Excellent card, as powerful as expected8/3/2016 9:38:35 AM

Pros: - Just as powerful as expected, maybe even more. - I wanted the rear exhaust blower, and really this card stays plenty cool and only gets too loud when I really crank up the fan which I never need to even in the summer heat - not only run at max settings, but can even run most games @1080 with DSR enabled and still get well over 60fps

Cons: - tried to think of one but honestly, it's everything I expected it to be

Overall Review: I've upgraded to this from a GTX660 and, depending on the game of course, it's 2-4 times faster WITH maxed settings.

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These are really nice; volume fix.4/19/2010 11:53:53 AM

Pros: Great sound for the price. I find them comfortable even after hours of use.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: There's been a lot of talk about how loud they are, and they definitely are with the default settings. To remedy this, you can install the software that comes with them and there's a setting called Digital Volume in the Main Setting tab you can use to turn them way down so you can have more control. I set the Left and Right channels to -23 and have much greater control over the volume now. Hope this helps.

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Awesome drive!!5/11/2007 12:02:12 PM

Pros: Been using for 2 weeks regularly and no problems at all. It's really pretty quiet; even at max speed it's not much louder than your average case fan in my opinion.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Awesome value.

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