what is this freezing?9/7/2014 2:20:31 PM

Pros: I've had this board running my whs2011 server for over a year now and like the other three ASRock MB's I have, it's rock solid. Perhaps it is the low price point catching the eye of a new PC builder with little to no experience, IDK, just know ASRock is alright by me. This board in particular is a great value, hard to find a sub 100.00 board with SLI, and they wisely put the PCI-e in a spot where the GPU won't interfere like so many others.

Cons: Due to the board being narrower than some, it doesn't have support on the edge opposite the I/O panel. If this bothers you, or you are ham fisted, you can get standoffs to support the edge of the board.

Overall Review: Buying a second on of these boards for a spare for my 1155 systems, not many options these days for LGA 1155 ATX boards.

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original purchase date 6/5/20129/3/2014 1:56:12 PM

Pros: Previously reviewed this RAM upon completion of the new PC build. It's been an extremely fast ram, was setup in bios with XMP.

Cons: Unfortunately, it appears one memory module has become defective. Started having a few BSoD's just a few months back and they've increased in frequency to the point they were happening nearly ever night and a couple times throughout the day. Originally thought it was my GTX670 FTW Sig2 as whocrashed kept referencing this drive, swapped video cards, same issue. Decided to pull one pair of the RAM modules. Apparently I pulled a good pair, instant BSoD on bootup, before windows loads. Have narrowed it down to the offending module, all others will boot and not BSoD in any memory slot, or in any combination of the memory.

Overall Review: I buy G Skill exclusively, have it in all 7 desktop PC's, this is the first time I've ever had one go bad. Have contacted G Skill support and will await to see how their support is. Will post back if module is replaced.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear G.Skill RAM has been working well in your system. This is a high capacity, high performance memory kit that is great for any system builder. Take advantage of any dual or quad channel motherboard to fully maximize the bandwidth of the CPU processing power. Paired along with a GTX670, you should have a great gaming machine. It is strange a module is not working properly, but don't worry, we can replace it right away. The G.Skill RMA process is quick and hassle free, so your computer can be back up to full speed in no time. For any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for choosing G.Skill GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/
External Link(s):
G.Skill RMA procedure
Good green drives (2TB)9/2/2014 2:58:14 PM

Pros: Never had a problem with the EZRX green drives, but then again, never had a problem with any of the other models of WD green drives including EURS and EARX.

Cons: none, they arrived in just the knick of time!

Overall Review: My servers client backup drive was down to ~10GB free space when I ordered these, it was down to ~1GB free space when they arrived two days later. Replaced that drive with these green drives and used drive pool to combine the drives as well as enable file duplication. If one were to fail, this allows me to still access the same files on the functioning drive.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good price, works without hassle9/2/2014 2:53:37 PM

Pros: It just works, no fuss, no muss. Connected to my Netgear router, connected my Sony STR-DN1020 AVR and my Samsung UN46D6000 TV to this device. Both units have internet access, streams audio and video from a router connected HTPC to both AVR and TV as it should without issue.

Cons: none

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heavy cables9/2/2014 2:49:47 PM

Pros: Beefy cables, shouldn't kink these. Works

Cons: fairly stiff

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As expected, good UPS8/29/2014 12:27:53 PM

Pros: Having had the BE750G and 3 BE550G UPS units, when I was in the market for another, I decided to get this BE650G1 while on sale. Even thought none of these are true sine wave UPS, I only have Corsair and Cooler Master PSU's, and they all work flawlessly with these UPS models. Try taking an active PFC PSU, connected to a non true sine wave UPS, unplug the UPS and see what happens. Most PC's will just be off, as if power was out without any UPS. With the BE models, and a corsair PSU, pulling the plug is a non issue. With the Cooler Master PSU, you can hear a slight buzz from the PSU. For a short period of time, this isn't going to harm the PSU, by short period of time I mean 15 to 20 minutes. Every active PFC PSU manufacturer's PSU will respond differently to a non true sine wave PSU, such as Antec, which will simply act as if power has been removed from the PC.

Cons: Unlike the BE750G, the 550 and 650 will not report the wattage draw from the attached equipment. Not really a con, just a nice feature that is on the 750 when using the power chute software. Personally, I don't care for the power chute software and let Windows take control. If you have installed powerchute, and then removed it, and wonder why you no longer have battery options in power management, go to your device manager and uninstall whatever APC UPS model is listed, and uninstall the drivers when asked. Wait a few seconds, then scan for hardware changes. Windows will pick up the UPS and install it and your battery options will be back in business. No, windows will not report the exact model or brand.

