Flaky1/22/2015 11:18:02 AM

Pros: 3 drives 2 bays with a fan! I had an older icy dock unit that had served me well for a long time. I was replacing the fan on it for the 4th time when the housing broke, so I opted to just replace the whole unit.

Cons: This is not the unit to replace it with. From old reliable to drive dropping nightmare. I'm guessing I got a bad unit, poor soldering I would suspect, but not worth the effort to fix. It did last a month, making it harder to return. Oh well, its gone now and I'm feeling better.

Overall Review: A shame really, I loved my old unit and expected this to be an improved replacement. Quality control strikes again!

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6 for 6, sort of...12/13/2010 10:46:26 AM

Pros: Bought 6 drives to feed my new Thecus 7700+. All 7 arrived functional. There was a minor issue with packaging, 5 sides covered well in foam, one side (of 4 drives) exposed to the bottom of the shipping box with NO protection. Rare for Newegg to slip up on packaging, guess I was (un)lucky. Been running 6 drives in Raid 6 for 4+ weeks now 24/7 with no problems. No noticeable temp issues, the Thecus has a respectable dual fan system, yet it rarely spins up to noticeable levels.

Cons: One drive is a bit noisy. Some minor clicking and audible head movement. I'm keeping an eye on that one. Not sure if its really a problem but the other 5 are dead quiet. The one is really not any louder than some older drives I had before, its just ... not like the others. I already have a spare ready in case I have to RMA. So far its keeping up just fine.

Overall Review: Other than the 1 noisy drive I am very satisfied so far. I can only give 4 stars given that 1 drive. Maybe it will be ok, but with 8TB of data I would have felt a lot better if they all ran the same. The shipping quality was a Newegg issue and I can't fault Seagate for that. It seems to have not mattered anyway. It would be hard to claim the shipping caused the one drive issue. At this time I am ordering 2 more drives so I can migrate to 10TB and still have spares. For the price, these are the best option I see right now, everything cheaper seems questionable for large raids.

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Great Fan - Read the Specs10/23/2008 11:17:11 AM

Pros: Quiet, very high MTBF

Cons: premium price

Overall Review: I've reached that point where I am no longer forced to compromise so much to keep my budget down. I dont mind paying a premium price for a quality product and so far these fans have not disappointed. I have used all 4 of the SFF21X fans and its important that you read the specs! The 21D is an awesome quite fan, but does not move much air. As fan speeds increase, noise increases ( I should not have to explain that, but from reading others reviews ... ) If you need to move more air then you should be looking at the E,F and G versions. If you use the "manufacturer product page" link that Newegg so graciously provides us with, you can find a great table with RPM and Noise specs for all 4 models. Dont blame a low RPM fan for not moving massive air ... Dont blame a high RPM fan for being loud. Read the specs, make an informed choice and these fans will not dissapoint

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Not quite what I expected or saw in the manual2/25/2008 11:26:52 AM

Pros: Convertible from tower to desktop. Lots of fan mounts. SLI capable. Nice looking case. LCD display is a plus I guess.

Cons: 5.25 mounting bays use poor screwless configuration. Secondary SLI card mounts inline with 5.25 bays making interference very possible with long cards and/or deep drives. Aluminum front panels mounted over plastic has a slightly cheap feel. Top 5.25 drive bay has flip-down faceplate when the whole bay assembly is already hidden behind a solid faceplate, making that bay almost useless for anything else.

Overall Review: I was careful enough to measure everything before ordering and my SLI 8800GTX just fit. I can't believe I went back to a desktop configuration but my desk setup demanded it.. My main gripe, which prevents me giving 5 stars is: The 5.25 bays. The bays use a screwless mount. This has got to be the single most disappointing part of this otherwise very nice case. The whole drive bay, you see, used to use screws to mount to the case. (I know it was, I saw pictures online and it still shows it that way in the owners manual). To convert from tower to desktop you removed the bay and rotated it. Now, they created some silly bay that accepts drives both vertically and horizontally. They removed the screws and riveted it in place. You now have access to only 2 sides (barely) and its almost impossible to use screws instead of the screwless system. If your mounting something that the screwless system wont hold properly (ICY BOX IB-168SK-B)... be prepared to drill rivets.

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