Got a bad one.10/8/2020 12:52:24 PM

Pros: There are no pros for a faulty drive.

Cons: Have the 1TB version of the same drive, work flawlessly. Received the 2TB version, but is unusable. CrystalDiskMark 6 locks up for a minute while preparing the second read benchmark, the write performance of the drive is about 1/5th of the 1 TB version. Windows 10 issued an error and unmounted the device. Tried both a USB 3 and Sata connection methods, same result. I think the controller on this drive is at fault.

Overall Review: I hope this is not an example of what to expect with these drives, since once this one is replaced I will have 2 of them, a 1TB and a 2TB. Oh Oh, Newegg has had my RMA'ed drive since 10/2/2020 11:03 AM, yet no action on either a replacement or refund. This is pretty poor response compared to a large competitor. I really want to keep using NewEgg as well as others, but they need to step up their game.

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Buy something else12/2/2014 5:18:40 PM

Pros: Does the most critical thing well, keeps the CPU cool. As long as the fans are on low speed there is not much noise. The pump unit does communicate with the fans and increases rotation speed if needed.

Cons: This Corsair link thing is a mystery. I would not care except it was part of the cost for the H100i and Corsair really makes it sound good on their marketing of the unit. Bottom line, if yours works you are very lucky.

Overall Review: I have been working with Corsair support trying to get the Link to work. Tried 3 different USB headers (they all work with other USB devices), 2 different USB cables, 2 different versions of the Link software, and nothing. Windows 8.1 can't see the H100i device to control it. I found a recommendation to disable legacy USB support in the bios, guess what happened on an X99 board using UEFI when I disabled legacy USB support? That's right, my wireless USB mouse and keyboard no longer work in UEFI, and to top it off it did not help the Link fiasco either. I know Corsair support is going to want me to RMA the unit. What a pain and I am betting the next unit won't work on this setup either.

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Very good deal!8/11/2013 8:25:08 AM

Pros: Fairly sturdy, Well made! Nice moderate size, big enough, not too big. Looks like a computer case should, won't scare small kids and pets. Enough fan mounts/ ventilation for most builds.

Cons: Break away expansion slot covers. Buy at least they provide a couple of REAL slot covers if you should need to cover up a mistake or change your configuration. Have no idea if this case would be appropriate for multiple graphics cards, many disk drives, the biggest water cooling setup you can find, but I don't care.

Overall Review: At the price I paid, this was a real bargain! $48.99 before a $10 rebate. So I may have purchased this for a net of 38.99. I had originally purchased a comparable case from another POPULAR manufacturer but returned it because I opened the box and the front bezel fell off. Glad it did, as this case has a much better construction (that was a 5 egg case, really?). This will be used as part of a VM host build for database lab work, windows, linux, etc. Should be just about perfect.

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Good memory7/19/2011 6:36:37 PM

Pros: Typical corsair quality memory. Running at 1600 with no additional voltage, rock solid (as advertised).

Cons: If you are not an extreme overclocker I think the heat speaders are overkill. I would rather be sure my memory would fit under the latest mammoth PSU.

Overall Review: I always buy Corsair, I am a *mild* overclocker, so I don't buy the extreme versions of memory, but I do buy lots of it!

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Not for LGA 1366!7/3/2011 12:53:03 PM

Pros: Does a good job of cooling (when and IF you can get it installed).

Cons: Ridiculously difficult to install using 1366 hardware. You just plain can't reach 2 of the screws to tighten the unit with the fan in place, without some type of special tool. If you do take the fan off, you may not be able to get the fan connetor properly seated again (I.E. NO FAN).

Overall Review: For a vendor to charge $80 and not include cheap specialty tools required to do a fast, neat install is a crime. I have been building sytems for many years (Intel, AMD, now Intel again) and have never encountered problems with a HSF install such as this before. Seriously; the only reason I kept this thing was I was not going to let a stupid HSF spoil my build or defeat me! And to top it all off, it is not quite as efficient as a thermalright ultra 120 in my 'case' (pun intended).

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Be careful for ESATA use3/8/2007 5:00:10 PM

Pros: If you don't want E-SATA it works well.

Cons: If you do want E-SATA make sure you buy a disk drive that others have working with this unit.

Overall Review: I have tried 2 of these now with a WD5000YS disk drive (purchased new here). The NexStar E-SATA interface does not work with this drive. If I attach the drive in any SATA configuration outside of the NexStar everything works fine.

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