Overall Review: Having PC's ranging from k2600K, OC'd to 4.4GHz with SLI video to H77 chipset boards using built in graphics, using the BF750G to determine the draw from each PC at max performance was a real eye opener. My highest wattage PC with an i7 2600K and dual GTX560Ti FPB in SLI drew a whopping ~330 watts while gaming. At idle it was less than 150 watts. My average PC at idle, with dedicated GPU runs roughly ~80 watts. My home server, an i7-3770, no dedicated GPU, 6 HDD's will run ~25 minutes on a BE550G. I have 4 BE550G models, 1 of which maintains 2 PC's each. I bought the BE650G1 and have my home server and another E8400 dual core desktop connected to it along with a mybooklive, netgear router and my wireless internet power supply. Living in the country it isn't uncommon to have voltage fluctuations, and these UPS's take care of that. I have yet to have one fail to safely shutdown a PC on the rare occasion that power is out an extended period of time, usually power is out for less than 5 minutes, and from any UPS connected PC, I'm online doing whatever as if power wasn't out.

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just an FYI8/25/2014 6:05:49 AM

Pros: To anonymous: Your con is a direct indication that the battery is failing in the UPS in whish you thought the copier was causing some sort of issue. What is actually happening, with the copier causing a bit of a brown out, so to speak, your UPS is switching to battery, your battery is no longer capable of holding a good charge, enough not to cause a warning issue, but not enough to maintain the PC for a few seconds. With the USB cable plugged in, and the UPS switching to battery, it is triggering the software's critical battery level action of shutting down, the PC. You need to replace that battery ASAP. Simply unplugging the USB cable corrects the issue at the moment, but what will happen when you have a full blown black out is that the PC will simply act as if power just went out. Don't believe me, just unplug the UPS with the PC running. If it's in warranty, have APC replace the battery now. Been there, done that.

Cons: none

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Purchased 6/13/127/21/2014 12:41:50 PM

Pros: This is my third review of this item since I bought it a little over two years ago. At first, I gave it a glowing review. It worked like a charm, as advertised. After about a year, probably a dozen drives duplicated later, I posted back about the 4 pin molex power connector being finicky, just took some placement in the right spot, once connected and recognized by USB on PC, all was dandy. Moving along...

Cons: This 4 pin molex connector, by the time I'd duplicated maybe 2 dozen drive tops, was nearly impossible to make connection. This morning, While trying to clone another drive, everything attached, nothing was happening, then suddenly, the ding d(o)ng from Windows, USB adapters installed... Awesome, I'm in business again. Launched the software and start the drive clone. Didn't touch a thing. It starts out with about 32 minutes remaining, then suddenly jumps to 7 minutes remaining and I'm getting write errors. Uh oh, USB connection is lost. Let's try this again. OUCH!, that SSD drive is freaking HOT!!! so is the Apricorn adapter!

Overall Review: Well, after two year, this unit is in the trash. I can't really complain after two years. When it worked, it was a real time saver not having to reinstall windows and download ALL those updates again. Every time the software said it was a successful clone, I'd simply swap the drives, fire up the computer, one restart for new SSD driver and I was in business. I don't mind so much when an electronic unit fails after a couple of years (yes, it's sad that in this day and age, that's what people come to expect out of electronics anymore...), but what sorta kinda bums me out is that the OCX drive that was connected to it is totally dead, this drive is less than a year old, had very little use and had already been used twice with this Apricorn adapter for having a OS cloned on to it with perfect success. Fortunately, it was one of my cheap drives, one I never really cared for. So I decided to pitch this Apricorn adapter before I get tempted to hook one of my beloved Samsung SSD drives to it, if it were to fry one of those, I'd be a little more miffed. This was a great piece of hardware, but extremely cheaply built. You;ll see my last review of this product isn't that far down, and the one right above mine mentioned frying a drive. I can confirm that it indeed can fry a drive, so buyer beware. Guess I'll give the USB 3.0 cable a try next, it's a shame, I liked this one because of its flexibility for use with several types of IDE/SATA drives. If they were to actually make this thing a lot more robust, I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase, even at USB 2 speed, it's that convenient, but now the risk has exceeded the reward.

