Nothing but a headache!9/8/2016 2:36:12 PM

Pros: It looks cool. Hardware components appear in BIOS.

Cons: Spent the better part of 72 hours installing Windows of various flavors, reading reviews and fixes, without any solutions available. I ordered an .M2 (super excited!) and it came up for a Win10 install. Completed install and failed to boot. No fix available. This is THE worst Mobo I've ever spent time on. I'm a Asus fanboy but when they fail, they fail hard.

Overall Review: I'm looking for a different company to be a fan of now. I would NOT recommend this product to ANYone.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your ASUS product experience. I'm sorry to hear about the troubles with your M.2 device and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Have you switched from Auto to M.2 mode? What is the model number to the M.2 device you are using? When the plugged M.2 PCIe SSDs are used as the OS drive and IRST cache at the same time, ensure the “Launch CSM” is set to [Disabled] in BIOS. Meanwhile, for the M.2 SSDs that contained OPROM, contact the SSDs’ vendors for Microsoft signed UEFI drivers. Otherwise, they will be only available for the data drive usage. Check the manual of Intel Desktop Responsiveness Technologies for the details of IRST setup. If the issues persist, make sure to choose a M.2 drive that has been verified on our Device QVL. If you have any technical inquiries, you can contact me directly at Thank you for choosing ASUS Best Regards, Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
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Parts replacement4/19/2012 2:11:33 PM

Pros: Good replacement tools for someone that keeps losing a piece here and there. Larger wide case fits most of my computer repair kit stuff.

Cons: Cheap. But do you need top quality tools to fix a computer, replace a hard drive, swap out ram, install your OS, make french toast and a latte in the morning? You only need one top quality tool in that list. What makes your espresso better be top quality or you're just not living the caffeine drinkers life man.

Overall Review: The mini screwdrivers are always good to have around. The case is your typical cheap soft plastic with a zipper that gets stuck on the corners as you pull it all the way around just to open/close the case. Minor sufferage.

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Beginners Choice4/19/2012 2:06:12 PM

Pros: Tools are decent. I wouldn't say 'high-quality' though. Everything is still made in China. GWYPF. The Case has all the slots well marked in case you drop it and *everything* falls out, you'll know what slots they fit in.

Cons: Everything you see here is marked, 'made in China'. Get What You Pay For. Grey colored plastic case has hinges for the sides that swing out. So no plastic to break. On the other hand, the clips that keep the case closed are just that. I haven't even pressed the clips and I see the tell-tale white that means the plastic is wearing. I mean, it came brand new??? There were 20 wood/plastic screws holding a molded clam-shell clear plastic over the open case. 20? Really? I used a hand phillips to open. Took me 3 minutes just unscrewing these things. Really??

Overall Review: Shipped *open* style, wide and flat. I would have expected the case's two doors to be closed and shipped with the clips in a locked position. Oh well. I don't have a tool set. I needed one. This one seems to have all the pieces i'll need for the short run. My dad is a mechanic. He took one look at my cool tool set...and laughed. But I expected that.

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Cheap of course11/2/2011 11:25:37 AM

Pros: Cheap +1 egg

Cons: Cheap -3 eggs The *OTHER* type of cheap. And not the cute little yellow chicks kinda cheap. cheep cheep.

Overall Review: I needed something cheap for a small cheap project and got what I expected. total = 3 eggs

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GREAT NAS!11/2/2011 11:17:13 AM

Pros: Small form factor. Updated soft/firmware for larger drives 3TB+ drives. Never failed after 6 months of ALWAYS on and heavy use. 50-70+MB/sec transfers over 1GB lan. Nice! Can be used as a server for almost anything you'd want. 4x2TB Raid 5 setup. Just about 2 hours to create the volume. Rock solid. Even support for an IP camera! Which I use to monitor my front door. I can even play back the video from my Nokia n900 anywhere in the world (DDNS). I have this plugged in directly to my Network switch/router/WiFi. My Samsung TV (with WiFi) picks it up over the network and using DLNA/UPnP I can play all my music and videos direct. GREATEST NAS EVER!!!! Supports/Does/Serves; FTP, HTTP, SNMP, Mail (various), Print, Surveillance (IP CAM), UPnP, iTunes, and more! I use them all.

