Photons Good/Phade II6/13/2020 11:02:33 AM

Pros: Sturdy Frame Looks Plastic, Actually Matt finish, is an Atomized Tungstun / Irridium Bronze Shielding Mist Polished with Graphene Lense Outercasing 1 Atom thick.( 50 % More reflective then Gold treated lenses ) Unique, You Betcha! Necessary Not really , But Say, look at that Price! Cost to produce , well thats Classafied. I think It just winked at you!/ First one fizzled out 6 months like magic! 30 day no replacement, No Nothing1.Talled at length to the CismisEgg C/S. Nada! You have to go through MFG warranty. OK. I did. Easy to contact and sent RMA quickly. Got email today that its been fixed at aurhorized Repair shop and being returned. I bought a second one like an hour after it died. I really DO LOVE THIS Monitor Im Older fellow so all those Pixles help and lots of Canvas to do stuff on.

Cons: Mounting Headachs Galoor! Sank 4- 3 Ft Copper rods .5 " thick On Each Foot Print Of Particle Beam Weapon, Er Gaming Monitor. Sat With Back Against Main Support Pillar and All Windows Blacked Out with .5 mil Thick Garbage bags To Prevent I Know its Just temp/perm till Cobalt Shielding arrives in the spring.

Overall Review: This Is more Like looking through some kind of telescope, I can See My own thoughts, Not Clearly of course , Obscured by Clouds as it were. Highly Recommend This Samsung product For Asteroid Mining/ and Stasis collection Point mitigation and reclamation Which seems to be the way of things these days. Great Price For ALL that Power Is the World ready for this? I know I am.Part II/ Its Very Good Monitor and when the first one that did fail when its returned fixed, Ill have one for my Son ! So I forgive you for technological foible. Its Big Its Fast and for Big Like SDtrategy or action games its flawless most of the time.

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Man did I get fooled.4/19/2020 11:04:39 AM

Pros: This card has good bones but!

Cons: QC at the Factory! Heatsync lose from factory HI temps. I just found out from youtube. I put my pc on its side and temps went dowm 10 degrees.

Overall Review: This Is Quite a Good piece of hard wear. Thats why I bought it. I just Retired this was going to be MY BIG Retirement gift to Myself. But your Lousy Quality Control Failed and every one who touched these before they left the sweat shop, I mean factory. Send me the factory authorised fix kit, Im really disgusted. I normaslly buy Gigabyte

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear William, I understand that you're having temperature issues with your card. Initial batches of our Strix RX5700-series cards were torqued to 30-40 PSI based on AMD'S baseline recommendation, we have since then performed extended R&D testing to find the optimal PSI range and have developed new mounting screws. All Strix RX-5700 series cards shipped from January 2020 forward will have the new mounting screens in place. We are committed to supporting members of the ROG Army, so if you happen to have the old batch, we would like to offer the same benefits of the new mounting screws. Starting April 2020, just contact your nearest ASUS service center and we'll gladly perform the fix. Thanks for understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at cl-justin. I'm here to assist our customers with our products and dedicated in bringing a resolution to all issues that they may come across. Your case for reference is #N200460676 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
Gigabyte Has Not Let Us Down.1/3/2020 9:17:29 AM

Pros: This is How You Should Build an SSD chip. It is completely incased in Irridium/Bronze Heat Shielding. It was actually cool when I unboxed it, was clearly cooler than ambient room temp.

Cons: The First type SSD I had to affix My own cooling solution As it sat directly below my GPU, its a GTX 1080 so it dumps copious amounts of Heat ,and the Motherboards Own heat. But I can tell you as long as the air is moving ,it keeps this cool. I use monitoring tools in MSI afterburner which you can tweak, alot.

Overall Review: Best SSD I have EVER seen. Its sign that Gigabyte is in it to Make a difference.This Is Really a Great SSD. I buy alot of Gigabyte Stuff. Aros Elite Sifi x570, gtx 1080 gaming gpu,this SSD,. Thats Just This Ryzen Build I am Unasshamedly an AMD Fanboy, since 1998 ! This will be my next obsession all my storage using Gigabyte SSD's.

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to the yo-yo who compared it to corsair h10012/24/2019 5:24:31 PM

Pros: this is by far the Best CPU cooler i ever used.

Cons: My con is that your upset because a passive fan cooler is only 2 c lower than a Corsair H100 water block cooler. My friend you will never find that day when your H20 cooler dried up and fried your expensive cpu,because this cooler will work at this Hi level for many years with out fail. No internal Liquid to evaporate,Ever. I had 2 CPU's fry because a Corsair and a lepher H20 coolers did just that.

