Fairly good case overall11/4/2009 3:46:49 PM

Pros: Overall the case is a study construction and it arrived undamaged. It is the smallest case I found that would fit a full-sized ATX board and does not have a floating power supply slot. Having the power supply at the bottom is a big plus for me. I really like the fact that the case comes with five fans, sweet stuff.

Cons: Fresh out of the box I heard rattling. Found a pin, screw, black nub, and plastic washer all rattling around in the case which turned out to be 2 separate issues. 1st, the door to the front of the case is held on with 2 pins on the right hand side when looking at the case from the front. One pin is at the top of the door and the other at the bottom. The pin at the top of the door had fallen out. 2nd issue was one of the nubs that hold the clear plastic window to the metal side wall of the case (left side when looking at the case from the front) had come off because the screw was stripped. I super glued it back into place. The case did not come with additional nubs for the 2nd open fan slot on the clear window side of the case. All of the nubs cover the sharp tips of the screws. When I ordered the case I also ordered an additional fan for that spot and have to come up with a way to cover the sharp tips of the screws when I put it in now.

Overall Review: Front face door hides the five drive bays (I knew that when I bought the case), this is just a personal annoyance because I really don’t need the protection that the door offers. I thought it irritating to have to open the door every time I would want to put a DVD or CD into one of my optical drives, so I just took it off completely and it looks better now I think. The Tool-less easy installation design is nice for easily adding optical drives and hard drives, but I also like the fact that I can remove them from out of the case if I want to secure my drives with screws instead. Lastly, the fans in the case are one speed only and do not have a variable speed switch. Not too bummed about that, but is a nice feature if you wanted to turn up or turn down the fan speed.

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Fixed my Issue8/18/2009 11:34:21 AM

Pros: No drivers needed to use. Headphone and microphone ports clearly marked. Large enough not to be an inconvenience, but small enough to not take up very much room wherever you place it.

Cons: NOT REALLY A CON, but it is not ideal to use in a USB port where it is crowded around lots of other USB cables or ports right next to the adapter itself. The adapter is sightly wider and taller then a USB port itself. Which makes sense due to the fact that the end of the adapter was made wide enough to fit the headphone and microphone connectors.

Overall Review: I work at home for a world-wide call center company. Needed a new pair of headphones and wanted to buy my own. Upon using my new headphones in a test call, the person at the other end of the line complained of hearing their own voice echoing; I could not hear any echoing whatsoever. Had this issue before and my company solved it by being issued me a pair of headphones that used a USB connector instead of the standard dual-jack PC connectors (one for the headset and the other for the mic). The pair of headphones I bought did not come with a USB adapter. Bought this adapter because it was the cheapest of the three I found on Newegg. After installing the adapter, my work computer recognized the adapter right-away (without installing drivers). No more echoing, problem solved.

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