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Good Case8/6/2011 10:26:06 AM

Pros: Nice, clean design. Build quality / overall quality is good.

Cons: A little cramped for space behind the motherboard tray, just a *bit* more room would be nice. The HDD indicator (doubles as the reset button) and the glowing power button are pretty obnoxious.

Overall Review: They should remove the HDD indicator (the reset button flashes red to indicate HDD activity - it's doesn't look great), and the neon blue glow coming out of the power button (and the blinking when your PC is asleep) is also not the best choice. For such a clean case design, the choices for the status lights don't seem to jive.

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As expected, which is a good thing4/17/2011 10:34:15 AM

Pros: - Fast - No hassle setup - Intel SSD toolbox is a straight-forward and easy way to maintain the drive - All other SSD vs. HDD pros (small, silent, etc.)

Cons: - Still so, so expensive, but this is the SSD market in general...for now.

Overall Review: This is my first SSD, and I put it in a Core i7 / 12gb RAM / Nvidia GTX 285 equipped computer where the standard 1TB HDD was the biggest bottleneck. The HDD kept my Windows 7 performance score down to 5.9, and I also clocked Windows taking 8 minutes (!) to boot up fresh, with the HDD cranking the whole time. With the Intel 320 SSD installed, as well as all of my old software (office, steam, dropbox, etc.), my performance score has gone up to 7.3, and boot up time is about a minute. Apps launch fast and there were no setup problems. I really hate having the old HDD in there for storage (most games, etc.), as I can still hear it in the case sometimes, and I get slightly annoyed by its "cranking-away" noise. ;) I purchased this drive because of Intel's reputation of SSD reliability and my SATA-II limited system. Also, since this was my first SSD, I was sure the performance would be insane (to me) no matter what I bought!

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Works great in Fall 2007 Macbook3/26/2009 4:45:56 PM

Pros: Works great in my Fall 2007 white macbook. My old laptop can only address 3gb of it, but it detects all 4gb just fine.

Cons: None.

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