Very useful little kit11/19/2020 5:13:11 PM

Pros: - Works with lots of different devices (2.5" and 3.5" drives for sure, I personally haven't tested with any legacy IDE devices) - Has standard adapters, which can be used for other purposes (i.e. molex to test a case fan without having to fire up a PSU) - Lots of different adapters

Cons: - Lots of different adapters

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a similar StarTech adapter that mysteriously failed. All in all, I would say this kit is an upgrade, since I appreciate being able to use the SATA data and power adapters independently. I can see the flip side though - the StarTech kit was a single piece (plus the 12V adapter) while this one has multiple separate pieces you have to fiddle with to connect a drive. A worthy addition to my PC building / maintenance toolkit.

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Everything you could want in a power supply1/2/2018 7:43:24 PM

Pros: - All the important features: 80+ Titanium efficiency, fully modular, hybrid fanless mode, 12 year warranty. - No RGB.

Cons: - It doesn't come with handmade cables. - No corsair link or other fancy monitoring software. But, do you really need that? - Some people would put the lack of RGB here, but I think it's more of a pro.

Overall Review: Mine just worked out of the box. No fuss, no mess, it is now sitting majestically beside my EVGA x299 Dark motherboard on a small end table while I try to figure out if I need a case. A funny story though. A friend of mine just bought the 850W version at my recommendation. Surprisingly, his was DOA, and I felt a little bad for suggesting it. However, because of the included PSU tester thingy (the little jumper that lets you turn on the PSU without having to connect it to a motherboard) he was able to determine that the PSU wasn't working before he even connected it to his system. Sure, it sucks to have to go through RMA, but he was able to grab an older PSU he had lying around and get on with his build with very little troubleshooting. Little things like that matter.

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