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It works as advertised mostly2/9/2019 10:56:06 PM

Pros: Its fast range is good, covers my whole house very simple to use, no really its too simple: plug in, set your passwords and forget about it Wifi connection is solid Looks cool

Cons: my network setup: 7 custom gaming pcs built by me, 4 smartphones 4 smart tvs, 2 rokus, and a kodi ~hardly any admin control ~parental controls NOPE ~no way to kick someone off the internet or put a freeze on thier access ~guest access is a huge website based security hole and should be disabled ~no way to monitor who is using what % of the internet but it does show total % Killer Prioritization is a gimmick becuase its a huge selling point with 0 details about it which is borderline false advertisement. maybee 10% of the population can take advantage of it. i have absolutely 0 devices with a killer NIC and i wont any time soon. so i wasted money not getting the router i actually wanted for this thinking that a router with a feature called "killer" would be the better choice for a family full of gamers. should have done more research becuase im not buying a dell or alienware pc just to get a networking card and finding a current one is too much hassle.. and heres my major gripe about this thing and what ultimately made me decide to make a reveiw on it. We have a 16 year old daughter who has many behavior problems. since its a dual band router that means there are 2 frequencys that throw a wifi signal. each has its own password. when she gets in trouble we shut the wifi off for her for a specified amount of time becuase its really the only way to truly punish her. with this router however, the only way to do that is you change the wifi password for 2.4 ghz and hit save. it works. do that with the 5ghz, hit save and it reverts on page refresh. EVERY SINGLE TIME. theres nothing submitted to linksys about other people having this problem in thier forums about "settings not saving" but its too late im already turned off to this thing and its about to collect dust in my closet as a back up router whenever my new Asus ROG router gets here.

Overall Review: if you want a simple gaming router that works 100% of the time, go for it it has great range and its stable if you want control. find something better that suits you

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Looks Astounding10/18/2018 5:01:32 PM

Pros: Looks great Great value Amazing attention to detail with the construction

Cons: standard spaghetti cabling but hey at least its not ketchup and mustard cables.....

Overall Review: Overall a very nice power supply. Very nice for the price. Looks absolutely amazing and comes in the best packaging i have ever seen with its own pouch.

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The red LED this fan uses looks smoother/richer than the old SP120s12/18/2016 6:56:52 AM

Pros: installation is easy. 4 screws. plenty of cable for cable management, enough to reach a fan controller. anti vibration grommets on each corner the red illuminates from the hub, instead of having 4 pointed in different directions... these look like a nice red sun; but with the RGB led strips i have in my ceiling when i change those strips only the hub is red the fan blades change to match, its awesome. in person these look cooler than the Thermaltake Ring fans i have in my sons case... and thats saying alot becuase those things are great the magnetic levitation bearings mean more fan life so its worth the extra $ youd spend over a cheap fan

Cons: not rgb :( but they work in my case becuase my setup is all Asus ROG red and black anyway. at full RPM they are quite noticable but what fan isnt?

Overall Review: they gave me a 6 degree drop in overall case temps by upgrading my AOI from an h100 to an h100iv2 and all of my existing fans to these except the 140 on the back. so for the $110 ive spent so far on these fans and the $110 i spent on the new AIO id say they are worth considering my overclock on my 4790k is now 4.7ghz stable @ 1.225v 59c max during gaming/load and can go to 5.0ghz stable @1.250v 65c max during gaming/load with my current setup...( i just dont want shorten the life of my cpu even though it seems i hit the silicone lottery with that chip last year)...... when i can afford 4 more fans im sure those temps will drop a little bit but its tolerable now these things are so good the ml 140s have been out of stock for 6 months now. if you dont want to wait for the matching 140 you might want to buy a different type of fan, but these are seriously one of the best fans on the market right meow and if i had to go back i still buy these for my sexy rig

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terrible hardware but this thing is great12/5/2016 3:47:00 PM

