Easy set up8/27/2018 6:40:25 PM

Pros: Worked well for a couple months. WAS a great little monitor

Cons: Developed a loose connection. Now 5 months later total black screen. Replace cord didnt work. Plugged into tv pc is working so i got a paper weight now..

Overall Review: I may try another one. Perhaps i got a lemon. Stuff happens.... UPDATE ...OK here I am after having tech issues with other vendors. I called customer service and I will tell you what, I am happy to have had a glitch and had it happen dealing with Newegg. Class act guys n gals. just down to earth common sense support, I am buying another one. Its on the way and I got steered to some solutions. Better than other online vendors. Whom evidently cant be named here . Better than a few prior dealings I have had recently. They just seemed like well trained free thinking people. So anyway my experience with the monitor not great ..but Newegg great. That's why I have another on the way from new egg. Ill send the other off to Dell. I will let you all know of my experience with DELL

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