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They work fine7/5/2015 7:25:57 PM

Pros: They work feel, and feel like a nice durable quality in my hand. The label-side is colored white (as opposed to clear/reflective) so what you write on them shows up easily.

Cons: The label-side had the logos written in dark ink, and doesn't feel like it gives me much room to write what I want to write. The whole lower half of the label has multiple blank lines, so there certainly is space to write a label or disc contents, but personally I prefer to write in big letters, and there isn't room for that.

Overall Review: I complained about the labels, but I've had way worse labels than this, to be honest.

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Most excellent case9/2/2013 10:08:24 PM

Pros: Very roomy and customizable. Fans are very quiet. Lots of space for a huge RAID, exceptionally long cards, SLI, or whatever you want. Every component can be installed easily, especially hard drives.

Cons: -Intake fans cannot be controlled by the computer. -Did not come with any instructions or guides on how to connect anything. (Granted if you can build a computer from parts you're smart enough to figure everything out, but c'mon, show some professionalism here.)

Overall Review: I was expressly looking for equipment that had quiet fans. I am very pleased with how quiet the fans on this case are. All four of them combined make very little noise.

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