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Don't Overdo It, This Works Just Fine.2/16/2016 7:43:08 PM

Pros: +Price +Efficiency +Easy to Install (Just make sure the pins are turned so they lock, before you push down)

Cons: -It will not make a smoothie, or air condition your house

Overall Review: I am going to use these (unless the price changes) on every Intel MB I build. Why? It brought my CPU temps ( along with Artic Thermal Paste ) down much farther than the OEM fan. It only makes sense, that if you want it to last, a little TLC can make it go alot farther.

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Not 80+ Bronze Certified.1/23/2016 9:53:18 AM

Pros: +Cheap. +Decent wattage for anyone not wanting to SLI or Crossfire.

Cons: - Not enough power, or 6-8 pins for SLI or Crossfire. - Not 80 Plus Certified.

Overall Review: I do not have enough experience with this PSU, to say it is good or bad.

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My Vizio E241-B1 has Better Visual Quality than this.1/23/2016 9:40:20 AM

Pros: +Decent Design / Stand. +All cables besides HDMI. +Felt well made.

Cons: - Visual Quality was substandard. - No HDMI included.

Overall Review: I paid 110 without the hassle of a mail-in voucher. I paid 136 for the 24" Vizio. Do you get the picture, because I didn't.

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It is all About Quality.10/17/2015 2:40:33 PM

Pros: Sound Quality. Comfort of Actual Speakers. Easy to Sync, or to turn On/Off. Clarity. Easy to charge with the cable that is added. Space Efficient for its size being collapsible, and great for jacket pockets. Even connects to my Playstation Vita.

Cons: Comfort, and speaker placement. I asked to return these due to the headband and comfort when placed on the ear, (I am not entirely sure if longer wearing might not help the fit) No information provided from Newegg that could have helped with directions. No real Customer Service through Email. Postage/Restock :( a serious problem ):

Overall Review: You have to make sure to hold the (call) on/off button until the blue flashes along with the red light to register with some systems

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? on Versus Performance.8/7/2011 3:03:55 PM

Pros: Price. Keeps my overclocked and thermal pasted CPU at normal operating temperatures. Very Quiet.

Cons: Do think another Fan may be better for cooling. Have not had more experience with other Fans to properly judge.

Overall Review: Overall for a first impression this is a great bottom line fan.

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Decent Case - Never Received Rebate8/7/2011 2:57:52 PM

Pros: Low priced. Great Ventilation. Good overall look and feel.

Cons: Cheaply Made. Fans are Mediocre. Plastic Stands for Legs. Filter for Front Fan can not be removed. Rebate process was a Pain.

Overall Review: Had to RMA one Case. When it was delivered the leg stand was broken. NewEgg Was Awesome about the RMA and sent another out that day so long as I provided credit card info.

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