Pros: For a chair in the $100 range this thing is amazing. ~looks cool. ~smells good. new car leather smell ~it reclines ~its comfortable. the bottom reminds me of sitting on a brand new memory foam bed ~ the footrest is a new feature to me it bends down about 3/4 of an inch when i put my legs on it but it supports the weight ~theres no plastic on the reciever that supports the base under the seat so this thing wont be leaning to the right in a year like the last chair i bought from wally world ~went together easy enough but see other thoughts

Cons: ~theres no adjustment lever or adjustment to tilt the bottom of the seat ~could use a little velcro pillow for the head so it feels unnatural to lean all the way back and relax becuase of the curve of the lumbar support ~the base for the wheels could be an inch longer so it doesnt try to fall foward if you lean forward while feet are up on footrest

Overall Review: the back holes for the reciever to the base did not line up i had to drill the sides of both hole about 2mm on the reciever so both screws could go in straight.. only took a minute and came out out okay. otherwise the Hardware is where i docked my egg. the package came with one screw that was the wrong gauge and wouldnt catch the threads at all for the backrest... no big deal with that 2 screws is enough to support my weight and it doesnt wobble... accidents happen wrong screw and it really doesnt need it for meanyway..... but heres where things got a little frustrating for me... when putting on the arms the two screws for the base didnt seem to agree with the screws i was putting assuming there was left over metal barbs from the tapping process in the threads stopping it, but who knows. it went in till it hit the threads and just spun before catching the threads forcing me to take the arms back off and then do a practice run with the screws.. this happened on both sides, but the problem is second side didnt want to let go of the one screw after i got it all the way in it came back out partially and then just got stuck until it stripped from the included key and i had to use my 18v Rigid impact to impact it out the rest of the way with the trigger barely pulled and a flat head bit i had to hammer into the spot becuase i stripped it with the allen key they gave me. worlds softest hardware. beware it feels like weak aluminum or die cast. if you buy this chair, when you get this goto home depot and pick up some Galvanized 2 inch long allen bolts that match the originals, grease the ends and do a practice run before installing the arms this will save you the heart ache of having any stripped out bolts on a brand new chair

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Perfect finisher for any case with a window9/6/2016 2:07:26 PM

Pros: it looks awesome adds extra lighting in your case cools ram down and gets some air onto the motherboard as well

Cons: molex connection, do people really still use them glad my psu is modular? unadjustable leds, so bright its blinding and completely lights up my room at night distracting when gaming... that brightness... if theres a way to adjust them down to 1/4th of the brightness they are now id spend up to 4 hours to just to make it so becuase i really do want to love this product this is why i docked an egg

Overall Review: i think if i can figure out how to adjust the leds this product is one of the best out there for extra aesthetics would buy again except next time id also pick up extra fans so as not to strain my eyes when gaming

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Michael Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you like the design of the memory cooler. The dual 3,500 RPM fans will surely push warm air away from the motherboard so all hardware can operate at a lower temperature. With regards to lighting and brightness, we will keep your suggestion in mind for future revisions and models. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
This case is awesome!8/25/2016 5:29:39 AM

Pros: i just 80% completed my build and got it turned on with the phanteks lighting and the hue+ and this case is 10 times nicer looking than the CM Stormtrooper i had previously it is a pleasure to work in and there's alot of great about it cable management is A++ temps only went up 2 degrees from the High airflow i had in the Stormtrooper i cant even begin to express how much nicer this case looks than in the pictures Newegg posted

Cons: none really, these some stuff this case doesnt have but at its price point it is a 5 star case, see other for what i think the next Phanteks Evolve revision should have I guess this could be a con for some people? lack of usb type C or a QI charging pad on top? idk

Overall Review: My take on what this case is lacking: I would like to see an indented strip on the panel behind the motherboard for mounting led lighting behind the motherboard and a hole in the psu shroud to accommodate it for cable management... a slightly taller ceiling and a rework of the radiator bracket system so that you can use fat rads and not cover up half of the motherboard in the process, id prefer to keep my rad as an exhaust as would most people so the heat isn't coming back into my case but with this pc case that isnt possible without covering up the motherboard so all the hot air gets circulated back into my case, the rad is now an intake, sad faces. needs a hole in the floor of the case so you can run leds out of the bottom without having to drill yourself needs sideways gpu i/o bracket and optional high speed 16x gen 3 black riser cable options(i ordered everything i need for it and its costing me about $100 extra becuase with how sexy this case is, why doesnt it have that? and 2 vertical HDD mounts for the right side of the case behind where the reservior mounts would go