Cons: People who don't understand what they're getting are lame. Before posting negative reviews try doing your homework and see what it is you NEED before you get what you WANT. Why? Because the two are mutually exclusive! See Other thoughts. Pulling the data cable from you NAS or any other disk system while it's on (meaning a RAID of some such) WILL of course blow your volume. However, you CAN recover it. IF you know what you're doing. IF.

Overall Review: This NAS should be used as a PERMANENT disk server. Moving around any type of 'computer' will probably cause damage. Come on! It's a NAS. Why buy it if you're going to box it up and shelve it? Pathetic. Don't people know that TIME causes things to go from ORDER to Dis-ORDER? Even sitting in a box. If you don't USE it you LOSE it. This has been natural from the beginning of the Universe 13.7B years ago. Chaos is the fundamental system of our world. Even elemental particles* degrade over time. (*you know, the things that make up Atoms that you can't see unless you use the aftermath of the LHC to detect them). Instead people insist on blaming a product that is misunderstood by them(selves) and continue to harp on the poor soulless machine(s) of this world instead of using the greatest computer ever (your brain) to try to comprehend the actual problem(s) which is their/your inability to learn and store basic information about what drives us as human beings. Chaos. Lean about it peeps.

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AGREED with all PROs5/19/2011 7:45:59 PM

Pros: Does exactly what I expected it to do. Browse the internet + check email + play some games to waste time. connected easily to my home network. I can browse files on my NAS.

Cons: Sometimes slow to react. I touch a button and wait...I touch it again, and then it's *double tapped* and the double press is activated. A little irritating. But listen up before you say I'm too hasty with it. It's about consistency. IF it was always like this, I could get used to it. But most of the time it *DOES* click right away...when it doesn't, I've forgotten and end up double clicking. Got it? Video sometimes VERY laggy even when playing the default files on the device. Caching issues? I dunno.

Overall Review: There doesn't seem to be many apps for this device even now. And I mean, useable apps. There are MANY copies of the same apps under different names and they are useless. Even the pay-for apps are useless. I don't feel like jail-breaking the device to be able to get useful apps. So my girlfriend now uses it for the above mentioned pros. She wants a small form factor bluetooth keyboard to use with this. Anyone have any ideas for working Blutooth keyboards?

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AGREED with all PROs5/2/2011 11:39:07 AM

Pros: I agree with everyone on the pros. It's a nice big case which fits most MBs. Room for lots of fans and hard drives. Good build quality. NOT made from spare parts! ha!

Cons: I have 10 hdds inside with two GTX460s. It does get hot! lol. My power supply cost more than everything else combined!

Overall Review: I got mine for a steal last year! less than 87 buckeroonies! yeah!

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Nice *cheap* blades3/13/2011 4:59:38 PM

Pros: Super sharp blades. VERY nice block.

Cons: Unbalanced. Handles for ALL knives are heavy. This makes for awkward dicing. Standard slicing / cutting is fine. Minus 1 egg for the unbalanced issue.

Overall Review: If you're a chef, or a very good cook...this is a real issue. I have a ~$1000 set of J.A. Henckels which obviously blow these out of the kitchen! At least these Ginsus have survived the month in the dishwasher with no issues. I get angry when my gf puts my Henckels in the dishwasher. LOL.

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MY first BB3/13/2011 4:50:01 PM

Pros: Sleek design. VERY light weight. Love the touch pad. I have a Nokia N900 which is basically a workout weight in my pocket. However, the N900 is a small Linux computer, so for that I can't compare.

Cons: Small screen compared to the N900. But still looks great. Small keys for typing but getting used to it (vs. N900)

Overall Review: T-Mobile brand BB with T-mobile service. It works!

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nice construction3/13/2011 4:46:14 PM

Pros: Well designed. Well made. Looks like it will protect my BB Curve nicely. Very easy to put on the silicone cover.

Cons: I removed three eggs because of the product. Came with a clear screen protector. It *just* covers the lit part of the screen. Not edge to edge. -1 egg. The cover is a "peel off and stick(y)" to the screen. Easy enough to apply straight BUT the sticky pull tab on the front/top is super sticky and basically ruined the screen cover. I hesitate to use isopropyl alcohol to get the sticky off for fear of *fogging* it. - 2 eggs

Overall Review: This must have been on the shelf for a long time or in a hot environment for the sticky pulls to get nasty. Perhaps the reason for the combo deal? (yeah, i got this 'with' the BB Curve - same order). New Egg rules! +5 stars! BB delivered three days after order. Otter Box cover came three days later from different company.

