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love it7/15/2016 9:38:27 AM

Pros: - looks awesome - makes cable management a breeze - hidden power supply/mechanical drives - power button, audio jacks, and usb ports on TOP - not very many cases had this, and my desk setup called for it, and few cases offered this convenience

Cons: - couldn't plug in case cables at the bottom of an atx motherboard without blocking one of the built in SSD locations, but might be able to sqeeze it with more effort. most likely varies mobo by mobo, mine just happened to have that plug right where the ssd's cables would be coming out the back of the ssd, and stiff cables obstructed one another. lucky for me i only used one SSD, so other slot worked fine. - with two 140mm intake fans at the front (with dust filter) and only one 120 exhaust, it gets extremely dusty. i'm talking covered enough you can't see the black surfaces within days! this is mostly because of how open the ulfiltered back is, making it impossible to get positive pressure (obviously i guess). i tried adding a filter to the top vent and placed a 3rd 140mm intake just to see if it would change the dust situation by increasing pressure, and, despite feeling airflow coming out of every opening, it still gets extremely dusty just as quickly. ... that being said, it's easy enough to clean the filters and spray out the inside with compressed air, just expect to do it more often than with cases that don't have a quarter inch gap down half the back of the case.

Overall Review: if appearance of dust is my only complaint, i think that says a lot about the quality of the case otherwise, it's practically a nit-pick in the grand scheme of things. if you have no need of an optical drive, and are considering this case, get it. it's plain, but shows off the goods, it hides the cabling extremely well, and accommodates bigger cpu heatsinks like the 212 evo/cryorig h7 confortably, with a nice easy access cutout for the bracket installation to the motherboard. my only regret is that white was out of stock at the time of ordering, because black shows every smudge/fingerprint that much more clearly.

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It's a SSD2/25/2016 8:40:31 AM

Pros: massive improvement coming from a traditional 7200 rpm hdd, no complaints here, completely plug and play, worked with no fuss in my new skylake machine :)

Cons: none

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worth every penny8/27/2012 1:37:41 AM

Pros: Bought this in april on sale for around 270, spent a TON of time looking for the best deal, and this referb (although a gamble) was the best bang for the buck that wasnt from a weird company i couldnt find info on. thought i was taking too much of a risk but just dove in, haven't regretted it once. i DID get the 1 year newegg warranty for ~30, so all in all paid 300, still havent seen a tv under 450 that's as nice! pristine out of the box, as far as i could tell, was new, not referbished! use this many hours a day for consoles, television, and as a computer monitor, and ZERO problems. if there is anything to indicate the TV i got was referb, i have yet to see it. great tv for a great price, even now. 0 regrets.

Cons: my only complaint is that i missed it when it was only $250 if i have any problems, i will be sure to post again.

Overall Review: wish it had more component/rca connections, but i knew that when i bought it, 3 HDMI is perfect, just wish i could have more older consoles connected without an outside switchbox the giant Vizio button on the controller goes to a USB picture input that i will never use, takes a while to switch away from, and i bump the button often, wish i could disable it or change what it went to (favorite input channel perhaps?) not really a complaint, just odd.

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Amazing Product!7/19/2008 1:27:03 PM

Pros: my computer was operating under full load at under 45C, idle around 31. this is amazing. i had heating problems with my previous system, idling near 50c. the fins aren't sharp at all, i expected some uts installing, but it went smooth. only problem i had was working around the heatsink to install my 8 pin CPU power connector, was a doozy but that was from my small case more than the heatsink. also, its hard to see inthe picture but this comes with a generous portion of thermal paste (you can kinda see it under the yellow paper in the screws bag in the photo).. saved me a bit there.

Cons: its so quiet sometimes i have to open m ycase to reassure myself the fan on it is actually running.. wait.. that isn't a con..

Overall Review: the bracket is a bit nerve wracking to install, but any time i have screwdrivers that close to my Mobo i get a bit ancy...

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DOA for me..7/17/2008 10:26:44 AM

Pros: I like the protection and labeling on the wires, it did make it simple and easy to install into my case..

Cons: Flimsy case design (when ever i went to pick it up the sides bowed in enough to scare me, didnt seem to hold its own weight very well). DOA!!! ive always had good quality from rosewill, this one may be a fluke, but from the other reviews here im not so sure. perhaps this model just isnt up to par..

Overall Review: shortly after i got it in the case, turned it on and NOTHING. the led inside the power switch received power, but when i turned it on and tried to boot the system, all it did was make the LED"s on my Mobo flicker. popped in a similar PSU i have and system started right up.. disappointing. didnt even get to see the pretty LED's on the PSU light up..

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