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Quality card, low power consumprtion7/21/2014 10:02:45 AM

Pros: I installed this in an old E8400 Intel Dual Core system that is OC'd to 4.1 GHz, The card I had in the system was a EVGA GTX650. WEI with the GTX650 was 7.3, with this GTX750Ti SC it is now 7.7. That's a nice jump, if it means anything to anyone. The biggest benefit over the 650 that I saw was that this 750 doesn't use a 6 pin power connector like the 650 does. The PSU in this system is a Corsair CX430, seems to handle either card in this rig fine.

Cons: I was a little disappointed, after noticing the increase in the WEI rating, to find out I had no real increase in FPS in about the only game I play which is World of Tanks. With the GTX650, I was using medium settings and getting ~50-70fps. Installed the GTX750Ti SC, same setting on WoT and I get the same ~50-70fps. The GTX650 has 1GB GDDR5 vs this GTX750Ti SC having 2GB GDDR5

Overall Review: Didn't really gain anything with this card, but it's nice to know that it performs at a level and doesn't require extra power. With the black I/O shield, it is very aesthetically pleasing. It's as quiet as the GT640 and GTX650, has a bigger fan than either of those as well. If you are looking for a bargain gaming card, this would probably fit your bill.

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Another excellent Asus Monitor7/17/2014 1:41:10 PM

Pros: I had purchased the VX238H and was as please with it as I've been with my VS 238 and 248 I've had for a couple years now. I passed on this one initially because some reviews comments on washed out colors. The VX248 had no such comments. After the 248 turned out to be awesome, I wanted to try this one. When first turned on, yes the colors were washed out. I opened the menu and it was set to 'standard' I changed it to 'scenery' and it was as sharp and clear as I could ask for, colors were vibrant, looked every bit as good as the VX248 and the VS monitors.

Cons: None for me

Overall Review: What I like better about this VX series monitors over the VS series is that this has one VGA and two HDMI and the monitor will automatically switch the input. I am currently using this with two PC's that are both connected to an IOgear KVM. One PC uses the IOgear VGA cable, the other uses one of the included DVI to HDMI cables. Tapping my scroll lock twice switches the KVM between the two PC's and the monitor switches to the active PC, regardless of input. The VS series, at least mine, have one VGA, one DVI and one HDMI. Both will automatically switch between VGA and DVI, but won't switch to HDMI if it loses signal to both the VGA and DVI input. Not a huge deal, I just press the input button.

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So far, very pleased with the difference7/17/2014 6:18:37 AM

Pros: I have several PC's in my house and all are Networked wireless that are in various bedrooms. I have always used the Netgear WNA3100 adapter and Netgear routers. This has done a satisfactory job for me. House is an older wood structure two story. With the Netgear adapters, the PC's upstairs typically connected to the router at worst ~81kpbs, but generally around ~120kpbs. To my surprise, this Asus N13 connects at ~150-180kpbs, and my file transfers confirms this little bit of speed increase. I'm using this in the Netgear cradle, see cons.

Cons: The cradle extension is really short, it's about long enough to reach from a PC sitting on the floor, to your desktop, and then it doesn't give you much room to relocating. For this reason, I'm still using Netgear's cradle. The light is SUPER bright in comparison to the WNA3100 indicator light. In a dark room, when it's flashing, you can easily see across the room, gonna have to blacken that out a bit.

Overall Review: Over all very please with this adapter. Setup was super easy. Ran the utility/driver CD that came with it and during setup you have the option to use the ASUS utility or the windows wireless utility. This made me happy. I don't like a lot of bloatware so selecting the windows wireless utility, it installs only the drivers. Very nice! Bought these on sale, it's what made me try them, got two, wish I had bought more. Gonna have to seriously look in the a new Asus AC router and see if combining bands will improve speed for me more.

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Worked, nothing spectacular7/17/2014 6:01:25 AM

Pros: Having a dual band router, I wanted to try a dual band Network adapter. I had read many reviews and knew heading in that the 5GHz range isn't as good, but gave it a try. They are right, the range isn't very good. I did connect with my router from 2nd to first floor with one to two bars, showing 54-80kbps speed. I've purchased a LOT of the refurbed Netgear adapters, all have been the WNA3100, all have functioned as they should, and I guess this thing functions normal as well. The 2.4GHz range on this adapter was similar to that of the WNA3100. Going to move this to a PC on the first floor that is rather close to the router and see how it does.

Cons: Cable is a bit short, worked in the WNA3100 cradle just fine, which gives it a lot longer cable.