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H0LY C0W12/6/2010 4:53:46 PM

Pros: Price ~179.00 ~$30 rebate= 149.00 Power consumption ~ much less than competitors. Overclocking easy! (MSI Afterburner (free)) Easy install, short card. ~2" shorter than my GTX 260 COOL temps ~ GPU1 @46C / GPU2 @37C idle GPU1 @67C / GPU2 @ 49C on Crysis @1920x1200 8xAA

Cons: Had to buy the ABS Majesty 1100W PS (Item # N82E16817814019) to run these cards oc'd. Overkill, yeah, but I also have some serious hard disks in my system.

Overall Review: Runs faster than any single GPU out there. Less than $300. 1GB version is MUCH better than the 768MB version. It's a no-brainer. If you read this far, you should just click 'add to cart'. Smile. Wait. Install. OC. Enjoy! Intel 2.4Ghz Dual-Core (OC @2.8Ghz air(ZalmanCNPS9700) 2xSLI PNY XLR8 (OC @860core/1720shader/2200mem) 4 GB GSkill @1333 2xRaid1 Patriot WARP SSD @120GB 2xRaid1 WD VelociRaptor (WD1500HLFS) @300GB ABS 1100W PS EVGA nForce 750i SLI 2xDell 2408WFP (1920x1200) You should Google the Overclocking forums for these cards. Someone mentioned "'s a crime NOT to overclock these cards..."

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Quality +++12/6/2010 4:17:39 PM

Pros: They are exactly as described. Excellent quality, nice multi-direction swivel connectors! Fits flush against my LCD tv back side for wall mounting!

Cons: Not 100ft. hehe.

Overall Review: get sum!

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WOW!!12/6/2010 4:15:48 PM

Pros: Excellent power dist. Quiet. Zero install issues.

Cons: not 100% modular. I still have ONE cable hanging loose that I don't need...wrapped up in a zip tie and stashed in an empty internal bay. But that is not ~egg worthy in itself.

Overall Review: great price/reviews/future proofing. I ordered this as I also ordered two PNY XLR8 GTX460's to overclock. That's another review.

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Works11/24/2010 4:33:59 PM

Pros: Fast SSD. Decent pricing.

Cons: Wouldn't detect %50 of the time in a Dell 1705 laptop. With latest Bios, only gets detected half the time. Obviously this is irritating.

Overall Review: Decided to swap with a friend who has a Samsung 128GB SSD. This works great on his high end Dell and the Samsung works great in my older 1705. Just knocked one egg off for the Cons.

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Great HD11/24/2010 4:30:09 PM

Pros: Works as expected. First webcam and no disappointments.

Cons: Not wireless. HA! Always on...I don't know if I ever got "hacked" the hackers would sit there watching me laughing. So I keep it unplugged until I need it. I am paranoid, sure.

Overall Review: Plugged directly into my AWESOME Logitech G19 gaming keyboard and the default drivers for said keyboard have a Webcam app that shows your web cam pic on the keyboards LCD display!! It's awesome!

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300mbps wireless!11/24/2010 4:27:04 PM

Pros: Performs exactly as I wanted. ALL wireless devices connect quickly and have great speeds throughout my home. I have a two story 3000+sq. ft. home so this was most important.

Cons: It doesn't run on free static electricity yet. A bit pricey but I needed something that worked.

Overall Review: I have this set up as a bridge via a "2Wire" ATT-U-Verse setup. 18mbps at my location and the Netgear setup was easy! I just plugged it in, it detected my 2Wire and asked me what I wanted to do = bridged it, and bam! Just had to correct the Subnet and IP range I wanted. I set it to 10.10.x.x.

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Fantastic11/8/2010 6:24:23 PM

Pros: Fits all SATA drives perfectly. Hot swap is great! Fit's MOST sata devices, SSD and HDD -2.5" ad 3.5" so far.

