freenas box5/16/2016 3:00:05 PM

Pros: looks good quality build case options for water cooling nice placement of the power button white LEDs price is good for what you get filter for PSU is nice Big fan in front (very quiet)

Cons: this case has plenty of room for extra 3.5" Hard Drives ( at least 4 more) but no bracket or cage to mount them , that is just a waste of space since it's an ITX compatible motherboard only

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fast ram1/27/2016 8:08:42 PM

Pros: woks great on my ASRock Z170 Pro4 LGA 1151 motherboard, no crashes and no issues. price is good for this kind of speed and brand

Cons: at the time of this review only black color available but no big deal

Overall Review: if you have an i3 cpu like I do, then fast memory is a MUST have, the i3 really does benefits from fast ram

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4K @ 28"1/24/2016 9:36:43 AM

Pros: *28 inch 4K monitor with a good price and LED back lighting. *Ability to split screen up to 4 (picture in picture) pc's or tablets, phones, etc. at the same time. *Freesync is a bonus if you have the correct graphics card and

Cons: No vesa mount, no included CD with software like the "I-menu" and no way to download from website

Overall Review: If you want to take advantage of the max resolution @ 60Hz you must have a display port 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 graphics card, otherwise it will default to 30Hz

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Mushkin5/16/2015 5:45:52 PM

Pros: price is attractive

Cons: very flaky and unstable, tried it on 3 different PCs with no luck, no software of any kind included and no accessories but I was expecting that, the firmware update on their website does not recognize the drive either.

Overall Review: I'm assuming I just got an isolated problem and gonna give Mushkin another try, this time taking a chance on the "512GB Reactor" version, will see how it goes

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Christina! My name is Sue and I’m with Mushkin customer support. I apologize for the issue that you had with our 480GB Chronos SSD. Our customer and technical support are here to assist you in any way possible. Please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 1.800.569.1868. Our support hours are Monday through Friday 8am-6pm (CST). We think you'll be thrilled with our 512GB Reactor! Thank you for choosing Mushkin Enhanced!
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XM17710/28/2012 9:23:29 PM

Pros: easy to load and BBs travel a good distance, price is right on the money for what you get, very light weight too

Cons: no easy way to attach anything to it, like a laser or scope, since has no rails for it

Overall Review: all in all is a nice gun, I would buy it again

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total garbage . D.O.A10/13/2012 2:17:25 PM

Pros: Ok looking , not heavy at all

Cons: box came in looking like it came from a dirty warehouse, package was previously open, total pain to load, sounds like gears inside are busted . does not work . will see how hobbytron handles R.M.A.

Overall Review: I got the UHC XM177 Mini Electric Airsoft Machine Gun also, from a different vendor "trough Newegg" Totally Awesome!! worth every penny

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Nice11/24/2011 9:52:03 AM

Pros: good price for what you get, works very well and is well made, I got 2 of this things for less of the price of one "eyePad" lol . I like the GPS, plays video and music, movies, surf the web fast with it, camera works ok

Cons: could had been cheaper, android 2.2, no update info at the Le Pan website, no accesories at all for this thing, (like a screen protector, cover or keyboard) Le Pan website sucks !!

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low price11/24/2011 9:37:19 AM

Pros: price

Cons: does not work unless is at the exact angle since it has a flat tip on it, wich it comes off very easily (I had to glue it back on), waste of money

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works ok12/25/2010 4:02:59 PM

Pros: low price, looks ok, does not come with a cheap made PSU that I have to trow away

Cons: power and reset bottom are in a bad place, too easy to press if you move the case or if you use the audio jacks

Overall Review: the blue lights are somewhat annoying, but you don't have to plug them in :)

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very good6/6/2010 4:56:57 PM

Pros: price, good solid conetion for me I always get full bars and never a lost conection

Cons: not pci-e?

Overall Review: I use this on a low power pc and is very good so far, for less than $20 ? it's very good.