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they match lighting on the case but...8/25/2016 5:05:19 AM

Pros: they're bright they change colors they all work they appear to be waterproof the magnets are okay

Cons: ok first of all the phanteks evolve with tempered glass should come with at least one of these, it doesn't so im glad i ordered the double pack, however; i docked one egg becuase of the way i wanted to set up i was going to run 1 strip to the ceiling of the Phanteks evolve, have the hue+ control the interior and then drill a hole in the floor and mount one of these dead center of the outside bottom of the case, the one accessory cable is an extender it got my first strip to the ceiling, upon un-wire tieing the second accessory cable i was upset to see that it went to an rgb header and it wasnt meant to be an extension at all this forced me to rethink my plan and i ended up mounting both strips in the ceiling, now im going to have to get another kit for outside of my case on the bottom... also it would be nice if the wire that goes to the led is longer... 1 inch is "meh" and hard to cable manage becuase you cant hide it the other egg i docked was becuase of the silicon on the outside of the lighting strips no adhesive will stick, not even the stuff that comes on it and its 3m.. i also tried 3m white double sided foam tape and the 3m automotive double sticky tape the (grey with red) i ended up taking the grey double sided sticky tape, cutting it in half and laying it accross the strips in between the led nodes becuase thats was the only way to secure the strips to my case becuase the sheer weight of the silicon makes the strips heavy and there is just not enough magnets in the right places for what i needed them for

Overall Review: if Phanteks ever reads this please, give us 2 extension cables with these kits and upgrade your adhesion techniques they are nice lights they just need some revision to make the kits more practical

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This thing is a beast!4/20/2016 10:58:25 AM

Pros: It destroys every game ive tried to throw at it. solid 60 fps in most cases. ~CoD advanced warfare looks absolutely amazing on this. at max settings. ~Dark Souls 2 and 3 @1440p downscaled to 1080 with AA turned off both look saturated and crisp and run perfect for up to 6 hour gaming sessions(need to restart game after that as it seems to start dropping frames as the memory gets up there in kbs, but thats probably software related to the games) ~Tomb Raider looked great except for the hair physics but that was bad on an Nvidia card too ~Metro 2033 i had to turn some of the shadow options down but otherwise it played fantastic at mostly maxed settings. ~The free Hitman game it came with was jaw dropping gorgeous. it runs almost 10 degrees cooler in my tower than every benchmark ive seen for it: 76 degrees under full load during heaven benchmark in a CM stormtrooper with 1 h110i 360mm rad and a total of 7 fans with positive air pressure. 8 gigs of video memory. thats like a game modders dream right there. enough memory to mod any moddable game out as much as you want. (skyrim, fallout 4 etc. i havent done it yet but i will and it will be heaven.) plus future proofing as games start to use more vid memory.

Cons: ~ that pulse on the side of the card has no shut off for it. this is where i docked my egg becuase i had to use a pair of needle nose to unplug the led from the board to get it to stop. and it was driving me nuts in the corner of my eye while trying to game....would have been nice to have a 3 way switch on the card with "on, off and pulse" or have software options. ~you cant buy a waterblock for it >.> you can use a universal but much like the heatsink it comes with the memory modules get no cooling. takes away from the coolness factor but not a deal breaker. a card this good that takes this much power and runs this hot should have some kind of water cooling options. other brands have options why is Asus the king being left out on this? sad faces. ~the current drivers are stable for the most part... unless i open the software and let the pc idle for about 5 minutes with the window open then they crash requiring a restart, but otherwise ive only had one weird glitch happen with dark souls 3 where i would start the game and it would white screen for 3 secs like it normally does, then it would flash purple for about 1 frame and then i would see the namco-bandai white screen show up in the top left corner of my screen(about the size of a 24 inch monitor on a 40 inch hdtv) and then the game would crash... this was fixed upon restarting pc but it was a little concerning at the time. ~im not sure if i missed a setting somewhere but on some youtube videos i get screen tearing when watching... afaik i cant set up vsync for video so idk what to do about that. like i said its only some videos so for all i know it could be the videos' problem and not mine. speaking of purple it flashes purple any time the resolution changes. idk if thats normal to an amd card as this is the first amd card ive ever purchased. but happens for a second on startup, starting any game or anytime i try to mess with the resolution. minor annoyance but it only last a second.

