Works like a brand new item!10/3/2011 1:30:16 PM

Pros: Could not believe how nice this is. I often stay at a friends house and they don't have wireless internet in their house so I purchased this in expensive unit for use with my Netbook.

Cons: Nothing bad about this router whatsoever, but please keep in mind its limitations and carefully read its features before you use it, otherwise you may disappoint yourself in a product that may not suit your needs.

Overall Review: Like I said I only wanted to get online at a friends house while staying there for an extended period of time. I am not concerned about range because everything is in the same room. It works as it should and everything is plug and play out of the box with a preset password. If you do online gaming wirelessly this really is not the product for you, you may need to step up to something more professional at a higher price tag. For the price I paid this was in my budget and enough. It looked really nice for a reconditioned product and saved $50 versus the cost of a new one.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Great for Dell Optiplex GX260N8/3/2011 4:48:18 PM

Pros: Actually made my Dell Desktop run faster with games, can't afford a new computer so this did the trick. Big , noticable performance compared to Geforce FX 5200.

Cons: At first, I thought my computer could not handle the card, the mouse pointer seemed a little slow but things leveled out after awhile.

Overall Review: I have a Dell P4 1.5ghz (no HT) , 1GB Ram , Win XP, and this card certainly brought my full size Optiplex GX260N Series tower up to date. Did not install Vista yet and probably don't plan to anytime soon until XP really retires. Runs fine in AGP 4x mode as mobo does not support 8x. Great buy considering price and rebate. No problems whatsoever.

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Great Drive! Bad Software included2/26/2011 10:06:22 AM

Pros: Drive works as intended. Less noisy then other drives I had before

Cons: Included Nero 9 software is complete garbage.

Overall Review: Tried this on a Windows 7 machine. Loaded the software and it slowed down the machine. Its crippled as crippled can be. Suggest using Ashampoo Burning Studio Free v6 if you want a more professional approach to basic CD/DVD Burning. Tried this on a Netbook running Kubuntu 10.10 and things works right. I use K3b to burn discs, K9 Copy for DVD Authoring, and VLC Media Player for DVD Playback. No coasters so far. Surprised at how compatible it is in Kubuntu. No complains at all. Works properly in all aspects. Was given to me as a gift. Kudos to the gift giver, and Newegg for the fast shipping.

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Great Netbook11/11/2010 9:52:59 AM

Pros: Intel Atom N450 , better battery life, much much brighter screen compared to the previous generation of netbooks, more slimmer and light weight, 1.3 mp Webcam.

Cons: The AC Adapter is cheaply made, System Recovery on this particular model takes almost 50 minutes. , Only 1GB Ram, no 720p smooth streaming on this model.

Overall Review: I got this model of Netbook on sale from another vendor other then Newegg which is the same model they are selling, its a wonderful Netbook no doubt and its a lot quicker then the previous Windows 7 Atom N270 netbooks I have owned. Got the battery to go to 3 hours and 30 minutes once. Adobe Flash is much better in performance comapared to using an Intel Atom N270 Processor but its still unable to play 720p videos in an acceptable manner, and also 3D performance has dropped slightly although the WEI reports this system is 2.4 (compared to the 2.0 on other models) One thing I did not like is the A/C Adapter. With the first week of usage the cord suffered a fray. I treat all my stuff lightly. Acer Support took care of this for me and is sending me a repacement adapter. I guess you could use electrical tape in the mean time? This Netbook is great for what it does, but I would buy a mouse if you have big hands and disable the touch pad, youll be hitting it too much if you dont disable it...

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Get this while you can!!!!9/3/2010 4:12:05 PM

Pros: Outstanding value for the price. Software bundle at this price point. Works with Netbooks

Cons: Ties up 2 USB Ports on a Netbook as 1 was not enough to power it , Included software bundle is not compatible on Windows 7. Really wanted to try Cyberlink Youcam but its XP only :(

Overall Review: I bought this so I could install programs off of a DVD to my 11.6 inch Gateway Netbook. Not only does this work well but I was surprised to see it in the condition it was when I got it. It looked NEW , not recertified like the product description said. I saw something similar to this at a retail store for way much more money and I am glad I made this investment. While I am dissapointed that the included software bundle does not function in Windows 7, many things built into Windows 7 HP can do what was included on the disc. If you have W7 Starter you can always get Media Player Classic Home Cinema or VLC to playback DVD Movies. Get it while you can at this price, it wont last!

