Acer delivered. No dead pixels.

Cons: Display picture is terrible compared to my HP ES27. Blacks are more gray on the Acer, picture looks washed-out and text is hard to read. When playing with the monitor's display modes, selecting any of the upper four modes leaves what looks like a target symbol in the middle of your screen that you can only get rid of by using any of the four bottom modes. Weird! Went to the Acer website and no drivers listed for the KG271 for WIn 7 or 10. Device Manager lists monitor as generic plug and play on both of my pcs. The respective graphic cards however see the monitor correctly as an Acer KG271.

Overall Review: The monitor arrived on schedule if not slightly ahead of schedule. I'll keep fiddling with the settings on the monitor and my graphics card to try and find a happy medium. This is without a doubt the worse monitor I've owned and I've had many many monitors over the years and all of them better than this one. EDIT: After much noodling with this monitor, I finally have it set where its acceptable. Still nothing like my HP. I gave it four stars because it does work as it should. Bear in mind this is definitely a budget monitor.

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Great Card for Mid-Level Build12/7/2017 1:35:01 PM

Pros: Bought the card before the bit-coin miners jacked up the price. Sapphire Trixx software will allow you to manually set fan speeds to keep GPU nice and cool under load. Fans are relatively quiet running at 50% - approx 1900 rpms. The card will play any game maxed at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Cons: None really. Price is too high and no LEDs. You need a UEFI bios to make this card work. If you install this GPU under a Legacy bios, the GPU fans will spin-up but there'll be no signal to the monitor. An email to Sapphire tech support confirmed. I even emailed another brand, Powercolor tech support, and received the same answer. If you're not sure what you have, instructions to check bios are here:

Overall Review: My build is an AMD Ryzen 1600, Gigabyte GA AB350 Gaming 3 mobo, 16gb G.Skill ram running at 2933mhz. SanDisk 120gb SSD, Seagate Barracuda 1tb, Corsair Carbide Spec 1 case, ASUS DVD player. 650 watt Corsair semi-modular psu, Win 10 Home OEM. The card came from Newegg well protected.

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Super Easy Install11/26/2017 9:05:59 PM

Pros: Price! When the CPU went dipped under two-hundred bucks, I jumped on it. Of course now it's even less, but what can you do? Wraith cooler! Some have complained it it was difficult to install. I didn't find that to be the case at all. After seating the CPU, I started on one corner and started the screw then to the opposite corner and so on until the screws would no longer turn and I didn't force them. Temps per mobo bios range between 41 degrees C up 52 degrees C after gaming on Mass Effect Andromeda, and that's using the thermal pad that came with the Wraith.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: I won't overclock the 1600 until i know for sure everything is stable and all the components and peripherals are okay. This is my 5th PC build and perhaps the smoothest and easiest build to date. My goal is always to build a mid-level PC more powerful and less expensive than my previous build(s). Newegg packaged all my gear very well and it arrived undamaged and ahead of schedule. This is the kind of service I've come to expect from Newegg and why I have purchased nearly 100% of my gear from them.

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Great Board for Budget Build11/25/2017 1:14:24 PM

Pros: It wasn't DOA for starters! The board shipped with the F7 bios and detected Ryzen 5 1600. I used two 8gb sticks of G.Skill Ripjaws V: F4-3000C15D-16VKB ram. First POST detected memory at 2133 speed but enabled XMS profile 1 and memory is running stable @ 2933 speeds. My primary drive for the OS is a SanDisk Plus 120gb SSD. Neither the memory nor drive were listed on Gigabyte's site under their QVL list but they work just fine. Everything on the board is laid out and labeled very well. I have used one other Gigabyte board and it is still performing flawlessly after nearly 5 years. A note to MSI - your tech person who was unwilling or unable to help me with a simple question cost you a sale and probably some future sales.

Cons: I didn't really have any issues with the new build except those that were operator error. I'm not a fan of rebates on a Visa card. Take a page from Asrock, they send a rebate check. The remainder of my build was a Corsair Carbide SPEC-01 case,

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this board for any budget builder. The remainder of my build was a Corsair Carbide Series Spec 01 case, a AMD Radeon RX 580 8gb (bought it long before miners drove price up), and a Corsair 650w semi modular psu, ASUS dvd rom drive, Win 10 Home OEM dvd. I have a spare Seagate Barracuda Igb HDD i'll use for storage and games. All my gear came will packaged from Newegg and arrived in a couple of days. Very Good!