Overall Review: if i could go back in time and reorder i think i would try this card again, i ordered asus becuase ive always used asus and didnt want to break the theme of my system, but after reading alot of benchmarks the Msi version of this card beat this Asus card 9 games out of 10 by just a few fps i think at max 3 fps. food for thought. i7 4790k 16 gigs quad channel corsair vengeance @ 1866 mhz Asus Rog Maximus 7 formula r9 390x 240gig Crucial M5 OS ssd 500 gig intel SSD for games 4 tb WD black for storage

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They arent too bad for cooling through a radiator11/22/2014 7:32:24 AM

Pros: A pair of these keep my i100 with an 8350 running at about 32 degrees celsius at stock speed, when over clocked to 4.5ghz at idle its about 38 degrees. They run nice and quiet too. under load with the fans turned up to max my overclock is only at 52 celsius. obviously i have room to push my oc further but i like stable and i want my processor to last so i only run my overclock profile when im gaming and recording

Cons: uhhhh one of them started making noise about 2 months ago. it sounds like a bad hard drive struggling to move data. kind of annoying like the old ibm drives. if i open the case and touch the fan for a second it stops making noise for a few minutes then starts up again probably just a bad bearing or something that happens often which is why i deducted only one egg. fans are a moving part and moving parts tend to wear out sometimes. its only a few dollars to replace it, so thats cool with me

Overall Review: Honestly i have all corsair AS and SP fans in my system and only one of them is actin up. my case is nice and cool and its not perfectly quiet but with a game or movie at a normal volume you can just barely hear it and thats only if your paying attention to it. i could turn them down more if i wanted to but i think i found a nice balance between performance and quiet using the i100 software

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Booted up no problem11/22/2014 7:24:40 AM

Pros: I bought this to replace an older Asus td evo board for my kids Phenom II black edition becuase after 3 years the north most pci-e lane died out and the usbs would turn of and back on anytime you bumped the desk. He got a bunch of other new parts including a psu and case and all new fans so it was about a 4 hour install with decent wire management and getting everything perfect to my standards. When i turned it on it fired right up, drivers installed without a hitch and suprisingly his frame rates in CS:Go stabled out some, before on the old pc the fps would bounce between 35 and 60 fps now its between 59 and 60 all the time. he loves it, his boot times feel faster too. The UEFI is easy to use as well i went in clicked the performance mode then switched to advanced mode and checked that the timings were okay for his ram and left everything else at default and it runs so nice for an older pc I'm sure i could fine tune it later and make it even better.

Cons: havent heard any complaints

Overall Review: Im Asus for life. so i always try to go with the best Asus item i can afford at the time. I always see people complaining about thier products but after 10+ years of only using Asus items when i can do so ive only had one bad experience with them. thats not enough to turn me off. This is the best Asus board you can buy for Am3+/FX socket that isnt ROG.

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not bad for a games drive.7/28/2014 9:38:16 AM

Pros: I purchased this with a wd black to replace a raid i had that was on its way out. after the ungodly long amount of time it took to transfer 2.5 tb of data to my new drives i noticed that this drive helped the micro stutter i was noticing with my old raid drives. games play a lot smoother now and even though this isnt being used as an OS drive everything feels a lot snappier now that its in AHCI mode as opposed to raid (i blame that on the 2 dead drives)

Cons: none whatsoever. i cant even find anything to be picky about

Overall Review: the packaging was decent, it goes along with my 60gb crucial M4 OS drive and all is well with my system. couldn't be happier for $179. this was a great purchase.