Overall Review: I really don't know if there is an advantage with the 5GHz range for me. I live in the country, I don't have interference, and the WNA3100 adapters I use, when in range, connect to my WNDRMAC router at 300Mbps as it is. Considering switching to the new economical Asus AC router

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Another Eggcellent Asus monitor7/11/2014 12:00:34 PM

Pros: I've had the VS238H and VS248H monitors for almost two years now, and this VX248H is every bit as impressive as those too. I chose this model for the built in speakers as I wanted less desk clutter at work. While the speakers won't overwhelm anyone, they are perfectly acceptable for audio with plenty of volume.

Cons: Both the VS and VX models that I have share the same not so sturdy base. On a solid surface there is no issue, but if you have a thunderhoof walking through your house, the monitor will jiggle.

Overall Review: Going to grab the VX238H while it is on sale after being please with this one, need another for my front counter.

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Excellent speed1/3/2014 7:32:27 AM

Pros: Of all my various SSD's, Samsung is by far my favorite. Also my fastest drives. I started out with a Crucial M4 128GB SSD, followed up by 4 Samsung 830 128 GB SSD's. Those Samsung drives ran circles around the Crucial drive in performance tests, however, in real world use, I really didn't notice any difference. When it came time to upgrade the OS drive in another PC, I chose the 840 EVO and it is as good or better than the Samsung 830 drives I have.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Can't go wrong with Samsung SSD drives. I have 5 PC's booting off them (4 Samsung 830 drives and one 840 Evo drive) as well as a laptop booting from a Samsung 840 drive. Restarting a computer has never been more enjoyable! Sometimes I restart just to amuse myself...

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Perfect for my MSI GE701/3/2014 7:27:36 AM

Pros: With my MSI GE70 laptop having 2 available Msata ports, and an installed 750TB HDD, boot times and program load times were just not up to par with all my other PC's running SSD's I replaced the HDD with a Crucial M4 128GB SSD that I had laying around and picked up this M500 240GB msata to install as a D drive for installing my games too. My new laptop is like it should be now, fast. No issues what so ever.

Cons: none

Overall Review: wish the 240GB drives were the same write speed as the 480GB and up drives, but it's such and improvement, I'm not complaining.

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Loads as local disk, not removable1/2/2014 6:03:30 AM

Pros: It works

Cons: After much research, Sandisk has decided to have all there newer USB drives be listed as Windows 8 certified. In order to be Windows 8 certified, the drive must load as a local disk, and not load as a removable drive.

Overall Review: Since it loads as a local disk, you have the ability to partition the drive in to multiple partitions. This could be a plus for some users (this cannot be done on a drive that loads as removable). The problem with this is, I have two laptops, as about everyone knows now, when you buy a new laptop, most come with some way to create recovery media. The choices are typically DVD and USB drive. While it is always good to create a set of DVD's for recovery, using them is very time consuming as you need to be at the laptop through the whole process and you will be swapping disks in and out multiple times. I'm not talking about swapping disk one out for disk two, I'm talking about swapping the entire set out up to three times to complete the process. If you create a USB recovery drive, its a 'boot from USB' process, follow the prompts and let it do it's thing until it is complete. I have yet to run in to a recovery program from any manufacturer that doesn't require the USB drive to be loaded as removable. I.E. if you buy a sandisk USB drive, and you load the recovery program thinking you are going to create a recovery USB drive, think again. The program will not list this device as an option to use for recovery media. After spending 45.00+ on two different sandisk drives, I found out the hard way, do not use a USB drive certified for windows 8 for this purpose. The irony is, to create a recovery USB drive for my MSI laptop that came with Windows 8, I used a PNY flash drive, not listed as windows 8 certified, in order to get a successful recovery flash drive. This drive works, but a person really needs the option to be able to load it as removable, if Microsoft is going to require it to load as local to be certified. I've used Sandisk in the past, they are reliable, but this process of getting this sorted out has soured me from buying any more of their drives as they can't be used for what I typically need them to be used for.

