Best bang for your buck7/19/2010 10:27:35 AM

Pros: Have had these headphones for more then a year now, still work amazing. I never have to turn them up all the way, it would be way to loud. Last pair of headphones I bought were some super expensive sonys that blew after less the a year. So these ones are cheaper and better.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Super fast shipping, thnks newegg.

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Not the best router7/19/2010 10:24:53 AM

Pros: It works, setup was easy through the install cd. Anyone can setup this router with very little computer experience. Got it working within 3 minutes. First 2 months of the router experienced no problems. I have 3 computers hooked up to it and can easily be downloading files at 300 kb/s on 1st computer, and be streaming hulu and the 2nd computer, while browsing the net on the 3rd computer. But thats more thanks to my ISP then the router.

Cons: During the past month after having no issues for the first 2 months, I have had to hard reset the router 2 times for freezing issues. 3 times and random occasions the wifi reception went all the way down for about 5 min, and speeds were super slow. I checked to see if I had the latest firmware and I did. Not sure why this is happening but if it continues on a weekly basis I will return for warranty.

Overall Review: Newegg super fast shipping, will always continue to buy from here.

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