Overall Review: you dont get what this thing is made for, you invest one time and it works for years flawlessly. Think your going to get - 100 K with a passive cooler, Nope. but protect your CPU for easily a decade, if you chose to keep it that long, this is your Boy. I have one of these before I found this the other Best Cpu cooler I used was the Sunbean core contact. But Install Remove that was just terrible. This is the top of line of coolers.

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BUY it12/7/2019 8:32:22 AM

Pros: Great M\B Loaded for the Price. Great VRM set up Great Power Delivery

Cons: this is not a New Porsche 911 that im purchasing!

Overall Review: They make good stuff and have proven track record for O\K and good quality components.

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Oh How Ive Learned!9/13/2019 10:44:12 AM

Pros: Ive been Avid Overclocker for what amounts to Decades. I winged it , But What guys Like Buildzoid and linus have taught me on Youtube! Its all about heat and Steady constant voltage delivery. VRM Matter. Fans Fans Fans and watch how you channel Heat.

Cons: This Motherboard was My second step into 3000 x570. going with 3900x This is Just the Tuff Guy for this role. !2= 2 Phases onboard Its In My Opinion the Best Value x570 M\B.

Overall Review: Tighten Then Explosive Bolts On Your computer case. You wont need to Jettison a Flaming hulk of Your CPU cause it couldnt stay cool under 4.4+ O\C. Loads. First Tier Air cooler will be Fine to keep the whole thing cool too. Im Happy With their Line Up and Glad to get 12=2 at this Price. Again All Hail the Cosmic Egg

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Bliss third and final bit of info8/20/2019 4:47:14 PM

Pros: Just Booted up x570 Phantom Gaming 4 @R5 3600X with 32 gig of sweet Gskill f4 3600c19D 32gvrb and My stalworthy bGTX 1080 . I had to reinstall Win 10 Yada Yada Yada Activate if its hardwear up grade Yeah About time . the audio config was at first look not at all Intuitive for standard 3 jack config. But hey my 5.1 Logitech has 3 jacks Plugged them in and It workes just fine, I have o play with he Bass. Im AMD since the 90s last 3 Ryzen builds all asrock all mid range and all worked GREAT. I have r5 1600x running 24 /7 14.50 @1.895 on X470 Fatality . I wont Waiver . New O\C tool Im running for GPU, and PO B Overdrive my O\C is fully auto ! oh yeah XMP for my wanky choice of intel ready gskill 3600 mem

Cons: Memory lottery ryzen brings upon its Loyal Gamers! I have Never bought memory off those lists, and with Bios updates its Been Special time to buy AMD. But This time I do have a Question concerning the Memory Im running, can i have a link to a memory tech I have a question or 2 . XMP solved it .

Overall Review: Boy Im just a Big Kid In the Old days we Built Hot Rod Cars, Today we Build Hot Rod Computers I had x470 board but wanted to get on board this latest cpu Lucky # 7 By the Way whats this about a Review rebate program Id like to get inj on that plz No Frills Just be careful VRM can get warm on my 3500x but I keer 2 40 mm hi speed fans right against heat sinc. Its a Keeper Honest.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Logitech I surrender!8/13/2019 11:04:44 AM

Pros: Long Ago I bought other brand FF Driving wheel.,Well I just retired and It dont work anymore. So Yes. Im Riding with the King! Quality Build -Competitive Price- Durability.

Cons: I Know from experience that FF can Degrade Over time. These Guys Have Been Doing THIS for a Generation. I do expect this to Be a Whole New feel for My driving games

Overall Review: Peel away Visor mandatory in Dirt Rally 2. GTR Evolution, Down Shifting , just put your foot in it. Aseto Corsa There is a Love for the road Here. Its what I needed for a Rainey day, Hey Im Retired. This Is My Job!

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this cooler had been near the top forever7/19/2019 7:48:58 PM

Pros: EVO has Larger copper tubes closer together. This is parked next to Noctura D15 on Frosty Tech Benchmark Chart. This is not Budget Cooler It Id Near the top but get EVO

Cons: I have bought several over the yearsds I could Have just used the same oine and got the AM4 kit 29 years later !