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Not bad for gaming monitor6/27/2014 12:35:51 AM

Pros: colors looks amazing blacks are black, whites are white purples are rich its very colorful compared to my last tv. no screen tearing in ff14 with 115 average fps without vsync on in an SLI'd setup. it looks smooth and im really picky about that stuff as i have a sensitivity to micro-stutter. with this tv there is none. cleanscan is bundled in with cinema mode and works as it advertises. almost no blur! over all im happy with my purchase and if you bought this tv after reading everything i say in cons and other you would be too after gaming on it for a few hours. For $379(on sale). this thing was a steal.

Cons: i didnt get an owners guide that explains all of its features. i got a warranty pamphlet,a quick start guide and a resource guide but no book to read about how to use the firmware.becuase of this im still getting it set up perfectly trying different options and such. sitting less than 2 feet away from it i can see the grid between the pixels but if i just barely i lean back in my chair its gone. this thing should look perfect if put my face on the screen but the grid is so small its almost like im imagining it so i asked my kid if he can see it and he said "it looks like a million tiny black squares that are so small they are almost not there at all" 120 hz is not possible until you hook it up to a modem and download a firmware update for it so its not a true 120 hz its like a software overclock inside the tv and to enable it you have to turn on Cinema Mode which is greyed out with the current version of the firmware. this is worth docking an egg for as i figured a company like Toshiba would have true 120 hz. and i bought this tv for its 120 hz function

Overall Review: dynamic lighting makes everything darker. dynamic contrast looks bad for me on everything but the low setting. i get a little texture flicker with the edges of moving leaves on trees but i think that can be fixed once i have it set up properly.

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they work great6/27/2014 12:10:37 AM

Pros: I bought these Corsair Vengeance sticks to go with an AMD 8350 and a crosshair V formula Z board. They booted up first try. i set my timings and voltage... over clocked my processor to 4.8 ghz. ran prime 95 and it ran for 6 hours no problem. this ram is really responsive @ 1866 mhz. i dont notice any identifiable wait time when clicking on stuff and programs seem to open up and be ready to use instantly. my system is blazing fast. no microstutter in games with SLI'd 760s. and running stable.

Cons: if i have to be picky it would be that when i seated these sticks they didnt seem to be spaced evenly. that kind of irked me so i shut my pc down and used my finger to move each one where it looked like it was supposed to be. didnt have to push hard at all and now my red and black color scheme looks amazing. judst wish i dint have to take that risk in the first place

Overall Review: if your a budget gamer like me that cant afford to go with intel or your an AMD fanboy then get the 1600 mhz version of this stuff and itll be perfect for you. the only reason i went with a faster set of sticks is becuase ill be doing alot of video editing as i start to record my gameplay for you tube. but any normal gamer doesnt need that kind of frequency for gaming; 1600 mhz is the sweet spot for AMD processors even if thier boards boast a max of 2400mhz... i just got rid of 4 gskill trident x 2400 mhz sticks for these 1866's becuase it was too much stress on the imc and i had to underclock/undervolt them and then over clock my northbridge to have them stable and get my system running right and even then my sli had micro stutter becuase it was liek my timings were all off plus my north bridge was like 8 degrees hotter than it needed to be.. didnt think that was healthy for my pc so i had to buy these to fix a problem that should have been more apparent when i bought my processor. the fx 8350 does not "support" over 1600mhz. so even though its possible to use over 1600mhz it can be more of a headache then its worth. save yourself apprx $200 and get the right ram the first time around.

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Used it for my Northbridge6/21/2014 5:11:36 PM

Pros: Used it for my Northbridge on a Crosshair V formula Z and northbrige temps dropped 10 degrees celsius. Non Conductive. The best there is for Thermals

Cons: it was a little messy to work with but what paste isnt?

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This thing is great5/14/2014 2:25:12 AM

Pros: Sounds great, bass doesnt sound distorted even with music, sure an audiophile might complain but i have a car with a system when i want super bass. These things hit but not too hard and i like it as it sounds perfectly balanced with the treble. Also people sound clearer and you hear things you normally wouldn't pick up when using speakers. The mic works in that people tell me my voice sounds crystal clear and that it doesnt pick up other noise in the room they are comfortable for hours(my longest gaming session this past weekend was 12 hours) on end and they dont make my ears tired even with glasses on.

