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LIAN LI PC-Q11R Red Aluminum Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case
LIAN LI PC-Q11R Red Aluminum Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case

Pros: This is perfect for a mini-ITX gamer system. it can fit large video cards and handle high power cooling. just be ready to get your engineering friends to do the cable management for you.

Cons: not really a fault of the case but just in case anyone is wondering..this thing will BARELY fit an evga 9800gtx+ video card..if you plan to use a discrete gpu tests its length against my 9800gtx+ and when i say barely i mean had to scratch the inside of the case to get it to sit.

Antec Soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 Speakers
Antec Soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 Speakers

Pros: These are perfect for super high quality in a dorm room appropriate form factor. And they can still blow your ears off if you want them to. 3d mode is definitely for movies and games because with music the subwoofer can be overloaded with relative ease. The enclosure design is top notch..not one chinsy piece on the whole system. nothing ever vibrates.

Cons: these things rock. i would have preferred slightly longer cables for the sats.

Overall Review: be ready to upgrade your music collection. just like sd content on hdtv's, low quality music sounds even worse on these. the speakers have such a good balance that sounds you never heard before come out...including the unclear fuzz from bad youtube videos.

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The item was shipped on time, but fedex failed to deliver on time.

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