Overall Review: Wraith isnt a Patch on this Tough Kids Posterior He's a Contender I tell Ya! Perfect for Ryzen R5 or R7 No Problem! I had to get one for my 3600 x build too. I dont trust water sorry its failed on me

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R5 1600 corsair vengance 16 gig 32009/28/2018 8:15:21 PM

Pros: you need to do your homework. 3000 memory is not what Ryzen likes , use 3200 Samsung B die memory. i got alert Gigabyte wanted to update bios to F2. I clicked affirmative. reboot, Bingo my Memory went from 2133 to solid 3200 instantly. i usually O/C from bios. but this bios is not so intuitive. coming from Gigabyte 990fx ud5 U5 motherboard where i managed 4.85 O/C WITH 8370 24/ 7. I AM GONNA HAVE TO feel my way around this one. i settled on Gigabyte MB several years ago. that and AMD GUTS. NO COMPLAINTS. YOU CANT LET INTEL TAKE OVER THE WORLD. ITS GOOD MB AND IT WILL OBEY MY WILL, WITH PRACTICE. I KNOW HEADROOM WITH Ryzen is very limited. I takes work to fight toe to toe with Intel but as of Now we got the tools .

Cons: Have to sayy I just gave up on this . My Lasy Gigabyte Board. Im Going Asrock from now on. Have triued everything including Noctura D15 Air cpu cooler. This thing choked at every attempt to O\C Ryzen 5 1600, I even installed Ryzen 5 1600X and it can only Post to 3950 with 1.385 volts. Its Just Not a Good M\B, and I wnated it to be Good, Really I did. So Im throwing in the towl, Asrock x470 Promontory K4 M\B on its way. Gigabyte you want my attention again, Refund me for all the Lost time I spent trying to O\C my Ryzen 5 1600x past stock levels and blue screens upon Bluescreens sorry its not a Good M\B

Overall Review: Save yourself the wasted effort buy something else this is a hopless wast of money and time do the math. No gaming rig for under 500.00 9-20-2018 UPDATE OK So I got a different M\B and swapped everything over Exactly the same hardwear. Low and behold Im experiencing the exact same problems i was having with this M\B.(gigaabyte) So I swapped out the Corsair vengance memory and in went Gskill ripjaws memory and it ( asrock M\B is doing cartwheels (X470 ryzen 1600x with GTX 1080) So Im going to day that if I had run Gskill memory more compatiable than the corsdai mem it may have run better. Thats all I didnt put the Gigabyte board back together and try it Sorry, Im Busy I have a Life and shes Chinese and Pretty Hot. So all Im saying is Sorry Gigabyte your M\B wasnt the issue it was the corsair memory My Apologies

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Solid M\B9/5/2018 11:31:33 PM

Pros: EVERYTHING on this Board works perfectly. Ive had it about 6 months and it is beautiful.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It is as Good as its x470 brother.

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Good Basic x370 board4/16/2018 1:48:48 AM

Pros: Worked perfectly. As I expected from Asrock. I bought this with a Ryzen R5 1600x because I was unhappy with the R5 1600 build on a Gigabyte ax 370 gaming k5 M/B.( the Bios is a little offset and difficult to O/C as ryzen is very heat sensitive you have to be pretty precise . and its very finniky with its DDR4 Ram. Although it liked My Corsair vengeance 3200 ram even though its not Samsung B die. 5 eggs cause its New Board and has all the bells and whistles of the 200.00 boards the latest Bios needs some polish not reason to get freaked out.

Cons: This Pro 4 has less O/C options than my Gigabyte M/B did . Lots of onboard features , fan headders and nicely laid out and more Robust VRM set up too. all in all alot of M/B for 99.00 . a good product and cant beat the Price. I flashed the latest Bios( the Beta one ) and that was all she wrote. She wouldnt boot up again press power lights come on then go off. Watched it and tried everything i could think of wipe Cmos, at headder NG removed battery to wipe everything except bios ,NG Yes I unplugged it tried 1 stick of Team DDr 4 3200 Samsung ram NG took it apart and put it back together, NG So RMA'd it C/S very good and professional as always.

Overall Review: I flashed the newest Bios the Beta one , and she didnt post again after that. Its Really new and im sure the bios is also but that was that. Nada. Ive been building computers since around 1998 and have always had Great results from Asrock. newegg RMA'd it No problem, They switched from UPS to Fed Ex which dosnt pick up from drop boxes on the weekend. Which it turns out is Good as I had time to think about it and called C/s at the CosmicEgg and am getting refund instead of RMA and will put that money towards either a Taichi or Killer SLI board. Both Asrock boards Ill give Asrock another chance. The gigabyte board was Fine as well but i dont like its Bios. As usual im still Amazed at how the Cosmic Egg works for me.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
garbage4/28/2016 8:56:03 PM