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Very nice player for the money!2/3/2010 4:45:49 PM

Pros: This player is totally customizable. You can change the display pictures (wallpaper just include your own in the pictures directory), it displays album art where available , and more. The sound quality from the headphones was very impressive too and clear. Scanned the FM Radio stations without a problem and picked them up in one swoop. Even the correct frequencies are there too, and they lock onto the exact ones at that, and not faint duplicates of the same station it was able to pick up a few MHz away. Can also recover the player and refresh it if it ever crashes. A big plus? The $24.99 shell shocker price + free shipping!

Cons: I was initially confused by the buttons on this player. However I found out that the center of each edge of the player acts as a button. They could have included buttons on the edges such as up down, left and right. You will figure them out eventually when you click around on the screen, but those who might not know what they are doing might accidentally push too hard trying to get a feel for the button workings and might damage the screen.

Overall Review: It is very important that you read the instruction manual on how to use this player and charge the player to the maximum amount of power before you use it. If you need free legal music to get you started, I suggest visiting CNET's website and checking out some independent artists. I am very satisfied with this player and hope everyone will enjoy this as much as I am enjoying it.

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Good fix for using speakers when the headphone jack broke1/31/2010 12:37:30 PM

Pros: I purchased an eMachines emd250 Netbook and a month later the headphone jack already quit working but the built in speakers still work. But I needed sound while using my headphones so this little device worked without problems in Windows 7 Starter Edition. Very low power draw too.

Cons: The cap is a little frustrating to take off at times, and on Vista / 7 you need to set the default audio device to the USB sound card and not the onboard audio. Its a small trade-off for convienence I suppose.

Overall Review: It does what its supposed to do, theres nothing fancy to make your friends go wow, except they might think its a WIFI adapter instead of a USB sound solution. Its a very small price to pay when you do not want to try and fix the problem yourself internally (inside the laptop by messing with soldering tools etc)

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Its just a cable.... nothing special4/18/2009 10:03:22 PM

Pros: Can finally charge my Sandisk Sansa Clip that I lost the cable for, Newegg's cheap shipping options for cables

Cons: None that I can think of

Overall Review: Im happy Newegg finally has EggSaver to ship out small items like this, in the past, it was very expensive to buy cables, but newegg has eliminated this once and for all :)

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Hybrid SLI Enabled....3/22/2009 11:38:00 AM

Pros: Works in connection with my Geforce 8200 GS graphics card to boost the framerate and enable Geforce Boost through Hybrid SLI on my desktop, came with half height bracket to support the Acer Aspire x1200 small form factor casing, fan is quiet for the most part and adds only a little bit more noise to my tower

Cons: Framerate is iffy in games like Sega Rally Revo where the game speeds up, slows down, and then speeds back up again. Other games give better results, No Hybrid SLI in Windows XP . but on the NVIDIA site they said its only for Vista. Also does get considerably warm inside the tower , even warmer when playing Guitar Hero Aerosmith, but so far no instability issues (so far)

Overall Review: I was just looking for a cheap solution to enable the Hybrid SLI feature on my motherboard with the Geforce 8200 chip onboard. Its not going to give you gaming beast like performance, but its a huge step in the right direction, especially if you are on a budget like me.

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Excellent Quality3/6/2009 8:43:35 PM

Pros: Very nice sound coming from a speaker set without a subwoofer, watched DVD Movies, played some PC Games, no complaints. The MP3 player hookup input is a nice feature since my MP3 player has an FM Radio and plan to listen to the FM broadcasts through these speakers.

Cons: Im not going to complain about anything as there is nothing that makes me unsatisfied.

Overall Review: These speakers are replacing the stock speakers that was included with an Acer Aspire X1200. The purpose of my machine is a mid range media center / gaming machine. The price was not bad and the shipping was fast. I am ultimately satisfied.

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Good for Small Form Factor Acer Computers2/2/2009 3:21:26 PM

Pros: I mainly bought this because I needed a dedicated Video Card for my Acer Aspire X1200 Desktop. It was hogging up too much ram on the motherboard for the Integrated Geforce 8200 Video Card. I can now play Guitar Hero 3 at reasonable settings. Its also cheap for a card with 512mb of vram.

Cons: My obvious complaint is the non inclusion of a DVI to VGA adapter. Im a tech geek so I have these around plentiful but you know....

