Asus Monitors never disappoint.12/12/2020 7:49:36 PM

Pros: For what your getting at this price, this a great monitor with good refresh rate and good colors. Menu is very easy to understand and not overcomplicated. Little joystick on the back to help you navigate easier. Thin bezels, sturdy design, aesthetically pleasing.

Cons: Some of the options, "fps mode", "ELMB", most of that is not really necessary. Some of those options just make the monitor look worse, so I encourage just leaving the majority of those settings turned off. The color doesn't look the greatest out of the box, so I encourage reading some posts online about the most ideal color options for this particular monitor and you should be good to go.

Overall Review: I got this on the black friday sale, and for this being my first monitor for my new PC, I knew I could turn to Asus and they wouldn't let me down. Packaging came nice and secure, easy to setup, simple yet informative user manual, and an overall pleasant unboxing. I would highly recommend this monitor to others who are looking for a nice looking, reliable, high refresh rate monitor without breaking the bank. I've had this monitor for 3 weeks now and very happy with my purchase. Again, asus makes good monitors, at a good value, and I would recommend purchasing is you were on the fence about it. 10/10 would definitely buy again.

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Phenomenal prebuilt and worth every penny12/12/2020 7:34:15 PM

Pros: So the pros. Very easy to setup, no extra applications, programs which is nice. Functions exactly how it should. Very quiet at all times, the RGB is very aesthetically pleasing, ranging from about 20 options as a physical button on the top of the case. Plenty of room inside, no problem if you were wanting to upgrade parts in the future and we're wondering about space. Got this on the black friday sale which was significantly cheaper than if I were to buy the parts seperatly and build it myself. Lighting fast OS and overall experience due to the SSD. Premium look to the case and cable management is very clean and organized.

Cons: These aren't necessarily cons I'd say, but still something that's needs to be considered if your contemplating on getting this PC. First one being the SSD. It would've made more sense if the ssd was a m.2, making it run a little faster and saving the two slots at the bottom for extra drives. Also, 500gb can fill up relatively quick if you plan on having multiple AAA titles on it, so I suggest getting a extra drive for more storage.

Overall Review: If you buy it on sale, I don't think there is a better prebuilt on the market for the value, than this one. Runs games beautifully, 16gb or RAM is plenty for running a game, chrome tabs open in the background, discord, spotify etc. GPU could use an upgrade in a few years but in late 2020, you'll be just fine with a GTX 1660. Also, 8 total usb pots is really nice. Had it for 3 weeks and I'm very happy with my purchase. Skytech did a fantastic job packaging it, supplying basic accessories etc. If you were on the fence about getting this specific PC, I would 100% recommend buying it.

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