Runs well out of box....missing something shown in pic4/14/2021 4:15:28 PM

Pros: Overall, since its replacing a 10 year old PC here, everything ran smoothly right out of box. Load times, installs, and overall performance are exactly what I expected .

Cons: However...and this would have made me seek another item when purchasing ( tho now that I have it I guess Im stuck), the photo with a decent closeup of the motherboard very clearly shows 4 memory slots. The motherboard supplied not only was a shrunken version of what was shown, but only has 2 slots. Now, when I want to do a major memory upgrade, Im either going to be limited in the amount I can upgrade, or buy a whole new board just to accommodate this. They did make a caveat that the graphics card manufacturer may be different than shown, but made no such mention when it came to the motherboard.

Overall Review: The PC I was replacing was also by IBuyPower , and while the specs were woefully out of date, I never had a single physical issue with the system. I hope that this one lives up to its obsolete brothers example.

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