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Great PSU for Budget Build11/21/2017 5:52:45 PM

Pros: Easy to install and storing unused cables was a breeze. All the cables were shielded and long enough to reach the dvd-rom drive at the top of the case down to the HD near the bottom of the case. Corsair has been very good at processing the rebate.

Cons: $20.00 rebate on a Visa card isn't really a savings IMO. You can't get cash because the card doesn't have a PIN to allow that kind of transaction at an ATM. After 6 months, Visa starts charging three bucks a month maintenance fee. So the PSU still cost me fifty bucks and you're expected to spend the rebate either on newegg or somewhere else. You simply can't save it. I prefer a check I can convert to cash to spend or save however I wish.

Overall Review: The PSU came well packaged with no visible damage and arrived ahead of what I expected. Thanks Newegg!

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Great Case for a Budget Build11/21/2017 5:34:05 PM

Pros: The case is lightweight but very well constructed with good fit and finish. Its very open and easy to work inside and no sharp edges that I've noticed. You can still use CD-or-DVD or Blu-ray rom drives. The drive simply slides into place and locks. Same for hard drive and SSD. I have lots of spare PC gear so I added two 120mm fans (top and rear). PSU exhausts at the bottom of the case through a mesh screen. The front bezel also has a mesh dust screen. I'm not sure how easy it will be to remove and clean. So far I like the case a little better than my Cooler Master HAF.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: Case was delivered undamaged and in perfect condition. It looks like there is a Corsair fan giveaway going on. I purchased a few days ahead of the giveaway. I always get dinged like that so I'm used to it. Easy to recommend this case.

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Trust Corsair Brand11/17/2017 3:21:58 PM

Pros: Semi modular design lets me use only the cables I need for the video card and drives and that keeps the case relatively clean of unused cables. That aids air-flow inside the case as well as keeping the case interior nice looking. The psu worked out of the box. It replaced a 10 old OCZ psu that had given up the ghost. I had an abundance of cables but my pcs aren't crammed full of gear. Considering a 2nd Corsair CX-M650M for a new build. Rebate form was easy to understand, complete, and mail. 11/17/2017: Received my pre-paid Visa card from Corsair loaded with the $20 rebate. I got it maybe a little earlier than I had thought. But if you follow and complete the instructions, you will get your rebate. One correction to make, Visa will NOT charge $3.00 monthly fee until after 6 months.

Cons: The peripheral cables imo seemed somewhat cheap. The cables were not bound in the mesh-shielding as I had expected and compared to other modular power supplies I had purchased in the past. Since the psu worked out of the box I didn't take off any eggs. I mailed my rebate form and I'm waiting for it to process. I wish Corsair would mail me a check rather than a Visa gift card. If you don't use the card right-away, Visa starts sucking $3.00 a month in fees from the card. I want a rebate that I can convert to cash - that's a true rebate! A Visa gift card is a marketing gimmick to keep you spending. 11/17/2017: Fortunately you can use the prepaid Visa card for purchases on Newegg. Unfortunately Newegg doesn't allow multiple methods of payment for an item unless you convert your prepaid Visa to a Newegg gift card. Then you can use the Newegg gift card and your regular credit card for an item purchase. That's not a very good scenario. So Newegg loses the money on the pre-paid Visa and I'll take my missus out to dinner.!

Overall Review: I must be spoiled by Newegg's quick delivery from past purchases, but this is head scratcher. The psu shipped out of Indianapolis - 2-1/2 hours - from my home. Rather than route to psu to the hub in the city where I live, it was shipped to Missouri (probably a larger hub) and then finally shipped to me in Central Illinois. It came within the shipping window posted but my wife's pc is dead while the replacement psu is touring the Midwest. Packaging: Exterior package arrived without damage. The shipping box was well packed but the psu retail box had been crushed in one corner - so much so that I feared the psu might be damaged as well. It looked like the psu retail box had been dropped or had fallen off a shelf from a great height. Since the psu didn't show signs of damage and worked out-of-the box, I didn't take off any eggs, but Newegg should be aware of the sloppiness in handling the psu. I've used Newegg nearly exclusive for my gear purchases. While everything worked out satisfactory in this instance, the experience itself wasn't exceptional.

