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Great Product3/6/2007 9:21:46 PM

Pros: The setup couldn’t have been any easier. Just plug the device into your network and power it up. You don't need to install the client software they send with the unit, just plug the unit into your switch or router then check the IP address assigned to the device by your DHCP server, then open your browser and go to that IP address to configure the device. You can map the unit to a drive letter on each PC on your network if you want but it's not required as the unit shows up under my networks in Windows. Well built, quiet.

Cons: none

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Solid Router3/6/2007 9:00:52 PM

Pros: Easy to setup and has enough features to satisfy all but the most demanding home office configurations. Looks like Linksys has released regular signature updates for the built-in intrusion protection system. There are plenty of controls to restrict network traffic including peer-to-peer and IM programs. Before configuring the router update the firmware.

Cons: Initial firmware that ships with unit needs some work.

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Perfect1/10/2006 8:22:46 PM

Pros: Very quiet and keeps my Pentium D nice and cool. The stock Intel cooler that came with the Pentium D idled at 50c and jumped to 75c at full load yikes; the arctic cooling freezer 7 pro idles at 30c and jumped to 50c at full load using SiSoftware burn-in utility. Very impresive and to top things off it's super quiet! When browsing and other low cpu usage the fan spins at 500-600 rpms and you can't hear the thing, but even when you are hitting the cpu at full throttle the sound from the fan is barely noticeable. Install is very easy and it's light too.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Newegg is great!!! I ordered a complete system for my son the Thursday before xmas and they shipped the same day; The order had many parts and they got it perfect. I had the complete order the next day with xmas coming up on Sunday! Great e-comm store.

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Very Nice1/5/2006 3:51:19 PM

Pros: Great PSU, looks great, quiet, modular cables work well, keep things nice and tidy. Heat shields on all cables. Lots of connectors.

Cons: None

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This Card ROCKS!!!12/30/2005 9:20:39 PM

Pros: Great card, plays all games at highest settings, BF2/CallDuty2 etc...look great. I noticed things in games for the first time due to the graphic detail this card puts out. System I setup for my son: VID: eVGA 7800GT MB: Asus P5LD2 CPU: Intel Pentium D (820) Mem: Corsair XMS2 P5400 (2x512MB) HD: WD 250GB SATA II PSU: Enermax Libery 500W Case: Cooler Master Mid Tower Display: Samsung 19" LCD (Digital)

Cons: The fan was a bit noisy for my taste. I swapped it for Artic Cooler's NV Silencer and you can't hear the thing anymore! It just rocks!

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