Great Board, good price11/3/2011 8:52:28 AM

Pros: Installed this board last night with an i5-2500. Post'd first time, no issues. I love the on board LED debug function. BIOS has a nice Graphical interface

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: When i bought this board, I didn't realize there was no IDE connection. I panicked for a second since my older optical drive was useless and thus would be unable to reinstall windows. If you're looking at this board, it might be easy to overlook upgrading your optical drive if your legacy equipment is meeting your needs, but this board will not be able to run IDE drives. This was completely my oversight as IDE is not listed in the detailed run down, just a last minute oops. Fortunately, I was able to partition a USB stick with a copy of the install CD and changed the BIOS settings to boot from USB first. Also watch the flex on the board as you seat your RAM and 24pin. No creakage or snapping, but there was a little more give than I expected.

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