Punch for the Price7/21/2011 6:10:22 PM

Pros: -Powerful; Plain and simple, this processor shreds, with the recommended RAM upgrade, you will be running 4 to 5 programs with 0 issue. -Minimal Bloatware; It took me 30-40 minutes to get the standard bloatware uninstalled, Windows up to speed, and all of the programs downloaded that I use to function (MSE, Mozilla, ect). -Size/Weight; For a 17.3", this computer is actually quite small. It's very sleek and streamlined without feeling cramped or shrunk. It also won't break your shoulder, and can be comfortably carried in a messenger bag all day. -Webcam; The focus range, detail, and light enhance on this Camera is simply amazing. It is truly a stunning piece of equipment.

Cons: -Speakers; All in all, the quality of the sound is fantastic, but the umph behind it is just weak. At full blast, they fail to impress. -Viewing Angle; It's a very finicky screen. If you shift in your seat a lot like I do you find you will constantly be adjusting the screen forward and back. The side to side viewing is fine.

Overall Review: -Battery Life; If you are not using this as a portable desktop monster then you're going to be highly disappointed. Without the screen turned down to minimum settings, if you're doing anything expect 1 hour to be your operating range. -RAM; I did a RAM upgrade week 1 and saw massive improvement in speed and functionality. What is installed works well, but 8 gigs really improves upon the formula. -Graphics Power; Meh worthy. I expected more from a dedicated card, but this gets the job done. Don't expect to run Crysis wide open, but it will definitely knock out some World of Warcraft. -Graphics Drivers; The drivers that come with the Laptop are functional, but you can find better ones from ATI/AMD's support site. -Screen Latch; Simply, there isn't one. For me this wasn't a concern, and the hinges provide enough resistance it won't randomly open if you set it down weird. It lends to the sleek case, but I was surprised at the lack of one.

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