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Design Flaws12/2/2013 8:25:33 AM

Pros: Appearance and the cord is very flexible, when the mouse is wired I only notice the cord 50% of the time I'm using the mouse.

Cons: The most irritating thing about this mouse is the side grips. Specifically the side grip where your thumb goes. The adhesive turns to slippery goo and the grip slides around under your thumb. The adhesive then gets all over your thumb and the side of the mouse. This will happen about 1-2 months of use if not sooner. I RMA'd my first Mamba for this problem. I waited three weeks to get a replacement including the time it took Razer to decide to issue the RMA. I had to keep contacting them to ask for updates on their decision whether or not they would issue an RMA. This made it feel like they were waiting to see if I'd just go away. I finally got action from them when I asked if this adhesive that is getting all over my thumb and mouse is poisonous. I never got an answer but they immediately issued the RMA just an hour or so after I sent them the request for that information. The replacement mouse has the same problem. The thumb grip glue has turned to slippery goo under the grip and it's sliding around under my thumb. The battery is terrible in this mouse. Both my first Mamba and this replacement have a very short battery life. I have resorted to just leaving the thing wired all the time now.

Overall Review: I can't say I'll ever consider buying anything from Razer again. This is clearly a company that sells its products on hype even though they deny that. In their defense, I didn't see where they indicate that they're making even good "quality" products. They're proud of their designs and they should be. The quality of the materials they use to build their designs is terrible.

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Poorly Made Asus Junk9/1/2013 5:23:13 AM

Pros: Wide enough to easily view two web pages side by side.

Cons: If you don't mind dead pixels then go with Asus monitors. I had dead pixels on my Asus VG236H monitor brand new out of the box. However it didn't meet the minimum dead pixels to go in for RMA. About three months later, dead pixels all over the place. I tried to call Asus support about 10 times in 4 days. People there would actually pick the phone up and just hang it up again without saying anything. I managed to get an RMA authorization. When the monitor came back from repair it was worse than when I sent it out. If anyone over there at the repair center even turned the monitor on after fixing it they'd see how bad this thing was. There was a bar about an inch wide from the top of the screen to the bottom of upside down backwards pixels. I sent it back for RMA #2 on the same day it came back from RMA #1. When I got the monitor back, there were still dead pixels.

Overall Review: Because of the problems I've had with this monitor. Asus lost a customer forever. In the last three months, I just built a $4000.00 PC. There isn't ONE Asus part in it. All MSI parts used.

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Good CPU7/19/2013 7:40:10 AM

Pros: Works great

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: I've only overclocked mine up to 4.2GHZ, which it did very easily. I've been using it at stock speed though because so far I've not had any need to overclock it.

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Good Motherboard7/19/2013 7:35:25 AM

Pros: Easy installation. Everything is clearly marked. It worked on the first boot up and has been working ever since. OC Genie is a nice quick way to over clock your CPU and RAM Memory (only). It wont overclock anything else.

Cons: OC Genie didn't want to work at first and crashed the system on the first attempt. The first attempt was made three days after the system was up and running. After 4 reboots turning OC Genie on and off between them, suddenly it worked. It has worked ever since. With BIOS setting PEGO - Gen X set to AUTO. My MSI GTX 460 HAWK graphics cards had a lot of problems. NVidia driver crashes, hard resets (automatic power off then on again), extremely low frame rates amongst other things. I had to set the PEGO - Gen X setting to Gen 2. This seems to have corrected the problems I was having.

Overall Review: MSI is a funny company to do business with. I contacted their sales manager through e-mail asking if I could get a closer release date for this motherboard. He contacted me a week after the board was on sale at newegg to let me know the board was released the week before. I already knew that and already had it installed and running by then. So, then I asked him if there was any way I could get some MSI case badges. I was ignored. I guess he has better things to do than try to sell MSI stuff.

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Acceptable11/2/2011 6:36:27 AM

Pros: This fan has to be as quiet as any fan could possibly be. Seriously if you need a quieter fan than this Noctua 80mm just turn your computer off. I'm convinced that's the only way you'll get there.

