Beautiful Case5/30/2020 4:56:33 AM

Pros: -This is a sexy beast of a case but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder since I am sucker for RGB and elegancy. -Easy to work with case plenty of space. -Great cable management -Real glass no plastic here. -Air flow for hardware is not even a problem when you can hook up to 9 fans simultaneously! All fan locations do dust covers so great job on that especially when it comes to the intake fans. -You can fit up to a 3 fan GPU in length no problem there -Can run a mini ITX MB and mini GPU in the back for a second system although I'm entirely not sure that be a great idea considering all the cable management that is already needed in the first place but it is an option though. To each is his own. -PSU out of sight and in the back makes this case look super clean without a bottom PSU compartment just there. Instead you get to put three extra intake fans in the bottom for that nice cool airflow mentioned above.

Cons: Cons at the moment to be honest none. I am extremely happy with this case no regrets.

Overall Review: For the RGB header it is worth noting that it is a 5V 3 pin motherboard connecter so if you have an RGB 4 pin connector on your MB you will have no RGB control. At the moment I did have to buy and extra cable with 3 pins that I will connect to my corsair fan hub and will see if I can control it that way. Overall RGB looks amazing and bright but just get your basic rainbow lighting.

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