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Great deal for a gaming laptop12/18/2013 7:25:48 AM

Pros: Price/performance, build quality, keyboard is awesome plus it is backlit (more on this on down), Expansion ability, display, NVidia graphics. I bought this at a competing online store on sale (currently pretty much retail here). I had purchased the GE60 for my son to replace his ageing Asus i3 that just doesn't game at all with integrated graphics. I was so impressed with the graphics performance that I bought this for myself to replace my Sony VAIO that has the NVidia GT540M. The GTX765M is a LOT faster. For expansion, there are two msata connectors. Has the ability to run RAID 0 when both msata connectors are used, or they can simply be used as separate drives. Comes setup in the BIOS as EUFI and the HDD is GPT rather than MBR. Nice recovery program to allow you to create a 5 DVD recovery set or a USB recovery key (this requires at least 14.92GB usable space, and a 16GB USB key has around 14.8GB which isn't enough, I had to go up to a 32 GB USB key in order to create one). Has a button to allow you to boost the cooling fan should a person wish to run it on maximum all the time, otherwise it is regulated as required. The backlighting can be all on, all off, or partially lit, over the typical gaming keys on the left side of the KB. The keyboard on this laptop is the best I've used, the construction of the laptop seems to be top notch, and the style is one of the nicer looking ones IMO.

Cons: touchpad. The one on my GE70 isn't 'bad', but the one on my son's is horrible. Very inconsistent with required touch. Sometimes a light touch works, other times it seems it need to more pressure. I don't like the touchpad buttons as they are simply pressing down on the lower corners of the touchpad. This is pretty much moot for both of us as we use a wireless USB mouse. But seriously, the touchpad could be a LOT better. There were complaints about the touchpad on my Sony VAIO VPCF233FX, but in comparison, the Sony touchpad is far better.

Overall Review: I debated on whether or not to reinstall with windows 7, I dislike windows 8. From reviewing the MSI forum, I noticed some people were having driver compatibility issues with windows 7 so I am staying with windows 8, just adding the Start8 to get my desktop menu back. I had upgraded this laptop to windows 8.1, it was pretty much straight forward and worked fine. However, after upgrading to 8.1 I noticed some features about windows that I use (according to Microsoft it's not a fan favorite so they did away with it completely in windows 8.1), namely the Windows 7 Backup that allows a system image to be created. While windows 8 did away with the windows 7 backup and chose to go with file history instead, they at least left the windows 7 image creation ability in there, it is totally gone in 8.1. Also, I have a WHS2011 server at home in which I use to backup all laptops and PC's at home. The upgrade modified the system partition, and actually created a new one. Doing so would not allow the laptop to be backed up to the server so that a full BMR could be performed if necessary. This was another unacceptable to me (it's an upgrade issue, if you had 8.1 full install, this would be a problem). While I was able to go back to windows 8, and it allowed me to perform a BMR backup, it left a directory that I just couldn't remove, yet was useless. I used my USB recovery key I had made and did a total system restore which puts the notebook back to as if it were brand new, turned on for the first time. Life was all well and good again... There isn't much bloatware as some have claimed. You get trials of Norton internet security, laptop theft protection and online backup. I removed all of this. Then there is also Magic MX, and Microsoft office. I don't know about magic MX, but MS office was even a trial version. It asks for a key, or allows you to buy a key and install. Also come with an app to allow you to play android apps in windows. Removing all of that cleans it up nicely and unloads a few items from loading at startup to speed things up. I've ordered a Crucial 240GB msata drive from here and will restore the software to that drive, then use the HDD for program installation.

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Excellent WHS drive10/3/2013 12:10:47 PM

Pros: Technically I bought this drive from Newegg, it just came packaged in a mybooklive cover... I purchased the mybooklive for my shop's use, but it was seldom used as the PC's all run win7 HP, so no backing up to network drives. I setup a small WHS2011 server, this now backs up my shop's PC's. I also have a WHS2011 server at home, was needing another 2TB drive so I decided to open up the mybooklive, and this drive was inside. Installed in the server and added to the drive pool. Using stablebit scanner, it shows to have been powered on for 85 days, with 773 head park cycles. This particular drive (I believe all the AV-GP drives) do not have the 8 second head park timer that skyrockets the head park count, so no need to readjust with wdidle, if you run wdidle, you will see the head park timer is disabled. Considering I bought the mybooklive on sale, I have about ten bucks more in this drive that it is currently selling for, but at least now I have a use for it.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I've used Western Digital green drives and a few Seagate drives in my home server. I've got one functioning Seagate drive left, all others have failed. The lone surviving drive, as well as the deceased drives would all run in the ~107-114 degree temp range. This drive as well as all my other WD green drives run in the ~84-86 degree temp range. I'm not bashing Seagate, I've received two dead WD black drives this year. I'm just impressed by how much cooler these drives are vs. the Seagate drives when used in my server.