Pros: worked for 3 months

Cons: liquid evaporated in sealed unit by 4-10 -16

Overall Review: wont buy again

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Manufacturer Response:
Our deepest apologies to you for your experience. If your product is under warranty please give us a call or submit a RMA ticket to All of our products go through an extensive RD and QC before shipment. We stand behind our brand and products. Our RMA rate is less than 2% of our actual production which is pretty substantial compared to industry standard. Again sorry about the experience and thank you for your time.
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Ownership: less than 1 day
JBL FLIP12/6/2014 8:42:03 AM

Pros: OK So I ordered this as refurbished,Thinking i might luck out and get a halfdway decent Bluetooth speaker I can use on the Job up in the Bronx,I work out in the streets for that Big Utility co. I stopped by a retailer yesterday to see what this could do prior to getting mine delivered. I was very Impressed indeed. Ok so today mine arrived. Plugged in and powerr began storing up inside. Plugged in My phone and Haza! It works, Very clear no static, Loud and no distortion. Next came the real trick,would Blue tooth aquire My phone? I read about 1 sentence in the instructions,( the only time i needed to glance at them at all mind you) Pressed the Button unplugged the patch cord from my phone and waited...

Cons: I had to glance at the instruction sheet, and press a button, after doing so,Jeeeeez Im a Americian cant I get something that works through mind control alone? I mean My girlfriend knows what Im thinking ,not that she complies all the time,Its that Free Will thing.

Overall Review: any way i noticed in the instructions that there is a Stasis captured Micro Black hole that you charge up when you plug it in! Im impressed it has a series of step down interlocks between IT and the power button,otherwise it might break lose from its Stasis containment. Im gonna guess dropping this unit might be a bad idea in that case.Just a heads up to anyone who makes the good choice of buying one of these. So Get one of these they are overengineered to the Max, good instructions and ease of use. All hail the Cosmic Egg

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Ownership: more than 1 year
runs on fusion2/3/2014 6:44:12 AM

Pros: I had one of these for over 10 yrs.It worked well for almost every day of that the end it made more steam and less coffee .

Cons: none

Overall Review: the first one was powered by a small reactor, the U 235 had a very short shelf life,as it was barely a Gram. This one im told uses a Fusion reactor . hard to find this model but it is well worth the paperwork involved to get it past Homeland Security. there is a roumour that the next model may be powered by a micro Black Hole,this might be expensive,so im snapping this one up today.

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Great CPU12/19/2013 5:10:39 PM

Pros: at first i raised themultiplier 20 21 volts and could only get it stable to 4.2 then i read it wprks better to use stock or just slightly above stock volts. Now at 1.375 V. im running 22.5 and fsb at 205 that gives me 4.6 steady. solid as a rock.

Cons: you need a good heat sink. i suggest copper direct contact heat pipe

Overall Review: 4.6 for just over a Buck. get a good M\B and feed it 1866 Mem its very good CPU.

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Z575 1 cpu / 1 gpu = xfire10/11/2012 1:59:13 AM

Pros: 12.8 ccc driver enabled xfire MSI AFTERBURNER shows 2 seperate gpu's . 2 seperate temperature footprints, 2 gpu show in this O/C TOOL.

Cons: Dont like it? Tough lonovo z575 laptop should have bought it when it was 450.00, like I did

Overall Review: Quit whining

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Wittnauer10/10/2012 11:30:56 PM

Pros: They make Rolex machining and mechanism's.

Cons: It was listed on wittnauer site as 750.00, so its really only 600.00 dollars off retail

Overall Review: Huh,? Ill take it! All Hail the Cosmic Egg!

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good deal7/8/2012 4:22:56 PM

Pros: put 980 BE cpu,with Sunbeam CCC 120 cooler with 2 120 fans pushing pulling venting straight out the back of my computer. 8 gig 1600 GSkill mem . N\B at 2400 and CPU volts @ 1.475 sitting at 4.2 gig and 38c idel and 48 c under load 5870 GPU runs everything at Hi settings

Cons: i will give this M\B 5 Stars due to Top shelf Chipset, Feature rich and easy O\C bios.Ability to give and use all that candy to gain modest O\C all at a low pricepoint. This is infact exactly what i was looking for in my last build.

Overall Review: I dont see 1.5+ volts to the CPU on this M\B and FSB speeds honestly need to be kept at stock settings to run stable, I recomend using hi end CPU and Hi speed gaming memory with solid GPU. you will get everything running at modest O\C with superior 990FX chipset all in all very satisfied with this M\B

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4.2 no prob5/29/2012 11:06:34 AM

Pros: I have this O\C'd at 4.2 Sunbeamtech CCC 120mm running at same temp as a 975 BE with Corsair H70 -34c ramps up to 47c after several hours of gaming SC Forged Alliance (fairly hi cpu game) again same as H70.There is a fantastic guide to O\Cing Pheonom cpu in is for 940 BE but formula will give good insight to all AMD cpu O\Cing.

