Don't Pass These By!1/25/2013 8:05:39 PM

Pros: Deep and wide soundstage. Very detailed. Good bass for their size.

Cons: They're not free!

Overall Review: These efficient little gems throw a remarkably wide and deep soundstage with good detail and presence. No "in your face" behavior with these. No horns allowed! Kick back and throw whatever kind of music suits you at them-they can take it. Sound great after only a few hours of moderate level playing-enough to start loosening the driver and bass radiator suspensions up. They'll get better with time. Found they sound best in my zone 2 setup 7' apart on 28" stands, front baffle 30" ahead of the back wall toed in 1.25" with the bass radiators facing outward. Good full range sound. Go for it! These are a Steal of A Deal!

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Outstanding Sound and Appearance!9/9/2011 4:58:28 PM

Pros: Sweet Sounding Mids/High, Full Bodied Bass, Quality Construction and Appearance, Smooth Sound Across the Spectrum.

Cons: Fairly Deep Cabinet, Not Really a Con if You Have The Room.

Overall Review: These speakers deliver exactly the kind of sonic fullness I demand. Compared to the Polk 60/70 Monitor series there's no contest. Energy wins! The Polk Monitor's are not bad but don't seem to have a dynamic sound-kind of "flat." The sonic character of the Energy Cf 70 is very similar to the Infinity P363. However, the Energy's deliver a little more "oomph." To my ears these speakers are neither bright nor harsh as some have reported. Just right for me. Newegg comes through again with a fair price, fast shipping and trouble free delivery!

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Good Sound! Good Value!9/30/2010 4:11:04 AM

Pros: Quality construction, finish and appearance for the money. The sound is very "clear, open and detailed" right out of the box. Bass output is balanced and suits me just fine. Add a subwoofer if you want or need "in your face slam."

Cons: No reflection on Newegg, but Polk should beef up the shippping box. Corner and side reinforcements should be included. It's a wonder these made it through transit without major damage.

Overall Review: Great Newegg sale price, fast shipping and good performance. The Monitor 60 Series II sound far more detailed and "present" than the "home theater" and "budget audiophile" speakers they replaced. The mid/tweeter arrangement provides a smooth, non-irritating and wide soundstage. Except for the packaging, great job Polk!

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