wonderful card10/16/2008 2:14:03 PM

Pros: very high performance budget card. runs crysis high(theres low med high and highest) at 35ish fps(anything higher is unnoticable.) only 500 watt power supply and maintains a stable temp of 124 degrees farenheit after playing a game with its fan running at minimal power. bumped up from 8600 GT and dont regret it

Cons: everyone else who said so isnt lying it is about 9 inches long much bigger than other cards so expect to do some wire organizing in smaller cases.

Overall Review: very good card overall, a bit long but can fit on a single pci-e slot mobo just fine and can support dual monitors because of dual dvi ports not like the 1 HDMI 1 DVI ones that stupid HP uses. newegg and nvidia i love you

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