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Very Good Upgrade from Sapphire Radeon 6970.2/21/2017 5:48:17 PM

Pros: So far the RX480 is performing rock solid - Can play Witcher 3, Fallout 4 @ Ultra and highest settings with good playable frame rates. This card uses an 8-pin power connector instead of the 6-pin. Make sure you buy the 8-pin model(s). 6-pin models will draw more juice from your mobo's pcie slot. May not be good for your mobo in the long run! Sapphire brand name in LED is a nice touch. Very attractive and well made video card. Back plate is cool. Latest AMD drivers have also been rock solid (surprised me given AMD's driver history) so props to AMD. Sapphire TriXX 3.0 software works great too. With it you can custom set your fan speeds and noodle with the LED lights. I doubt I'll try to overclock the card since it comes with a modest overclock.

Cons: None really except put the "hot" chicks back on the retail packaging box. Who wants to look at a darn robot?

Overall Review: Install was a breeze! RX480 breathed new life into older build featuring an I5 3550, 8 gig of ram, MSI mobo w/3.0 pcie slot. Fortunately Intel CPUs haven't advanced that much over the past 5 years so I5 3550 is still relevant for AAA title gaming. This is my 4th Sapphire card purchase. The previous 3 Sapphires are still running. Easy to recommend Sapphire. Newegg did a great job packaging my stuff and it arrived today (much sooner than I expected). Thanks Newegg.

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Fantastic Price to Performance Ratio1/1/2015 9:28:41 AM

Pros: I was browsing video cards on Newegg and stumbled across the 6970. Paid less than the current listed price making a card of this caliber an absolute steal. Easy install. CD wasn't warped but get the latest AMD drivers and control panel from AMD anyway. The card handles Dragon Age Inquisition on a mix of Ultra and High settings by default. Couldn't tell you the frame rates but plays as smooth as butter on default settings. The card is actually quieter than I expected but I stepped down from two noisy 6870s in crossfire. Micro stutter made DA:I and other games unplayable so I went the single card route. Make sure you have at least a 750 watt PSU with an 8 and 6 pin power connectors. If you lack the connectors, Sapphire provides adapters in the box. This is a long card so make sure you have the case to accommodate it.

Cons: None really except Newegg didn't do their usual bang-up job of packaging the card in the shipping box. Rather than shroud the retail box in packing material before putting it in the shipping box, Newegg elected to lay just a single layer of packing material over the top of the retail box and no protection on the bottom. Fortunately the package arrived in good shape and hadn't been crushed.

Overall Review: I can't stress enough the price to performance ratio. Even at the current price you can't go wrong if you have the case and PSU to accommodate this card. Not as powerful as two 6870s in Xfire but no microstutter issues either.

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Pretty Blue Back Light1/28/2014 6:52:39 PM

Pros: Blue back light just bright enough to see what you're doing but not so bright as to be annoying when gaming in a darkened room. Keys have a good feel. Overall a nice keyboard for gaming and general use. It was a real decent value while it was on sale.

Cons: Price jumped from thirty to seventy-two bucks. Major ouch! Keyboard isn't worth that much get an M/S Sidewinder instead. USB cable is short. Plan on buying an USB extension cable if you're a couch gamer.

Overall Review: The item was well packaged and protected by Newegg's shipping folks. And it arrived on time and undamaged. Keyboard worked out of the box with no hitches.

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Works in Samsung Tab 3.81/20/2014 8:36:49 PM

Pros: For anyone who wants to know, my daughter said the memory works great in her new Samsung Tab 3.8 tablet.

Cons: Bought two Samsung Tab 3.8 tablets, one for my daughter and one for wife because the vastly superior Asus tablet counter-part didn't sport any expandable memory slots.

Overall Review: Newegg packaged the memory and other items very well and everything arrived on time and undamaged.

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When the Twins are Rockin' Don't Come Knockin'1/2/2014 9:24:20 PM

Pros: I've got the Twins (see the cover art on the box) running in Crossfire. There is not one game I own that I can't run at ultimate settings. Gameplay is fluid and the graphics are fantastic. Given their EOL pricing, these Twins are a fantastic value and easily in Xfire overpower a single 7970. Sure the R9 270x is out but that is essentially a rebadged 7870 with a little memory bump and the R9 270x costs more money. There isn't enough of a performance gain to warrant the higher price for the R9 270x.

Cons: Rebate in the form of a gift card is a rip. Plus buy 2 cards you only get one rebate. Come on Sapphire, give a brother a check or two!

Overall Review: As always Newegg got the Twins on my doorstep in a timely fashion. They were well protected in their package. Easy install and neither Twin was DOA. Gotta go the Twins want to play.

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Review Adjustment10/18/2013 6:07:14 PM

Pros: See other thoughts

Cons: See other thoughts.