Overall Review: This is pretty much the best PCI-e x16 Graphics Card you could get for the tower I mentioned Above, without exceeding the 250 Watt Power Supply inside.

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Nice but has a dissapointing issue.12/14/2008 4:51:37 PM

Pros: Very nice size and very compact not to mention super speedy. The battery life is very nice. About 5 to 6 hours. This unit has become my new portable gaming console to play all my classic games from my childhood memories. All of my casual games I installed onto this net book and they run fine too. Were talking over 200 games! I kid you not. Also runs MAME flawlessly. DVD Movies play smoothly with Intervideo WinDVD 5.

Cons: There is absolutely no way to create recovery discs, and when I called Acer they kept telling me how to recover the computer using the ALT+F10. When they realized this was not my objective when calling them, they proceeded to tell me then that discs were available and there was a charge for it. Why would a company try and charge a customer when the unit is clearly under warranty? This little snafu gets one egg deducted from its review. Not going to be too happy should something happen to the recovery partition.

Overall Review: I took this into a local bar of mine and within minutes I got quite a few people surrounding me. They could not believe this was a portable mini computer. Told them where I got it and they were impressed at the price I paid for it. It might be one of the best investments I have made yet, but the recovery issue is slightly disappointing

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More powerful then my Desktop I previously owned11/7/2008 10:07:09 PM

Pros: Blazing fast performance, Dual Core Technology combined with 3 Gigs of Memory. The internet is exceptionally reliable in high traffic areas via WI-FI. Touchpad has a nice feeling that wont blister your thumb after a good amount of use

Cons: Some of the preloaded junk on the machine. Also, I attempted to downgrade the Laptop to Windows XP. Everything worked except the function keys. So when you use Windows XP and this laptop and you are on the battery , you get only a half bright screen with no adjustment options. Note- unless you set the BIOS to SATA Compatability mode, you will get a BSOD in setup.

Overall Review: Ive got this connected to a off brand 19" LCD TV for primarily desktop use. I like I can disconnect the laptop from the external display and fit it in my backpack and resume the puzzle game I left off before going to the mall :) Overall im satisfied with it. Ill never go back to a big and bulky desktop.

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Great for my Laptop11/7/2008 10:00:04 PM

Pros: I have the desktop thing kinda going with my Laptop and needed this to connect an old Compaq Mouse and Keyboard which I was accustomed to for a long time (and still working perfectly!) It hooked into my USB Port and Windows Vista automatically detected the adapter and it was working in seconds

Cons: From power on , you cant enter the BIOS menus on your laptop with your P/S 2 Keyboard unless you enable legacy device support through the bios setting.

Overall Review: The price is what obviously attracted me. The shipping kinda destroyed the price, but in the end its a win win situation. A no brainer purchase for those who absolutely want to push their old technology to the limit and think older products are better.

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Alright for the price11/7/2008 9:54:09 PM

Pros: Works for what it does. No discoloring or cheap appearance cabling here. used to hook up a laptop to an LCD TV with VGA input.

Cons: The cable is slightly bulky weightwise but otherwise this does not bother me

Overall Review: Thanks for getting it shipped to me fast Newegg, you helped me complete my project in record time!

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Bought this in a newspaper ad9/24/2008 9:16:13 PM

Pros: Got this at a special price from a well known retail newspaper ad. Cant mention the name of it. But this machine performs exceptionally well. For a Dual Core, this is an incredible value and the amount of ram they throw in is great as well. The Lightscribe Burner is an even added bonus. Throw that in with Cyberlink Products and you have yourself a budget PC that performs better then the expensive ones you see on the market. This machine can even install Windows XP. You will have to go to the HP IT Forums and put in "SR5518F" in the search engine and find the post that talks about downgrading to XP. Power Supply is stable enough to handle a PCI-e upgrade like the 512mb Sapphire ATI Radeon x1550 Pro. (This is assuming you do not have your tower loaded to the max. I only use that card in conjunction with a KWORLD PCI TV Tuner and there are no issues)

Cons: My biggest complaint is the lack of Regular PCI Slots. I do not use the Dialup Modem , so I removed that, but there are 2 PCI-E x1 slots. This technology is yet to be seen in the retail market while a majority of the upgrades out there are still PCI Based Sound Cards, TV Tuner Cards etc. This may frustrate some looking to upgrade their computer while utilizing these slots.