Cons: its not really a big issue, certainly not enough to drop an egg but just to be critical about my review and having to think about a con i kind of wish the material for the ear-pads were made of cloth. they seem like a really thin genuine leather and the pad underneath feels poofy and really soft, i don't know if they will end up cracking down the road but the material seems really flexible so that shouldn't be an issue, but the only thing i can complain about is when i go to remove the headset it feels like they are stuck to my head in that i almost have to peel the seal off the side of my face i guess that could be a good thing too depending how you look at it or personal preference..

Overall Review: I had spent hours looking at headsets and narrowing down at all the ones i wanted and trying to stick with my PCs color scheme. At the end, i had my choices down to this and the Corsair Vengeance 1500. Ultimately i chose this becuase the vengeance1500's review rating was less then 50% 5 eggs and this was like 60% at the time; and these had signifigantly less deal breaking complaints. As soon as i put these on, heard the sound and tested the mic in vent, i was sure that i made the right choice the right choice.

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Update to Poopsface Review3/28/2014 5:57:43 AM

Pros: thier customer service is definately better then i expected. The fine young woman that i spoke with was very helpful and is sending me 2 new controllers to make up for the 1 broken one that had i received. we have been talking back and forth privately and im not so "poopsface" about the sale anymore. its looking like ill be able to use these controllers afterall. and she did great. and for this reason ill will add 2 eggs back for good customer service but for those other 2 eggs i will only give a maximum of 1 more egg if i can get these things to work properly in windows 7 64 bit in the next week or so and when i do ill post yet another review that gives directions on how to install this for any who might buy this in the future and maybee even a link if possible to help everyone else out

Cons: nothing bad to say at this point

Overall Review: now if i can just find the right driver online and get windows to recognize this thing as a playstation 2 controller instead of "USB controller" so i can use the right thumbstick to pan my camera in games then these will work for more then just side scrollers or snes/nes emulators

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Thanks Newegg!3/27/2014 10:29:46 AM

Pros: Free gift. such a suprise. love it. its comfortable and warm. my kid wants to steal it form me. ill never leave home with out during cold months until its sun faded and has holes in it lol

Cons: hmmm think of a con think of a con... nope sorry cant do it

Overall Review: never even expected this to show up at my door until there was a box sitting on my porch and im like hmm wonder what that is! gotta say that was a very excellent gesture Newegg thank you!

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great3/27/2014 10:26:01 AM

Pros: a google search of this stuff boasts 3-5 degrees cooler than arctic silver 5 and its true.

Cons: none

Overall Review: odnt use the rice grain method. use a card and spread it out. i tested this then tested arctic silver and then ended up reapplying this. its definately 3 to 5 degrees cooler. one thing i will say is when i first put this on i did the rice grain method and i used probably 2mm more then a grain of rice. this stuff doesnt burn in like other compounds and it wont spread to all 4 edges of your CPU. im glad i tested it becuase once i spread it out the way they instruct you to you get the best cooling for your cpu that your cooler can give.

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this PSU is a beast3/27/2014 10:18:47 AM

Pros: all the power you could need and then some

Cons: none that i can think of

Overall Review: eehhh i was having an issue with a new setup and i couldnt figure out if the psu was putting out too much power or the motherboard was sending to much power to my usbs and my hardddrives. aparently there was an issue somewhere that i didnt find until after it killed my mouse and now my hard drives sound like they are farting when reading or transferring files. how did i fix it? i taped off all connectors that had metal showing at all to eliminate any possiblilty of a short and at the same time i unplugged the 3rd 4pin from the motherboard as that could have been a problem(eventhough that 3rd 4pin was supposed to add overclock stability i unplugged it on a whim and my hard drives stopped groaning on startup BUT its too late and the damage is done and i have to buy new drives becuase with this psu with a crosshair v formula z and that 3rd 4 pin or your mouse might suffer the same fate My cpu runs fine without the that 4pin anyway overclocked to 4.8ghz