Overall Review: Contacted Rosewill C/S per their request. I didn't expect much however I was pleasantly surprised. After a brief interview, CS agreed to replace both sets of earbuds at no charge to me. They were very helpful and their assistance appreciated. I don't mind giving credit where credit is due.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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No Name Brand Works Very Well4/1/2013 9:26:55 PM

Pros: It was cheap and suprisingly works very well. Out of the box it performed better than the Maxell cassette adapter. So what's in a brand name?

Cons: None that I can hear so far.

Overall Review: Like other products I've ordered from Newegg, the package arrived on time and in good condition. I hope it lasts longer than the Maxell cassette adapter which I would not recommend.

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SanDisk Dropped the Ball4/1/2013 9:20:45 PM

Pros: Larger 2.4 inch screen. Looks well made. Purchased as refurb and haven't had any problems with player per se

Cons: Touch pad is horrendous when compared to previous SanDisk Sansa Fuze's wheel design. What we're they thinking. Software has a steep learning curve and the touch pad is not intiutive at all. Together the two make for a flawed design.

Overall Review: As always Newegg got the Sansa to me on time. It was well protected, and you can't beat the price for a refurb.

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Cheap Crossfire10/6/2012 10:56:08 PM

Pros: Received 3rd Open Box card and it works great as cheap Crossfire setup. RMA tester got this one right. Crysis 2 running in the 60 fps neighborhood with high settings in 1080p. Chokes on Ultra and DX11 but card even in Crossfire are not made for those levels.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: Package arrived on time and not damaged. Video card had appearance of some wear & tear. It had a little grimey feel taking it out of its electrostatic bag. But it works great and I washed my hands afterwards.

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Good Headphones9/26/2012 5:41:01 PM

Pros: Lightweight so the headphones can be worn longer. Good sound. Noise cancelling works. Don't hear the wife. Good refurb deal. Extra long, thick and durable cord.

Cons: Sound is a little muddy but that might be me or the audio source. Will fiddle with audio settings.

Overall Review: I purchase nearly all my gear from the egg, and so far I've had good luck with refurb items. The headphones were well packed, delivered on time, and work just great.

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Reliable and Inexpensive8/20/2012 11:24:12 AM

Pros: I have used two of these drives for a couple of budget builds where a blu-ray drive wasn't needed. Both have been very quiet and reliable thus far. Best of all they were very inexpensive which kept me on budget.

Cons: None really

Overall Review: The drive was shipped well protected and arrived @ the expected time. Good job.

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Perfect for Budget Build8/10/2012 11:38:39 AM

Pros: Very easy case to work with. Plenty of room. Good cable management. Interior painted black. Tool-less design. Great price when using promo codes from the egg.

Cons: Compared to my Cooler Master HAf case, there is a lack of thickness in the Blackbone's metal so the case "feels" flimsy, but I'm not going to sit on it anyway.

Overall Review: I used this case for an earlier build for my son. I was so impressed by the case, I puchased a second one for a budget build for the wife.

Did you find this review helpful? 
Great Upgrade8/10/2012 11:24:52 AM

Pros: Upgrading from E7200 Wolfdale 2.53Ghz dual core Intel CPU. Perfect for budget build with gaming capability. Hyper-threading a plus. Dual core cpu will perform like a quad core in some applications. Got this cpu for under $110.00 from the egg.

Cons: Intel HD Graphics 2000 are inadequate for serious gaming but should be sufficient for web surfing etc.

Overall Review: Where the heck are the Ivy Bridge i3 desktop cpus? I'm going to pair this SB i3 with an nvidia 8800gt I had leftover. That should be enough for entry to mid level gaming.

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Works as Advertised7/28/2012 8:40:52 AM

Pros: PSU tester is a handy tool for PC DIY builder. Used it in conjunction with a PC that was having possible bad ram, psu, or mobo type symptons. Tested ram: Ok, Tested psu using tester: Ok. Bad mobo. Close inspection revealed leaking caps.

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Very simple tester for the $. Easy to use. Instructions are posted on top of the tester so even a caveman could use it. Tester came packaged in padded yellow envelope and arrived not damaged.

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Noisy Little Suckers7/22/2012 10:32:39 PM

Pros: Bought 3 inexpensively for budget build for son. They look nice and give the pc an aggressive look at night.

Cons: Two fans mounted on side panel are noisy little suckers. Budget build much louder than my Main build that has 5 case fans. On the bright side, my son will have the budget build in another room so I won't have to hear it.

Overall Review: As always items were well packaged and safely delivered as scheduled. Newegg is top notch.

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