Cons: I had hoped it would move more air than it does.

Overall Review: The air flow is just enough for my use. Any less flow and I'd be looking for a (louder) higher flow fan. I already have a 120mm Noctua fan installed in my case as an exhaust fan so I knew this fan would be quiet before i bought it.

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It's a good Hard Drive11/2/2011 6:19:16 AM

Pros: This drive does what I expected it to do. The installation was easy once I figured out what file format to use. I have two 160GB Western digital 10K RPM drives in a RAID 0 format already in my computer. I wanted this 600GB to serve as a storage drive. I installed the drive, plugged it in, selected the format and the drive was ready for use in less than 30 seconds.

Cons: So far so good. No trouble at all since installation of the drive on September 23, 2011

Overall Review: I got this on newegg for 229 and it is currently listed for 329. I guess you have to watch for sales at newegg. I doubt I would have gotten this drive if it was listed for 329 when I was shopping.

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Update to my previous review9/7/2011 12:16:17 PM

Pros: 3D, It's better than I expected. It's more than bright enough for normal use. The stand has all the adjusting I've ever needed. The screen is nice and wide you can easily view two webpages side by side.

Cons: ASUS - I will always avoid asus products from now on. Not only was it difficult to work with asus customer support. I had to send this monitor back to them twice for repairs and I've only owned this thing for 7 months. This first RMA was for multiple dead pixels. I received the monitor new out of the box with two dead pixels and more died as time went on. The day I got the monitor back from the first RMA, asus made the situation worse. I sent the monitor back to them. When I finally got the monitor back it still has one dead pixel. Asus just doesn't care.

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Not 100% Satisfied1/31/2011 6:17:41 PM

Pros: 3D, It's better than I expected. For the 3D aspect I would buy this again. It's more than bright enough for normal use. 4 customizable presets. I liked this. You can quickly scan through the presets with one button. The stand has all the adjusting I've ever needed. The screen is nice and wide you can easily view two webpages side by side.

Cons: Mine arrived fresh out of the box with one dead pixel and one lazy pixel. It's making me paranoid, every spec of dust I see on the screen now must be thouroughly investigated to be sure its dust and not another dead pixel. Lost three eggs for this. The stand is wobbly when you toch the monitor controls but otherwise steady when left alone.

Overall Review: If someone said to me these monitors always come with at least one dead pixel. I wouldn't have bought it. Dead pixels drive me nuts. If someone said to me these monitors almost never arrive with any dead pixels and mine arrived with no dead pixels I would probably buy it again. I bought this to replace my 1600 x 1200 five year old LCD monitor (with no dead pixels) 3D needs improving but I think the improvment is more on the software side than hardware and that'll probably be sorted out in the next year or two. I can certainly see the potential in it and I must say I prefer it to 2D. This hardware will probably display future improved 3D just fine. Although I think monitors should have a seperate customizable setting for 3D. The monitor should be able to go to 500 or 600 cd/m2 Brightness without washing out the colors specificly for 3D. The monitor should make the picture appear 300 cd/m2 Brightness and normal colors through the 3D glasses on a 3D setting

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Runs Quiet1/23/2011 5:09:39 PM

Pros: Runs real quiet, no vibration and was easy to install in my case.

Cons: Moves about half as much air as I would've prefered as a minumum.

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Works Great1/23/2011 3:40:06 PM

Pros: I have a 52" Samsung TV. I plugged this player into it using the HDMI cable. I connected the player to the internet using a cable. The TV recognized the player instantly and the player updated itself no problem.

Cons: I wouldn't deduct an egg for this but, even though the player is capable of streaming movies from netflix/blockbuster. From what I understand the maximum definition you can get from a streamed movie is 720. That's if you have a very fast internet connection (not the normal household cable connection) My TV goes to 1080p so I don't want to watch movies in 720. I'd rather just go to the store and rent the disk for a much better picture.

Overall Review: I'd buy this again. I looked for a while before I bought this. I scanned the web and went to the local stores to look at them. I'd suggest getting familiar with the features of a few of them before you settle on one to buy.

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