Overall Review: When you unpack the Computer, I highly reccomend creating a recovery disc set right away. There is no telling what can happen if your built in recovery partition goes KAPUT. You will also need this recovery set created if you wish to downgrade to Windows XP Home or Professional in the event you will need to go back to Vista from XP again. This could quite possibly be the best budget gaming computer you could actually find (although it seems its not designed for it, it performs this job just fine) "Yes this machine will run Crysis on the upgrade I mentioned in the Pros section on Low Settings at a very playable frame rate"

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Perfect for a Dual Core Compaq Presario9/24/2008 7:28:13 PM

Pros: This is an excellent choice for the Compaq Presario SR5518F tower that has a dual core processor and 2GB out of the box. This card completes your Vista Experience. Even though the tower I am using it in has 250 Watts, it runs very smoothly. And that is probably due to the fact that there is no fan to run (metal heatsink) Crysis plays on very very respectable settings at 1024x768 @ everything low on my machine. (Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0 GHZ [E2180] , 2GB RAM) I do not have a fully loaded machine either.

Cons: Obviously the biggest con will be heat on this card. You will want to install this card on a tower or enclosure that has air vents or nice cooling fans to such out the heat. Since there is no GPU cooling fan, you need to watch it.

Overall Review: I am not so sure about some of the other reviews here. Ive never had a problem with Sapphire Products. They produce cards with some of the most quietest fans on the planet. And that comes from experience from a few other products of theirs I owned.

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Excellent Tuner for Vista MCE!8/24/2008 9:10:55 PM

Pros: Works great with Vista MC, FM Radio even works through MC, With the latest driver from KWorld, you can control most elements of MC with the remote. Comes with Power Producer and Power Director, which those applications can be expensive if you bought them by themselves. A surprising bonus that was included in the low price paid for this unit.

Cons: In order to get the composite and SVideo Inputs to work under Media Center, you will need a Media Center Remote and IR. Also theres a 1 to 2 second delay on button presses when you try to change the channel with your set up box. A little annoying The bundled application for watching TV is complete garbage and too bloated.

Overall Review: You can get a set top box working through a coaxial cable in Vista Media Center if you choose the manual TV Signal configuration. Just tell it Antenna and dont download the program guide. Overall its sweet to see a nice package for a price that cant be beat. Its just got a few issues that might annoy people now and then. Dont be afraid to try this. Especially at this price. It certainly beats the pants out of a certain brand of USB Tuner I previously owned. (Starts with a P.)

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Not bad for the price7/28/2008 10:51:04 AM

Pros: Much better then the Intel 945G on board on my new desktop computer, actually plays quake 4 on low detail at a very respectable framerate (even through I realize its not for gaming) Also plays Doom 3 on low settings smoothly. Like how there is a heatsink instead of a fan to make things quieter.

Cons: If there is one thing I am going to gripe about , its TurboCache built into the VGA Card. Like Onbard video, this system also does a shared memory deal. But so far I have not noticed any performance hitches.

Overall Review: This is the cheapest Geforce 7 series I have ever come across. I did some shopping in the other stores and Newegg blows away the competition by a comfortable lead.

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Great for the budget...7/16/2008 4:00:10 PM

Pros: For the price I paid for this unit, I did not expect it to be of high quality. Even though it says recertified, it looks and feels brand new. Its pretty speedy as well, but keep in mind that its not for your games like Quake 4 or Crysis , its a basic budget desktop unit. Also the light scribe drive is a nice bonus as well.

Cons: There was no multimedia or optical mouse as promised on the label on the box, instead there was a standard keyboard and mouse with a ball. Like any other computer purchased, there was too much bloatware and programs begging you to try them and purchase it on this unit - no recovery media, you have to create them yourself through the drive.

Overall Review: This unit needs speakers in order to hear the sound obviously, but never came with them. Buy Blank DVD Media while your at it purchasing this unit- Its very critical that you make the recovery discs right away even though system recovery is built in, this is for just in case you need to get a new hard drive or the built in recovery fails. For the price I paid, this was not a bad purchase , it was worth it, but came with a few quirks not too painful to deal with it. Just going to be used for school and to play on the casual game site Pogo.

