1 out of 4 sticks flakey3/24/2006 1:59:16 AM

Pros: The price is really the only thing that was good.

Cons: First of all I set the bios to 2v as recommended by PQI. But I also had problems. I bought two packs for a total of 4 gigs of raam. Loaded WinXP on a new built system, and then the problems started. WinXP would often just shut down and do a auto-reboot. Trying to run a virus check whould always cause a shutdown with a auto reboot. So I ran a memory test, and sure enough on just the 2nd pass it failed every time. At least I was lucky enough to isolate it down to the 1 bad stick with the 2nd swap out though. And just like someone else already mentioned, the one that failed, it fails in two locations every time. Having PQI telling you to set it to 2v right out of the package for it to work right, is like them telling you, that you must overclock it in order for it to work. And that really is kind bogus. Now I wish I would have spent the few $$$ more to get some other better known brand.

Overall Review: If you buy or use this ram, get yourself some kind of good memory testing program. And run it!

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Good case for the price.3/24/2006 1:37:33 AM

Pros: My case also arrived with the dual reduntant 400watt power supplies. The case itself is huge and roomy inside. The top front hinged cover is rather flimsy, and the lock design for it is poor. So the lock gets removed, in fact the door itself also may get removed very soon as well. Because it's a real pain to open the door everytime you want to insert a CD or DVD. The overall build quality of the case is OK, but it's not anything close to being extreme high quality either. But for the price it cost, and with the amount of room it has. What do you really expect. If you need the kind of room it has, and your on a tight budget, it's certainly well worth the money that it cost.

Cons: Lock design on the front top door, and even the door itself.

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