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Excellent board!9/26/2013 1:33:10 PM

Pros: Initially set this board up with an i7-3770 (non K), lets me OC the non k CPU and runs it perfectly at 4.2 GHz, all cores. I also have the Extreme4 and Extreme6. This board is the same size as the Extreme4, just lacks the ASMedia controlled Sata III ports. As always, when a board arrives, I check for bent pins, these were perfect. Everything booted first time, out of box build. Interestingly, the BIOS is version 1.10, this version is NOT on ASRock's website. They have 1.0, 1.2 and all the way to 1.5. I'm giving this 1.1 a try for now, I don't run windows 8, but it appears you need to upgrade to 1.2 to support windows 8, or perhaps, just some of the features of windows 8.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This board was purchased with the intention of upgrading the hardware in my WHS2011 server. I had read where these desktop boards would load the intel USB 3.0 drivers, when trying to install in WHS2011. The ASRock installation failed, so did the Intel installation when I went directly to the driver folder on the included DVD. The drivers installed in WHS2011 by going to the device manager, and selecting to update the unknown devices by pointing them to the drivers folder/sub folders. All devices loaded as they should and all function as they do with windows 7. Windows Home Server 2011 boots so fast on this setup that I do not see the 'Microsoft Windows' and those green bars, it goes from the ASRock boot screen, to blank screen to ctrl alt del screen in about 10 seconds. OS is loaded on a Samsung 830 128GB SSD. This is my 4th ASRock board, and none have disappointed. Actually neither have either of the two ASUS boards or the MSI board, but feature for dollar, these ASRock boards are hard to beat.

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Seems as good as original9/26/2013 1:23:41 PM

Pros: My first venture in to SSD was actually this very drive, only a new drive, not a refurb. After that I acquired a few Samsung 830 models, which are what I now prefer (faster than this drive). I picked this up for a server upgrade project and this drive did not disappoint.

Cons: I'll have to look at my original M4 drive, but regardless, the labels on this drive are on backwards, i.e. if you mount the drive using the bottom mounting holes, that is the side the pretty crucial label is on, unlike every other brand of SSD drive I have. No bigger, but I wonder how I will sleep...

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Speedy!9/26/2013 1:20:07 PM

Pros: Installed in an ASRock Z77 Extreme3, initially intending to use this for my WHS2011 hardware upgrade. Did an out of box build, and while it is a non k chip, the bios lets you enable overclock of non k CPU, so I set all cores to 4.2GHZ, left everything else on auto, zero issues, it screams.

Cons: none other than price

Overall Review: While I was intending to use this for my server upgrade, I might be migrating this setup to my desktop and relegate the i7-2600k to the server. Either way the server was a LOT faster responding with this CPU, compared to the AMD a80-3870K APU which it is currently running on. OS drive is a Samsung 830 SSD and when I boot up whs2011 on this setup, I see the ASRock boot screen, blank screen followed by ctrl alt del, I don't even see the Microsoft windows screen, that's how fast this boots whs2011.

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much better than atheros9/26/2013 1:15:33 PM

Pros: Had a Asus P5Q-Pro with a built in Atheros NIC that was apparently starting to fail. Replaced with this NIC and the network is much snappier than it has ever been with the Atheros NIC. Doesn't include any drivers of any kind, but windows 7 loaded drivers without being connected to the internet, and then it was all go.

Cons: none

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Good drive, but upon further review9/24/2013 11:39:06 AM

Pros: I had purchased one of the 500GB models to use on my WHS2011 server as the server OS backup drive. This drive worked fine for that, but after using it for a couple of days, I took it out of service for this particular task. I noticed the head park (load/unload cycle) was generating over 100 hits a day. Typically you see errors around the 300K mark and most drives are rated to 600K. For what I was using it for, I probably would have seen errors within a years use. Comparatively, I was using a WD AV-GP 320GB drive that has the head park time limit disabled, after over 6 months of use in the same situation, there were only a little over 3000 load cycles, so I switched back to dual 320 GB drives, internal.

Cons: None, other than the drives used in this device apparently have the 8 second idle time head park feature that plagued some of the earlier green drives. Not an issue for a typical external USB drive use, but to be left on continuously might create and issue.

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It splits the power, duh9/24/2013 11:32:48 AM

Pros: Needed to add Sata power cables, these do the trick. Solid construction.

Cons: none

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Good cables, work as they should9/24/2013 11:30:37 AM

Pros: I buy these when on sale, free shipping, different lengths, different ends. All are good/have been good.

Cons: none

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