Decent card, no extra frills in packaging6/18/2020 8:43:38 PM

Pros: --Solid reliable card - Dual fans make it quiet under max cooling - Boost clock higher than advertized

Cons: - No extra frills in packaging (power taps, badges, posters, etc). Barebones card

Overall Review: - Boosts well over the advertized rate stock. I have not installed Afterburner yet. I don't need to, this card has the BIOS updates and boosts itself to around 1800 mhz.

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Who needs a 5.25" optical drive now?12/16/2014 7:05:04 AM

Pros: - Comes with everything you need to run on any computer with USB - Cheap - Installed Windows 8.1 pro fine - doesn't need a power adapter - UEFI bios boots off it no problems - LG quality

Cons: - Slower than an internal drive - No blue ray

Overall Review: In these modern times, a fast internet connection is more important than having an always-mounted internal optical drive. I have tried some of my old CD-rs and DVDs in this drive and it reads them just fine. No more 5.25" drives for me.

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Exceptional board12/13/2014 5:45:41 PM

Pros: Passive heatsinks on board --High quality caps --Check points for a voltmeter --MSI software (Auto update, control center) works very well in windows 8 --UEFI bios works great --3 sys fan headers, 2 CPU fan headers - 2x USB 2.0 and 3.0 headers -Quality

Cons: --On board audio header was a bit of a reach in my Fractal R4, but it did work.

Overall Review: I have been building computers since 1994, and this is the best quality motherboard I have ever built with. It is well designed and a well executed build with lots of quality components. I had no surprises and have had no issues with this system I have not tried to overclock yet, because I don't need to. X99 and Haswell-e is so fast, there's just no need to go faster :). This is a top quality board, and MSI software support is great. There have been 3 bios updates already and more to come. MSIs updating and install software work great in Windows. The control center utility allows me to monitor voltages and change system and cpu fan RPMS.

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Great board, great price11/8/2009 4:04:34 PM

Pros: - Plenty of USB connectors - overclocked my Amd 720 to 3.2 gig without upping the voltage. I'm happy right here - Works well with my Pi-series G-kill low latency DDR2. Clocked to the stock specs with no overvoltage. This motherboard has a good VRM system. - Soild caps and plenty of them, Biostar didn't cheap out on the cap and I think this board would definatly handle 140+ watts. I wonder what AMD has in store for 1h of 2010 :) - Don't be scared by the price, this is plenty of board for any micro-atx build In the old days, Biostar seemed to be a low-cost, mid-quality board that would do what you needed for a long time. I would have put them on par with the FIC boards. I bought this board and was very surprised. I've mildly overclocked the processor and memory, I don't want to bump the voltages yet because...well it's so dang fast there's just no need. Amd 790 chipset is top notch man. 6 SATA headers on the board is nice because a pair of them is blocked by the vid c

Cons: - No firewire - no esata connector

Overall Review: Great board and I'm happy with it. But Biostar, just because it's micro-atx doesn't mean you have to chince out on a couple extras. eSta connectors will be important when USB 3 comes out, and you could tossed one external firewire on there and one header, I mean why not?

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Good but a few flaws11/8/2009 3:53:33 PM

Pros: - See-thru sides are cool - Clean looks, not over-designed - Dual 60mm fans right behind the processor - My extra-tall Gkill DDR2 fits well with no issues - Covered drive panels keep the front looking good - Comes with a decent blue-led 90mm in the front, and dual 60 mm in the back - Not as heavy as you'd think. It's big, but still portable. This is a micro-Atx case, so obviously there are a few size concerns to address. I tried an Arctic Cooling 64, but it was about 2 cm too tall. I then tried a MASSCOOL 5U1082F1M4 90mm, and it fits well and cools great. I have an Amd 720 in this case and the thing humms. Cooling in this case is great, there are no issues at all with the drives or the proc..

Cons: - No firewire connectors - My extra-long and wide Nvidia 275 GTX causes multiple issues This could have really been a great case. It has a 2-drive 3.5" internal HDD cage, but a long video card makes it so it won't fit. If Thermatake would have offset this case by just an inch, I could have used it. PCI-e video cards are long guys!! Come on. The video card also hit on the upper drive cage (the one that holds the optical drives and one external 3.5") but it was still usable with a bit of flex in the video card :(. I took the cage out and fixed it on a bench grinder.

Overall Review: It's a good case. It's decent sized for micro-atx, it has a full size PSU, micro-atx boards only have one get 1 good video card :). I was happy with the memory clearance and with the layout. There are a few ways a bit better design could have made this a really great case. They also made this case with full-metal sides for those of you who aren't into the bling....

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9/4/2009 10:34:02 AM

Pros: n/a

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: Bought this cooler for my microatx build. Biostar TA790GXE with an Amd 720 in a Thermatake Lanbox Light. First, let me say this cooler is excellence in design. Huge fan, big heat pipes lots of fins, and it doesn't stick out in any direction over the motherboard heatsink mount hardware (fan sicks out a little I guess). The problem for me was that the power supply rack in the case won't fit with this cooler, it's too tall. If it was 2-3cm shorter it would have worked. Just wanted to put out a word of advice to all those doing microAtx builds

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