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Love it.3/27/2014 10:09:32 AM

Pros: Quad channel, 2400 mhz is soo fast if your board can support it. works with AMD or Intel

Cons: the AMD 8350 does not technically support 2400mhz ram (1866 max) it will work with it at 2400 mhz but it limits CPU overclock ability due to northbridge heat(at least for me i cant speak for anyone else)and it was a bit of a hassle learning how to underclock ram and what latencys i should use to get it down to 1866 stable but oncei got it set like that im actually seeing 3% more performance from the ram then i was at 2400MHZ with no CPU overclock. plus! that lower CL latency is so sexy. with my 8-10-10-31 2t timings with my read to read set to 5 and lower voltage then stock(cant remember the exact voltages but i think i hit the - button 3 times and that was as far as i could go with it and have it still stress test)

Overall Review: if your planning on buying an 8350 do youself a favor and buy the 1866 version of this ram and youll have alot easier time setting it up manually

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does its job, only one little quirk that maybee someone will see this and fix it for the next gen of the all in ones3/27/2014 10:00:41 AM

Pros: works great. stock clock temps of 30 celsius 49 celsius @ 4.8ghz on an AMD 8350

Cons: worth deducting an egg off. buy beware the fan connectors on the pump do not have any kind of click or bump when the fan cable is inserted properly, they are very cheaply soldered to the board, when i first opened this up i was in my room where there wasnt good lighting and i didnt use too much force to plug in the cable, but when i double checked the cable was inserted all the way i managed to break the connector off the board and when i pulled on the cable the whole peice of plastic came with it. pump still works though but it would have been nice if it had some indication that it was in right

Overall Review: nothing i can think of it will def hold me over happily once i put this in a push pull until i can start getting parts for a full custom loop

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theres something not quite right...3/25/2014 11:08:55 AM

Pros: the board is fast it overclocks great games are smooth as can be with an 8350 and 2 760s be warned that the 8350 does not "support" 2400mhz ram and to overclock your ram that high to get the advertised speed will reduce your ability to clock the processor higher then 2.4ghz before it puts a strain on the northbridge and also having to worry about your socket burning up also note at 2.4 ghz windows performance is actually degraded. where click time seems laggy and icons do not show up right away on boot. the best if gotten so far was 4.4ghz with my ram underclocked to 1866 but i dont want to push it any more until i get a better cooling setup in this case(no manual controller on the tower)

Cons: i built this last week and since the first time ive powered it on my hard drives have been groaning in agony whenever my system boots and my mouse profile would make this annoying tick sound whenever moving the mouse or clicking. ive rebuilt it twice eliminating all possibility of user error making sure that nothing was shorting(which i had thought solved my mouse and hard drive problem becuase they stopped making that sound they were off balance for a second). well the last night i set up my power plan for max performance and decided with my fans running at 85% all the time it may be smart to allow to sleep. and left it run for the first time ever over night. while i was sleeping the computer went to sleep when i woke up it wasswitching back and forth from OC profile and the stock profile for what i can ony guess is was trying to wake itself from sleep and long story short i had to load optimized defaults to get back into windows. as soon as i got back into windows my wow cataclysm mouse(yeah it was old but it worked perfectly in my old system, 15 buttons dont judge me) died pointer speed was normal and then it just got slower and slower as the side of my mouse got hotter and hotter until it stopped responding. tried it in another tower and windows recognizes it but it never responds to clicks or movement. RIP mouse. my hard drives are now sounding like they are farting without pause anytime i transfer a file through my raid im still scratching my head on if this is an issue with the power supply or if the system is putting out too much power to my drives and usbs. nothing else is showing issues. ive tried everything i can possibly to think of to get this board running right and im at a loss becuase this is obviously beyond anything ive come across in 18 years of building pcs. i wish i owned a multimeter!

Overall Review: im actually about to power this beast of a computer off till i can get my friend over here to take a look through it all and see if he can find a problem before it kills my hard drives too

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