Junk2/5/2013 3:11:02 PM

Pros: 1tb...

Cons: Took several attempts to install windows 7, numerous random errors after getting it up and running. Has gotten worse over the last 3 months, and this week it would not boot correctly. Took drive out to try a new one and noticed the printed circuits on the bottom of the drive had all disintegrated. There were obvious holes where the gold had flaked away and disappeared. The part surrounded by a white outline labelled J2 has almost NO gold in it as pictured. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this drive is dead. Lucky me I am out of warranty here so I will be sending this junk back to WD.

Overall Review: If a company can not even make a printed circuit board in this day and age I am done with them!

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the Caviar Blue 1TB, as this is not the typical experience with the product. We are very sorry to hear that your drive did not function so soon after it was delivered. Western Digital does rigorously test and verify all of our drives, prior to shipping, with burn-in and diagnostic tests. We stands behind our warranty for the duration of the products provided warranty period, and as such, we are here to support our products regardless of the circumstances. For helpful information on the proper handling of your drives please visit the following link. http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1486 We would appreciate the opportunity to further assist you, and resolve any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience. You may contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: http://support.wdc.com/rs/. Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Great monitor12/4/2008 6:17:46 PM

Pros: Just bought 2 more of these for a TripleHead2Go setup, and have owned one for over a year. Great response time with 0 ghosting. Uber bright out of the box, had to tone it down a little, but not a bad thing.

Cons: out of the 2 i ordered this go round, one had a single dead pixel. It is indeed dead, and not stuck. Since i am using 3 of these i just put it off to one side so the dead pixel is more in my peripheral vision.

Overall Review: Even with the dead pixel, i still wouldnt hesitate to reccomend this monitor. Just unbelievable that as long as LCD's have been available that they havent perfected the art yet.

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best bang for the buck12/4/2008 6:03:31 PM

Pros: Unbelievable performance gain over my EVGA 8600 GTS! Getting 550fps in testing session in rFactor, and about 50fps with a full field 16x AA in Arca Sim Racing. All at 1440x900. Couldn't be more impressed!

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: This thing is a monstrosity. It is a good foot long and takes up 2 slots in the back of the case. I had to cut part of my hdd rack out to leave room so it wouldnt vibrate, and move my hdd's where my a: should be (but i dont have one). If you are using a standard atx case and more than 2 internal hdd's expect problems fitting this beast in there. Forget about SLi with this thing unless you can rig your hdd's up to the cd rom area

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simply unimagineable!!!!!!11/15/2006 1:18:53 PM

Pros: absolutely amazing picture quality for the price. I have been shopping for a flat panel for about a year and was told never to buy online b/c you cant see the image quality up close....well i took a chance and it paid off big time. thoroughly impressed!!!!!!

Cons: as other mentioned the controls are at a weird location, the base can be a bit wobbley and the DVI hookup is too close to the stand...unless you have small fingers. none of these cons would make me consider not buying another tho.

Overall Review: NO DEAD PIXELS!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!! Cables are plenty long enough....like another person said not diggin the white dvi cable tho... i give it a 99% A+ aside from the cons listed above....at this price for this picture quality you CAN NOT go wrong!!!!!!!

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great so far...11/13/2006 4:45:29 PM

Pros: bought this to replace a year old allied brand and well...all i can say is stay away from any psu under $50...unless it is a higher priced item on sale here ;o) I have had NO problems with this PSU

Cons: i was going for no LED's but this one has a nice green glow so im not complaining at all

Overall Review: this thing is massive!!!!! remember it is modular and all the cables are neatly bound together and sheathed. would highly reccomend!!!!

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Best card ever!6/1/2006 1:59:17 PM

Pros: May not be the best card made right now, but for older systems like mine this is the best bang for the buck on AGP PERIOD. Was a bit skeptical about going with XFX because i havent bought from them, but installation went without a hitch idles at 48* F Overall performance was not a dramatic increase over the 6600gt, as far as FPS goes, but image quality was a huge improvement.

Cons: none yet.. it is a bit larger than my 6600gt but not a problem.

Overall Review: comes with a pdf on overclocking, tho i dont care for that. My cd had 4 free games included :o) My fav games: Nascar Racing 2003 FPS 159 in D3D in testing and rFactor 59 FPS in testing with everything on max in both games

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Solid case great price5/22/2006 1:30:14 PM

Pros: good lay out on the fans with plenty of room for more and a either 1 80mm or one jumbo 120mm fan up front (not included) I put one fan at the bottom in (near the video card) and the other facing out as to circulate the air. With a 6800 installed it will create a nice little separate compartment down there.

Cons: The hdd led connect came with 2 wires going into a 3 pin connector so i had to remove that connector and substitute single connectors for my motherboard eVGA nVidia nForce 3 250gb keep that in mind.

Overall Review: i had no issues with paint scratching i laid everything out on my bed and worked on a soft blanket. Fans are surprisingly quiet. I also like the fact that this has true screw down add on card holders, as the more cheap cases just have spring loaded clips

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DOA5/22/2006 1:23:02 PM

Pros: none...its modular which made packing it back up easy as pie..lol

Cons: Bought this and a new case, installed my hardware hit the power button and the fans spun up and shut back off and nothing happened since. Put my old PSU back in and it started right up.

Overall Review: i am not bashing rosewill here they probably make an excellent PSU and i unfortunately (as seems to be always my luck) got the bad egg out of a million. One other note the QC sticker was torn on arrival i am wondering if that has something to do with it? Oh well get to see how new egg treats its RMA's

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Great case HORRIBLE PSU1/18/2006 5:58:30 PM

Pros: Case has a lot of nice features for the money. Lots of room for expansion or for air flow, if that is what you are after. Case also has excellent airflow, but i would NOT try running it with just the single fan included. Plenty of space to run at least 4 case fans if needed.

Cons: PSU is junk. Mine was rated at 450watts and failed after only 3 months of light gaming and general use. Dont get me wrong you get your money's worth out of the case alone but plan on buying another PSU ASAP.

Overall Review: My Specs EVGA nVidia nForce3 250gb MOBO PNY nVidia 6600gt AMD 64 Sempron 2800 This Case 1 74gb Seagate 7200rpm hard drive 1 Lite on DVD CDRW combo drive and 2 80mm fans

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Great Card GREAT Deal12/27/2005 1:54:18 PM

Pros: Recieved this as a present, and could not be happier. I was nervous about some of the comments about overheating and stuff. Aside from one glitch on 1st attempt of installation where the screen went blank (probably window's fault not the card, 2nd time around worked like a charm and has been impressing me ever since. i dont have any newer games beside rFactor (which now runs beautifully), and Nascar 2003 which i can max out.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Idles at 57 degrees C, and i cant hear it over my 2 80mm case fans. Once again newegg.com r0x!

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GREAT memory GREAT price!12/14/2005 3:48:56 PM

Pros: great value. lifetime warranty, and it works like it should!

Cons: none

Overall Review: i bought another stick same part number at our local pc store for nearly twenty dollars more! This was my 1st purchase through newegg and i WILL definately buy from them again. UPS delivered from california to ohio in record time thanks Newegg!

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