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No computer should be without a seperate video card4/27/2008 8:57:13 AM

Pros: Easily beats onboard video graphics in terms of price and speed. Even though the memory is only DDR , the 128bit memory interface really helps. Make sure you grab the latest drivers from the ATI site before using this card and avoid using the drivers on the CD.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I also bought this because of the silent factor. no fan to be heard. I like my PC silent. Also for the excellent price Newegg is selling at, you do not have an excuse to use onboard video anymore

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Card this cheap shouldnt be this good!4/2/2008 9:24:36 PM

Pros: Very easy setup. Ignore any manuals included. Once you have everything connected , boot up your computer, get to the Windows Vista Desktop, Cancel the driver search, Insert the CD and click on Install Driver. Reboot when it asks you to. Then insert the CD again and install the utility which is the TV Application. Once this is done, you are all set to watch analog tv/cable. I mainly purchased this to watch local channels through my PC in my room, however I do also have digital cable hooked up to a 27" tv in my room as well. Call this a lazy persons TV :)

Cons: There are none really.

Overall Review: I am not sure about some of the other reviews that are posted such as the problems where the audio has muted their system or they could not get it to work. I run a Lenovo 3000 J200 Desktop with Vista Basic and it works great so far. No problems or issues encountered. Oh, and I looked in the device manager to check for a MS Digital Driver Signature, and it was certified. Until Digital TV becomes standard in every household , Your local Cable Co will continue to carry most of your basic analog channels without having to upgrade to a digital TV. The nice thing is that if you do upgrade, it can be done flawlessly with this card through SVideo or A/V , And audio fed from the box to the tuner with the appropriate cable. What do you have to lose for under 22 bucks?

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Small but good monitor3/29/2008 12:15:35 AM

Pros: Does not take up too much room, good picture on the screen. DVD Movies actually look decent for this size screen

Cons: Not for those night owls surfing online. Maximum resolution is 1024 768, Only 60hz max refresh, Only use if you feel absolutely awake to avoid eye strain. Useless software not really neccesary for proper operation of monitor. Also, should the cord fritz out, the one that plugs into the video card, you are basically out of luck unless youre a do it yourselfer and can splice and repair VGA wire.

Overall Review: I needed a cheap no frills monitor to get some light gaming and classwork done and this does the trick. However, its your very basic entry level monitor that should be treated as such.

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Never did I have such a horrible experience then this3/14/2008 6:42:44 PM

Pros: Well the thing is very portable for starters but thats about all the love Im going to give this product. Only purchased this because I gave my mom a newer computer, but we recycled the old one , it had a Seagate Baracuda IDE 20GB HDD , And she wanted her documents off of it and onto the new PC.

Cons: Never has assembling a hard drive case been this much of a pain. The directions were not the problem but its assembly routines are "tight fitting". Im not sure how long this was going to last. This case seems so cheaply made and flimsy to the max. When I mean tight fit, it really is, you have to make sure the board is inserted into the slot inside the case the right way, or the board will look all bent inside. Its transfer speeds are pretty slow, but then again I think its the drives technology is very slow. Cords are also super short. Not too thrilling. What can I expect for the price I paid?

Overall Review: So far the casing accepts NTFS, So theres no problems. Its been powered on for 6 hours straight and its cool to the touch as well. I would not use this case to install programs such as games on it , but maybe backup pictures , or something else. But thats about it. I wouldnt purchase this casing again. It seems like too much trouble.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Completes the Legacy of Sonic Games2/22/2008 2:59:43 PM

Pros: The inclusion of Sonic CD, Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters is what this collection is all about. Try going to a used game shop that carries older legacy Sega products , and they will be sold out of it in a hurry or , if it is in stock, you will be paying a lot for them since they are hard to find. The graphics in these versions seem to be a tad sharper then the originals that I played but still retain the same graphics. It also includes 6 Sonic franchise themed Game Gear Games, and includes Vector Man 1 and 2 as hidden Genesis games.

Cons: This version of the game is not as complete as the original japanese version. Bonanza Brothers, Streets of Rage 1 , 2 , 3 were cut from this version. Also the original japanese sound track from the japan version of Sonic CD is missing as well. 2 Reasons: 1. Sega is only licensed to use the music in the USA version (licensing issues in the international music) 2. The 4 games mentioned above, streets of rage , etc were removed because Sega of America wanted to keep an "E" rating for the product.

Overall Review: This collection is not bad, considering it completes the collection that some gamers were on a quest for, but it falls a bit short. Especially with the removed international content.

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