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Exceptional Product. Solid Protection

Malwarebytes Premium 4.5 Latest Version - 3 Device / 1 Year - Download
Malwarebytes Premium 4.5 Latest Version - 3 Device / 1 Year - Download

Pros: I have been using Malwarebytes for over two decades now. Have recommended it to friends and clients and it has performed extremely well. Viruses used to be the greater threat in years past but on-line threats are far more devastating and common today. If you remain prudent and do your part, Malwarebytes will do its part. Malwarebytes is maintenance free with excellent support and consistent updates.

Cons: The only thing not to like about Malwarebytes is you pay more if renew through website than a new user can get by simply buying new codes through Newegg. We have all found it best to simply purchase new codes yearly from Newegg and get your substantial savings that way. Just start checking Newegg a few months prior to your subscription end. Buy the digital when you see a deal and just hold on to it. Do not update your subscription until it expires or about to do so. Your new subscription starts the day you put your codes in so if you put them in, say, with a month remaining on existing subscription you loose that month. Don't worry about forgetting to put your new codes in as if you use Malwarebytes, it will give you reminders weeks before your real time protection ends.

Overall Review: I use and recommend Malwarebytes to all my family, friends and clients. Having been in the Techno field prior to retirement I have done my due diligence in testing other PC protection software. Have used others in conjunction with Malwarebytes but have always used Malwarebytes. Enjoy your Malwarebytes and happy computing.

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Refurbished - Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router

Price was too low to pass on not trying this router. Arrived complete with router, power adapter and ethernet cable. No disc (not necessary) and no manual. (again not necessary as sheet with direct link to manual on-line was inserted). Uses the standard IP and admin / password for access. Worked on first try. Router also appeared to have been unused. I have a small home so 4 bars was lowest signal at furthest point so cannot vouch for use in larger homes but it certainly works fine for me. Would recommend. Oh, please read shipping instructions on this item. 7-10 days and not the 2-3 days we have grown to love. Took the full 10 days. Still, worth the wait.

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