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slow6/6/2010 10:39:37 AM

Pros: has a hard drive

Cons: slow and hard drive is loud, I have two of these fail on me so far, the most annoying thing is the lagg on the menu, very slow

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Works on amd12/8/2009 9:18:31 PM

Pros: works on my AM3 motherboard @ 1600 MHZ with (1T CR) with no overclocking, to get to 1866 or more speeds i have to overclock my fsb and use @ 2T-cr with manual timings as rated, not hot temps like some others maybe because its low voltage. Top quality memory I always use G-skill when I have the chance

Cons: nada

Overall Review: MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 Phenom II X2 550 Black edition callisto (unlock to 4 cores) 4GB ddr3 G-Skill ( waiting for other 4GB ) SSD-60 GB ATI 3870X2 750W PSU cosmos 1000 case

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No firmware updates here11/21/2009 9:36:28 AM

Pros: noise free, low power consumption, fast when new

Cons: No firmware updates from from OCZ website, they call this ssd a "value series" . The new tools they have do not work on this drive, after so much use the drive slows down a lot, and they have no firmware updates to help on this matter. This aggravates the hell out of me No more OCZ products for me, just look at the rate their PSU's are failing

Overall Review: If I pay high dollar for a product, I have high expectations

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HOT!6/15/2009 8:27:30 PM

Pros: looks good, speed 1 Gbps

Cons: is just very hot, i had to open the thing and i can see the problem (heatsink is way too small) is just as hot as an average North Bridge on a motherboard, I cut a hole on the lid and installed a bigger heatsink, I get cut off from my online games all the time. also manual is just not informative enough ( lots of features to mess with, just not my cup of tea )

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love it!6/8/2009 10:31:49 PM

Pros: 2 cores, nice and cool, don't need a hi-end psu to run this thing, O'C' very well, fun to build for my new frankencomputer to do my experiments. Lol

Cons: none

Overall Review: don't forget to buy a new Heatsink and Fan !!

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failure5/24/2009 1:59:58 PM

Pros: hard to find new mobo on this socket, pci-e 16x / 1x and ddr2 up to 667 and 2 sata ports

Cons: only 3 stage voltage regulator using only iron chokes, the capacitors are chip chinese made, don't expect to last for very long, high failure rate

Overall Review: handy to have for testing cpus, other than that I don't recomend for every day use.

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on a budget5/17/2009 11:02:46 PM

Pros: Very good sound for the price, has a mic. on-off and volume control light weigth, looks cool

Cons: could have a longer cable

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on a budget2/17/2009 10:50:57 PM

Pros: looks good, has a HD and analog audio ports on front ( a must have for me ) also the fan duct is a plus! helps on keeping the cpu at low temps, I like the fan, has a variable speed type of conector and a braket for easy removal, case came double boxed. very good for the price

Cons: no free psu?

Overall Review: blue led is a bit bright, not a con for me

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waste of money2/3/2009 8:32:02 PM

Pros: very good graphics, I just can't think of any other pros

Cons: repetitive, not like far cry 1 at all

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gamer on a budget8/31/2008 6:31:32 PM

Pros: good for gaming, worth every penny

Cons: no fast brightness adjuster

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6/8/2008 7:00:06 PM

Pros: looks good if u have an empty bay

Cons: does not work, instructions are a joke and so is the support on the website, I so need this to work! bummer.

Overall Review: Asus P5N-E SLI * E6750 @ 3.4* 4gb DDR2 800

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it just works4/2/2008 7:22:41 PM

Pros: it works fine for occassional use, has WPAII which i had to have

Cons: none

Overall Review: it pays to read all specs when buying tecnology

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good for the money3/17/2008 8:32:36 PM

Pros: looks cool, psu is not bad for the money you pay, nice side view window, hi gloss finish paint

Cons: front audio ports are not HD, had to get a front panel with hd audio

Overall Review: U get what you paid

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very cool!!12/30/2007 9:29:28 PM

Pros: very cool, very usefull, all info in one place, ((spend some time geting all the wires with zip ties and get the cpu probe as close as u can under the cpu))

Cons: none, if u are an overclocker get this one

Overall Review: must get! a must have for a true power user, any one who does not like this is not a TRUE power user!!

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