Update on Newegg helping me5/3/2014 1:32:04 PM

Pros: I recommend this drive above all others for your c: drive operating system drive. Amazingly fast noticeably faster than the competition.

Cons: none whatsoever, I talked with newegg and they smoothed over the problem I had that I had to go back to Samsung. I always thought Newegg was top customer service and it was shaken I'm convinced that it was just a bad handling of my case with customer service but they have made things better for me. Thank you newegg

Overall Review: Love this drive!

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Seagate you have done it again, about time5/3/2014 12:00:20 PM

Pros: I used to exclusively use seagate drives quite a few years ago, something happened and their quality started to falter. For the longest time any drive a T or internally had issues and even when they didn't they had speed problems. Well This drives answers to all of that. It's a lot faster than you would think by the numbers, it's quiet, and surprisingly cool running even when in full writing mode, Not only that, the drive starts up so fast from idle you'd swear it was an ssd. Thank you seagate for stepping it up you have to be proud I know I am to have bought it.

Cons: Can't think of a one but it is a storage drive.

Overall Review: I would like to say this is a storage drive I wouldn't use it for your c drive, your better off with a weastern digital velociraptor or a ssd

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Superclocked isn't the word5/3/2014 11:45:57 AM

Pros: This video card is flawless, runs cool, runs insanely fast! I've worked with the evga 780 on other builds I've done and after buying this for myself in my personal computer I would recommend this over the 780 any day. It runs and works harder, faster and smoother. EVGA never ceases to amaze me with their video cards. I love it and would recommend it for dual or triple cards, I would love to see the outcome of that.

Cons: It's an EVGA, how could their be a con?

Overall Review: Make sure to download the Precise X and benchmark software you will not be sorry!

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The Best CPU I've ever dealt with5/3/2014 11:39:34 AM

Pros: Hands down the best CPU I've ever worked with, I've been building computers for 8 years now and I've worked with some nice cpus. This CPU is fast and powerful, makes complexed programs run like a breeze. I'm using a Corsair H100i liquid cpu cooler and I have to say with the fans on the radiatior, the corsair link software and the Cougar fans in the case hooked to the mobo reacting with the link this cpu at full load barely reaches over 115 degrees F. most cases running 2 monitors runs between 70 and 90 degrees F. With my cooling capeabilities and the Asus x79 delux it runs standard at 4.6GHZ on turbo, an amazing processor.

Cons: I can't think of one thing!

Overall Review: I have heard this cpu can run hot, I'm using a liquid cooler I am using the H 100i corsair cpu cooler and it runs cooler than most cpu's I've used before. First computer I've built for myself in 3 years and it's a pure dream to sit down to.

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It works, fast and responsive.5/3/2014 11:30:50 AM

Pros: It is a high quality drive, I love it and the price is right. I would recommend none other for price and quality.

Cons: Not worth taking away an egg, but I consider this an OEM drive, the software that comes with it is not what I would consider quality, most of it are just trial software. There are software worth getting that don't cost much if any thou. No cables come with but that is expected for me

Overall Review: Love the drive great price for what it does and the high quality.

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in response to customer reviews5/3/2014 11:22:46 AM

Pros: I have used ASUS boards exclusively for over 7 years now building computers for both myself and customers. I have not found one case where ASUS customer support has not helped me when needed which was not much. Hands down the best motherboards on the market

Cons: Not a one, this is the best board I have had the pleasure to work with. There are some windows issues that if you call support they can help you with with updates but absolutely nothing to do with ASUS.

Overall Review: Intel Core i7 4930K Asus x79 Delux LGA 2011 Corsair H 100i liquid cooler Corsair Vengence Pro 2133speed Samsung 840 Pro 512 SSD EVGA GeForce GTX 770 DUAL SuperClocked 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Seagate Constellation ES.3 ST3000NM0033 3 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive for storage Pioneer 16X 4MB Cache SATA Blu-ray Burner corsair Carbide 500R Anyone that has a problem with this board or any of these components should check your connections and if they have a problem with customer service you should check your attitude.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works just how it should4/10/2014 10:12:45 AM

Pros: A must for anyone building computers, Warning, Used in tandum with a wrist strap this is the system that is needed to ensure no e.s.d. damage, should not be used by itself.

Cons: Not a Con at all, originally didn't like the white but found it perfect for the use with the ability to see screws and other small parts.

Overall Review: The only way this mat works and how it works is, You attatch the strap to the case and put it on the mat, this equalizes anything attached securely to the case, now you use a wrist strap to the case or the metal clip of the strap to the mat and now you are equalized, if your not strapped to it your not equalized and could cause a discharge. I find so many people don't realize this.

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It Beeps4/10/2014 10:03:06 AM

Pros: You plug it in, it beeps, I must say it's a lot cooler beep sound than some of the older style. Not expensive at all, Is needed if you want to hear the reports in case there are problems. A lot of new boards like mine have read outs thou for that but it again don't sound stupid, more of a futuristic beep. Not so harsh.

Cons: out of the three I ordered, one didn't work. It's cheep not concerned by this.

Overall Review: Of a higher Quality than any I've ever bought.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Awesome Love it!4/10/2014 9:57:29 AM

Pros: Does exactly what it should, and I love the colors for the background that changes when you have bad numbers. Very simple to read, very simple to use. If you are building a computer and can afford it, I would recommend it to anyone always check your power supplies they can cause so much problems if they under-volt.

Cons: none.... worth the money

Overall Review: Well worth the money.

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Awesome4/10/2014 9:48:44 AM

Pros: Hands down the best fan of it's kind on the market, Quiet, moves a ton of air and moves it in a directed manner not just splattering it everywhere causing it to fizzle shortly

Cons: I build computers so it's not big deal but I do not like their rubber mount system, I use screws and if need be go to the hardware store and get washers and screws and nuts. To me not worth an egg off just be aware those rubber strings do hold the fan but It makes for an unclean look in my mind.

Overall Review: I wouldn't buy anything else unless it's a static fan from corsair but they don't make 140 static fans yet.

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Excelent Choice10/11/2013 10:25:01 AM

Pros: It is a good fan that moves a great deal of air. It has an adapter to step down the speed of the fan that works but I'm not a fan of it, I more like the 4 prong that allows you to change the speed with your motherboard but if you don't have a 4 prong this is perfect for you. It runs very smooth and relatively quiet for how much air it moves.

Cons: No cons at all it is a Very High quality fan. standard size and easy to instal.

Overall Review: Not for use in radiator this is not a static pressure fan. I must implore Corsair makes the best Static presure fans out there. I personally like Cugar fans for all out performance, They move slightly more air and slightly more quiet. That being said this is very effective and will keep your case cool.

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AWESOME FAN!10/11/2013 10:15:19 AM

Pros: The fan is easy to instal, Standard size, Moves a LOT of air, Very quiet! Has more of a directed narrow range it blows air. I warn this is not for use with a radiator it is not a static fan but if you need to blow a lot of air in or out of your case this fan will blow more air than any corsair fan and maybe even a little quieter. Priced fair for what it does.

Cons: Newegg is out of stock with it's 140mm big brother

Overall Review: I still love the corsair static for radiators but Cugar had a new customer in me. The fan runs very smooth If your looking to build a new computer or upgrade or replace an old one fan, You can't go wrong with this and it's big brother.

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Awesome picture!6/12/2011 5:49:44 AM

Pros: amazing clear picture, perfect color, Everything you expect from ASUS.

Cons: A minor thing not taking an egg off for it but the power button that takes getting used to.

Overall Review: first one died in a little over a week, but UPS had banged up the box pretty good.

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