2/28/2010 1:05:49 AM

Pros: HDMI, let me say it again HDMI... really if you are hooking this up to a tv or anything hd is there anything more that I have to say but that it has HDMI as an actual stock port!!!! it's big and nice looking too, fan can be loud if set high, I set mine to run at 35% (to match what my case fans high sounds) and it dropped load temps to 70 C degrees tops under load. I play wow with ultra setting and it eats it up, only lag now is blizz's fault! 2 free games as well...

Cons: Guess I have to type something here, ati drivers aren't always the "easiest" to work with and ... for windows 7 x64 before there were some issues with black/blank screens after the login screen if you used sleep or hibernate mode. for me I just turned all these off and have had no probs and also I believer ccc 10.2 fixed all that.....

Overall Review: great customer service if you need it I was a nvidia fan, but with this purchase I'm an Ati radeon fan big time. just won me over with this card makes everything look so beautiful Guess ati is only one figuring out that at least in America HDMI took over dvi as a standard for home entertainment of any kind not sure what the rest of the world is doing or thinking but tv's in America have been almost using hdmi for the last what 4 years now as the standar hd interface (yes, component is still most used, but if you can afford it you will most definitely be using hdmi ) I mean come on audio recievers are starting to use hdmi and the standard interface for home entertainment. Just wondering, and think its pretty silly that only ati makes graphics cards with a built in hdmi port, and not some (word I couldnt use here lol) dvi to hdmi adaptar. Well good job ATI and shame on nvidia, so guess now I'm a customer, and a happy one of ATI!!!

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2/28/2010 12:53:40 AM

Pros: This is an amazing chip for $200 or less, really freaken amazing. This was for my first build, paired with crosshair III and mushkin 8gb , windows 7 x64 and wow everything started up right away passed sisSandra and just wow . So easy to tweak too, went into bios and set to 1.25 and looking good. want better temps honestly? go water cooling or don't complain about temps esp since you will prob never load this in real world unless that's what your mission is. ( or benchmarking of course) But really for the price its a steal, really so for all intents and purposes you're basically getting a chip for half the price if not what 1/5 th the price of the i7 extreme chip. Im very impressed and gonna go amd from now on, just no reason to throw the extra $ away just for a name. ( unless maybe you're into extreme overclocking and trying to set world records ?)

Cons: hm... gotta nitpick here and I really can't find any except for some of the reviewers that made buying this a more difficult decision than it should have been. Really this is my first build, and although I'm not an idiot with comps, it worked for me so unless it's doa You are doing something wrong, sorry it had to be said.

Overall Review: STOP THINKING AND BUY THIS!! (you won't be disappointed) stock setting (put in 1.25v in bios) it scores roughly 18,900 in 3dmark06. (with hd 5870, wd velocoraptor 10k 300gb, mushkin 996657 2 sets 8gb total and windows 7 x64) messing around got it to 3.9ghz w/ stock cooler and it scored a nice 20932 score !!!

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2/28/2010 12:42:49 AM

Pros: fast, fast, fast.... Runs great, can't hear it over my case/cpu fan unless I'm really trying. Since its really my first comp build I can't really compare it to anything but my samsung 2 tb in same build.

Cons: no retail version? but I don't think it matters since mobo came with all the wiring I needed so didn't even have to buy the sata cable

Overall Review: really happy with this purchase, think instead of buying bigger drive just raid 2 of these together and you're smoking fast....

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2/28/2010 12:39:59 AM

Pros: lots of fans, lots of room even behind mobo tray, as I got all of my wires between that and the panel. My first case for my first build and I have to say amazing for the price. Had no problems installing anything at all

Cons: Hm... bigger window for the side panel? removable mobo tray maybe and last no hole behind mobo cpu chip but I'm just listing these cons so there are some cons lol

Overall Review: really for me it was the haf 932, friends said check out the antec 1200, and this case. I got this case and could not be happier. it was my first build and I even managed to hide all the cable between the side panel and mobo tray. Looks really nice and sharp and like a part of my furniture.

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2/28/2010 12:35:50 AM

Pros: it works

Cons: its white?

Overall Review: black or gray would be nicer, but i guess harder to find screws and such

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