Cons: none in my opinion. the Phenom II out game all FX cpu's for the price it gives very satisfactory results compared to Intel cpu's. O\C keeps it competive.

Overall Review: I buy AMD cpu's to keep AMD in the Game. if Intel was only cpu mfg'r all chips would cost 500.00. Not Fan boy. Just realist. besides AMD allowed me to use same motherboard throughout Phenom run. I just picked up Asrock 990fx extreme 3 M\B ,Newwegg of course Great M\B great price.all Hail the CosmicEgg!

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what i did4/15/2012 10:17:13 PM

Pros: I have the 555 BE model ,originally i unlocked that to 4 core and it ran at 3.6 flawlessly for many months. I then got a 975 BE so this one went into mothballs. My Gf's kid needed a new Computer so i threw this in a Asrock AOD790GX\128M M\B with 2 4850 Gpu in Xfire and 4 gig of ddr2 1066 dosnt have coreunlocker so i just O\ced it and i got it to 4.75 O\C with a sunbeam corecontact 120 MM cooler .

Cons: the chip i used is the model just below this one, so in dual core im guessing you could reach 4.2 O\C, in 4 core your gonna hit 3.6 mabye 3.8 but thats great for the price. remember HT\NB voltage at anout 1.3 and 2600 to keep solid O\C . Support AMD it will pay off in savings and keep those Intel fan boys in check.

Overall Review: no one wants to pay the price that Intel would charge if AMD went away

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What sound?2/1/2012 7:19:01 AM

Pros: Bought two of these sparrow eggs,hooked up in series,my Android likes them, I put John Coltrane on Pandora.Max Volume . the room filled up with very clean crisp Jazz.No distortion no buzz. But after all they are alive.Buy these is you need good quality personal sound .Thae are very good.

Cons: I didnt buy a third. Im a believer in Tesla and 3 is the magic number, I will purchase a third, as not to cause trouble in the Cosmos. Bought these to take on vacation to a little place in Pompano beach this spring,They will fill the place up with music.

Overall Review: Im experimenting by putting them in a box, or against a wall. Im big on the idea of bouncing sound around,and reflex acoustics.It appears I can get just a bit more bass by putting them on top of a Box on a table as it uses the box to pump up a bit.But not saying bass isnt completely acceptable as it is. I just like to screw around a bit.

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Do it yourself12/29/2011 9:20:21 PM

Pros: Weber Charcoal,Coleman Propane,Now this, and I like this one the best.I had it delivered UPS. the poor guy had to roll it across my Lawn as it weighed 104 lb. It is very impressive once assembled. The Ignition System worked first time i tried it and has so flawlessly for months.It will appear daunting when you open the Box but the instructions are very good, you need to look carefully at the pictures,dont read them.

Cons: Wheels, It sits on wheels! I have it on a packing skid perched there.You may want to be careful if you set it on cement any angel could bring that old devil gravity to the party. very efficient and reliable, I got it on black friday for 200 bucks and it is well worth that compared to some ive seen.

Overall Review: buy it Hurricane irene killed My Coleman BBQ after 20 yrs. so now the clock is ticking can this outlast my former champ? I hope so I will test it in hell fire almost evey night to see if it can take the heat. Thas is New York baby well done is the norm!

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reset switch11/16/2011 10:07:26 PM

Pros: I got this refurbished, and it was never reset or flashed at the factory before it was sent out. It was still carrying previous owners password! I couldnt get my Android to use WiFi except as Guest. I refused to call Cisco as they will charge you to get tech advise.

Cons: once i read the documentation i held reset button 15 seconds , wiped it clean and installed firmware from disk. Had i dont this My Android was recognised and i got WPS Wifi running in seconds

Overall Review: Good range and speed. It does run hot so cool it and she will be good investment.

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stable as he\\ at 4.211/4/2011 8:32:27 AM

Pros: I have Corsair H70 hydro kit and it has been O\C'd to 4.2 since day one idles at 34c maxes out to 42c. This is used as gaming rig abd it will devour every thing out there i have it on MSI 890fxa -GD 65 M\B with 16 G 1600 ddr 3 ram (gskill) and 5870 video card , i have second one but i need to cut out some of my case to mount it so 1 is adequate to play anything.

Cons: none, and none

Overall Review: just buy it its fantastic chip

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