Good value!12/23/2019 6:10:15 PM

Pros: -It's a handsome case if I must say so -Decent enough power supply -Preinstalled standoffs -HDD shroud -1 Usb3.0 -Mesh filters at top and bottom -Room for multiple fans in the front and top of the case -Convenient Spots to zip-tie your cables down in the back -Soft edges(won't cut you) -Room for a radiator -Openings in the case to allow for easy cable passthrough

Cons: -Ugly PSU cables -not much room to run cables in back -HDD shroud is useless if you stuff all your cables in it -Acceptable Airflow in front

Overall Review: She has many more pros than cons in my book so it's an exceptional case and PSU for the 39.99 I paid for it that makes for a really nice looking sleeper PC!

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