Cons: I thought it was broken. I couldn't get my WD 2.0TB Green drive to fit. (Got in a combo via NE). Other drives also didn't fit. Frustrating.

Overall Review: Figured out all my hard drives (3.5" and 2.5") were fitting just right. The "slot" feeling is not there with this product. The drives just "sit" in the slot and even though you don't feel it 'connecting', they are. With the power to unit ON, each drive just pops up in Win7. Oh well. Good for me!

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Fanastic11/8/2010 6:19:21 PM

Pros: Storage - Quiet - Fast - WD Green!

Cons: none

Overall Review: I got this with the combo Rosewill HDD USB docking. It's perfect. Even with no fans, the drive stays relatively cool even during extended use. I back up my entire Computer (100GB+ All Steam Games weekly) and it always "just warm".

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It works10/15/2010 10:15:02 PM

Pros: Worked exactly as it should right out of the box. No drivers to install. Bed to TV is 20ft. My laptop works/looks great in HD on a 50" LCD.

Cons: Watching South Park via streamTV takes it toll when you're supposed to be sleeping.

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Simply AMAZING!3/25/2009 1:31:05 PM

Pros: Very easy to put together. It took me about 20 mins. The screen is beautiful, flawless and came well packaged for protection by the manufacturer. Gorgeous picture with my Mitsubishi 5500 1080p projector.

Cons: UPS sucks. What is up with shipping companies. They were a day late on delivery, which means I spent TWO days waiting, taking time off work. aahhhgghh!!! The 'very' long box was damaged at both ends and I really thought I'd be dealing with that. But luckily as mentioned above the packaging was excellent.

Overall Review: 14x14 square dedicated theater room with 12ft ceilings. This screen mounts totally flat (1 inch thick frame) against the wall. Perfect fit for the room and distance of viewers. 106" is just fantastic! Watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica on this baby. WOW! And lastly, it does help to have a friend help you mount it on the wall. Light weight but awkward to hold. New Egg rules this planet!

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Awesome!3/25/2009 1:24:57 PM

Pros: Ample, deep, thundering responses. I'm just becoming a sound enthusiast and this Sub is fantastic.

Cons: I wanted two, but the price was just a little over budget for me.

Overall Review: Considering how low frequencies are not directional I only got one of these. I didn't feel the need to have a discreet sub for each Left and Right Speaker...right now.

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Quite the good second choice3/25/2009 1:21:46 PM

Pros: Excellent for rear surround in my new theater room. That's it.

Cons: Wanted to get 4 x Yamahas but the price for the Polks was half. You know what I mean...

Overall Review: These are really good for the price. Bigger than I thought they would be. With or without the front cover they look great too.

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Great on an old Dell Lat c8403/25/2009 1:19:18 PM

Pros: Excellent deal. Works great. I 'thought' I had a 1GB limit on this laptop. Originally 2x512MB ram replaced with these. Works great! all 2GB are there! sweet.

Cons: My old Dell c840 (Lattitude) won't go to 4GB for vista.

Overall Review: Just ordered an SSD (ata) for my c840. I wanted to run Vista x64 but I wanted 4gb. Now I need to get a new laptop.

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Excellent choice3/25/2009 1:16:29 PM

Pros: Clean looking, great sound, crystal clear voices on center channel.

Cons: You can't mount this flat on the wall under or behind your screen...since they don't make speakers that sound this good paper thin. ha!

Overall Review: For my first home theater system, I got Yamaha for FL FC FR speakers. I picked up a pair of Polk floors for the RL and RR surround. All is great!

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Wow..update1/18/2009 12:58:36 AM

Pros: Dunno if this second review will post.. I wanted to post my speeds on this 8GB card for ya'll. System: Vistsa 64 Ultimate - E6600 CPU - 4GB ram - Patriot Solid state hard drives in Raid 0. Rosewill SDHS multi card adapter (usb 2.0)

Cons: none for this post

Overall Review: sustained 670MB single file transfer in Vista 64 Ult. : write (average): 8.1MB/sec (no burst) Total time to transfer file on write: about 83 seconds. read: 17.5MB/sec immediate xfer for 10 seconds. Burst to 32MB/sec. read (average): 27.3MB/sec Total time to transfer file on read: about 25 seconds Hope that helps you!

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